Remember the good old days when you used to mess with MS Paint in order to create small pixelated masterpieces? Ever wanted to show off your talents to the entire world and make sure that your work doesn’t get removed without a proper payment? Do you also happen to be a fervent supporter of the Lightning Network? Well, then you will absolutely love Satoshi's Place!

While the concept seems silly and some may deem it as a reckless waste of time and money, it’s a pretty smart and neat demonstration of Lightning’s capabilities. Furthermore, it provides an exclusive public online canvas to both talented artists and people who feel like exercising their anthropological need to mark their territory. It’s like doing graffiti in public, only that you don’t waste spray paint, you won’t get chased by the police for vandalism, and you actually help adopt a ground-breaking way of transacting value.

For 1 Satoshi per Pixel, You Can Turn Your Crypto Vision Into a Public Masterpiece

The price is rather small, but the scope of the digital frescoes isn’t: if you constantly refresh the page, you will discover a rather artistic side of BTC supporters, as they express their fanboyism in a peculiar way. Tweets aren’t out of style yet, but they don’t have the same impact as memes either. But why copy images and add short text descriptions when you can just paint it all with your mad pixel art skills and showcase the capabilities of Lightning while you’re at it?

Censorship Resistant

For the founders, this is a brilliant way of making an extra buck, according to the Telegram group there is already 0.26 BTC in Satoshi’s Palace lightning channel. For the Bitcoin fans, this is a great opportunity to make fun of BCH proponents Craig “Faketoshi” Wright, Roger Ver, and Jihan Wu. It’s all there and it’s available to get rewritten all the time, as long as enthusiasts pay their precious Satoshis.

The best bit is that BCH proponents can’t defend phalluses being drawn on their faces unless they use the ‘unfairly cheap’ lighting network. Therefore, it’s pretty safe to assume that opponents of LN won’t openly support a fully-functional payment hub, and Satoshi’s Place will always belong to Bitcoin maximalists.

The effort didn’t go unnoticed, as Bitcoin author David A. Harding has recently tweeted in order to express his amusement with the project. Crypto journalist Marty Bent has also acknowledged the effort of Satoshi’s Place by referring to the situation as a return to the joyful weirdness.

Not all BTC maximalists are happy with the project, though: while some find it amusing and refreshing, others dismiss the immature nature of the effort. After all, why use your hard-earned crypto to pay for something that’s only temporary until the next payment gets made? If it really just about showing off, or should we expect for something greater to get introduced as part of the app in order to further incentivize participation?

Applications and experiments such as Satoshi’s Palace that use the Lightning Network, are an exciting glimpse into the future of what will be made possible with this exciting new technology. Who knows, maybe that this is going to go down in history just like the famous pizza BTC order of Laszlo Hanyecz!