Comment of the Day @TuurDemeester

Amidst the ceaseless twitter scams, one positive has emerged from crypto twitter recently. @Bitcoin has been reported by the bitcoin community so many times the account has been restricted and followers have been lost as a result.

Not only is this fraudulent but it actually has a very tangible negative consequence. The most obvious being the huge cases of investors sending Bitcoin to BCash wallets. even lists BCash wallets as defaults, needles to to say they are not refunding those who send Bitcoin to their BCash wallets. Coinbase even had to place an alert on their app as they were receiving so many support tickets.

Coinbase Bitcoin Cash warning

Roger Ver was an early investor in Bitcoin and has invested in many crypto focused companies. However, he has taken the minority side of the scaling debate and is in full support of BCash over Bitcoin. Despite storing a significant amount of his wealth in Bitcoin still. Unfortunately for the entire crypto space he is using his significant influence as the owner of and its twitter account to spread misinformation and outright lie.

Thankfully the account has been temporarily banned due to the numerous people that have reported the account for spam and fraud. 

The Bitcoin vs BCash debate has been all consuming and Rogers antics. Roger’s recentantics include; supporting the crackpot theory that Craig Wright is Satoshi, claiming wallets storing the mnemonic seed in plain text is not a vulnerability, paying for social media accounts to promote BCash, paying for models to have ‘BCHPLS’ drawn on their chests, attacking Andreas Antonopoulos’s financial decisions then taking the credit for making him a millionaire… This list only skims the surface of Roger’s questionable behaviour.

Perhaps the best solution would be to hand over control of @Bitcoin to one of the top crypto twitter shitposters @NeerajKA: