Arthur Hayes, the CEO and co-founder of BitMEX, the leading cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform, has offered to “pay all production costs” to host a debate between Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin and the internationally renowned economist Dr. Nouriel Roubini.

Hayes’ offer was in response to Roubini’s comment that he would be happy to engage in a live debate with Buterin provided that he and Buterin could agree on a moderator who is not a biased shill pretending to be a pseudo-journalist.

“No Interest To Interact With” Laura Shin

Notably, Roubini explicitly stated that he has “no interest to interact with” Laura Shin, a former Forbes contributor with over 102K followers on Twitter who recently launched her own crypto-related podcast show called “Unchained”.

Earlier, Shin had asked both Buterin and Roubini whether they’d be interested in appearing on her show. After the recent senate hearing which saw many back-and-forth arguments between Roubini and the CoinCenter research director (Peter Van Valkenburgh), many blockchain journalists have requested that Roubini do a debate with Buterin – as the latter is frequently the target of some of the Harvard PhDs harshest criticisms.

Buterin, who has agreed to debate with Roubini, recommended that Kevin Pham, one of Buterin’s most vocal critics, be the moderator during the yet to be confirmed, or scheduled, live debate.

Many Journalists Eager To Broadcast Crypto Debate

Notably, Hayes has offered to host the “battle royale” either in New York or London while committing to cover all costs. At press time, the date and venue for a one-on-one live debate has not been set; however, newly appointed Coindesk writer, Leigh Cuen, is now among many other reporters eager to cover this star-studded event.

It appears now though that this might be a useless exercise because Roubini has already made it very clear why he thinks cryptocurrencies are just a scam. In May of 2018, Roubini had engaged in an almost an hour long panel discussion and debate with Ethereum co-founder, Joseph Lubin, during which he clearly explained why he thinks crypto and blockchain are not legitimate technologies.

Some Twitter users have recommended that Roubini not “speak in a language that only economics professors would understand” – presumably because although Buterin may have a strong technical background, he may not fully grasp the more complex topics related to economics.

Interdisciplinary Field

Being able to fully comprehend how cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology actually work requires that one have a strong background and understanding of computer science concepts, economics, business, and even international politics. As academics have pointed out, crypto and blockchain are an interdisciplinary area of study and may require a very experienced and diverse group of faculty members should a university decide to offer students the opportunity to major in cryptocurrencies. As CryptoGlobe has reported, New York University (NYU), where Roubini teaches, offers graduate level specializations in cryptos.