Litecoin (LTC) Surges 7%, Crypto Analyst Says ‘Still Think New ATH Is on the Cards’

On Wednesday (June 30), popular pseudo-anonymous crypto analyst and influencer “Credible Crypto” commented the recent price action of one of the most popular large-cap cryptocurrencies. The analyst told his over 220K followers on Twitter that although many people are claiming that Litecoin has already had its “bull run” and is now “headed to the grave”, […]

US Government’s Auction of Seized Litecoin ($LTC) Ends Today

The U.S. government’s latest cryptocurrency auction, which was announced by the General Services Administration (GSA) on June 16, is closing at 17:00 Eastern Time (or 21:00 UTC) on Monday (June 21). The GSA is “an independent agency of the United States government established in 1949 to help manage and support the basic functioning of federal […]

Litecoin Surges 21%, Analyst Says $LTC Could Hit $1000 in Current Bull Market

Recently, popular pseudo-anonymous crypto analyst and influencer “Coin Bureau” (“@coinbureau” on Twitter) talked about “one of the oldest serving alt coins on the market.” In a YouTube video (titled: “Litecoin: Is LTC Seriously Underrated? My Take!!”) released on May 18, he explained what Litecoin is, how it works, Litecoin’s upcoming privacy support, analysed $LTC’s price action, […]

Litecoin Breaks $335 for First Time Since Dec 2017, Analyst Says ‘$1000 Is Imminent’

On Saturday (April 17), Litecoin ($LTC) broke through the $335 level for the first time since December 2017. Although HODLers are delighted with the 143% gain (vs USD) so far in 2021, one crypto analyst believes the LTC price is headed much higher. Data by TradingView indicates that, on crypto exchange Coinbase, at 09:07 UTC […]

Crypto Analyst: Litecoin Appears ‘Set for an Explosive Breakout’ Against Ethereum

Recently, crypto trader and influencer Nicholas Merten explained through technical analysis why he believes that Litecoin ($LTC) seems set to hugely outperform Ethereum ($ETH). His comments came in a video (titled “Is Litecoin Set For An Explosive Breakout? | Here’s What You Need To Know”) released on April 6 on his “DataDash” YouTube channel. Merten told […]

Crypto Analyst Michaël Van De Poppe Believes These 2 Altcoins Could Go a Lot Higher

Veteran crypto trader and market analyst Michaël van de Poppe says two altcoins are undervalued as investors continue to focus on Bitcoin and Ethereum.  In a series of recent tweets, Van de Poppe told followers he is closely watching the open-source oracle platform DIA. He called the project “heavily” undervalued and said he was observing […]

Crypto Analyst Says Litecoin Breaking Out, Explains Why It Could Run to $1000 in 2021

On Monday (February 22), popular New Zealand-based crypto analyst Lark Davis (@TheCryptoLark on Twitter) told the over 218K subscribers of his YouTube channel about the technical and fundamental reasons for his bullishness on Litecoin. David started with technical analysis: “We’re only looking at the kind of the higher time frame stuff since it really helps us put into focus the […]

Ripple-Backed Flare Networks Announced Spark (FLR) Token Airdrop to Litecoin Holders

Ripple-backed cryptocurrency startup Flare Networks has announced it plans to airdrop Spark (FLR) tokens to Litecoin (LTC) holders and bring smart contract capabilities to the cryptocurrency often referred to as the silver to bitcoin’s gold. According to a tweet the startup published, Flare will be integration LTC ahead of the network’s launch in Q2 of […]

Popular Analyst Predicts Shake-up for Top 10 Cryptoassets

Popular crypto analyst Michaël van de Poppe has predicted that bitcoin cash, XRP and litecoin will fall out of the top 10 by market capitalization as the industry matures.

Litecoin’s SegWit Usage Is Still Far Above That of Bitcoin, Data Shows

Data shows that the percentage of addresses using Segregated Witness (SegWit) on the Litecoin (LTC) network is far superior that the percentage using the technical innovation on the Bitcoin (BTC) network.

Litecoin Strong After Defending Important Multi-Year Support Price Analysis

Although things are slow at the moment, Litecoin’s market consolidation is progressing nicely. At least two important levels look secure, and the altcoin is likely gathering strength within the larger uptrend.

Redditor Shares Experience Losing 110 LTC From Compromised Wallet Software

A Reddit user has shared their experience of losing 110 LTC after entering their seed passphrases into a compromised version of the Electrum wallet. 

Litecoin Uptrend Powerful, Bull Flag Formed Over Downtrends Corpse Price Analysis

Litecoin is heading up, and pretty much every metric. The LTF charts need to stabilize a bit after some surging, but a promising bull flag has formed.

Litecoin Founder Charlie Lee Proposes Miners Donate 1% to LTC Foundation

Litecoin founder Charlie Lee proposed that mining pools should donate one percent of their block reward to support the Litecoin Foundation and LTC’s development. 

Litecoin Tapers Off After Blistering Uptrend Price Analysis

After putting in about 65% of gains during January, outperforming Bitcoin, Litecoin is seeing some cooling off. But on one chart, it could be gearing up to break out of a downtrend – not unlike Bitcoin’s own condition, currently.

Litecoin Primed for Reversal as Altcoins Surge Price Analysis

Litecoin joins the ranks of leading altcoins that look ready to start uptrending in a big way. As Bitcoin pumps even as its dominance drops, we are not far away from forecasting 2020 as a bullish year.

Litecoin Foundation Partners With BitGo for Custody Solutions

The Litecoin Foundation has announced a new partnership with BitGo and there multi-signature wallet to provide the organization with custody solutions. 

309 LTC: Fake Litecoin Foundation Scams Users With Supposed Giveaway

Scammers using the Litecoin Foundation’s name on both YouTube and Facebook have seemingly aged to steal a total of 309 LTC out of unsuspecting users who fell for a supposed giveaway.

Bitcoins Wealth Inequality Improved in 2019, Ethereum Worse

Bitcoin’s wealth inequality improved in 2019, compared to other top cryptos such as litecoin and ethereum which got worse. 

Litecoin Blockchain Data Appears to Show a Large-Scale Dusting Attack Is Ongoing

Litecoin blockchain data appears to show an entity is performing a large-scale dusting attack on its users on a regular basis, threatening the anonymity of LTC’s users.

Litecoin’s Hashrate Dropped 70% Since Block Rewards Halved to 12.5 LTC per Block

Hashrate on the Litecoin network has dropped nearly 70% from around 523 TH/S to 159 TH/s since the halving event, which cut its block rewards in half.

Bitcoin Booms, High-Caps Still Languish, and OKEx Looking Bullish – Price Analysis

In this price analysis, we look at the long trend prospects for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and OKB.

Litecoins Hashrate Continues to Plummet Following the Halving

Litecoin’s hash rate has continued to plummet since block reward halving in August, with network difficulty falling more than 60 percent. 

$500 Billion in Transactions Later, Litecoin Celebrated Its 8th Birthday

Litecoin (LTC), a cryptocurrency often seen as the silver to Bitcoin’s gold, celebrated its eighth birthday this month, after around $500 billion were transacted through its network.

Crypto Sextortionists Shifting From Bitcoin to Litecoin to Avoid Detection

Crypto phishing scammers are switching their operation away from accpeting bitcoin to litecoin and other alts in order to avoid detection by email filters. 

Cash-Poor Litecoin Foundation Counting on the Upcoming Summit for Additional Funds

Litecoin Foundation, the not-for-profit organisation with the aim of promoting litecoin and blockchain technology, is running out of money and will be looking to boost its sales of merchandise at its upcoming summit this month.

Litecoin Shows Signs of Recovery After Violent Selloff – Price Analysis

Litecoin has broken up out of a post-dump consolidation, with a modest amount of strength. The leading altcoin was hit hard by Bitcoin’s price action two weeks ago, which bulls were quick to contain. But beyond that, buyers are not flooding in, even on a breakout.

Bitcoin Consolidation Ends With Enormous Drop, Market In Chaos – Price Analysis

Bitcoin has broken down out of consolidation, putting paid to its period of quiet contemplation. Volatility has returned to the leading crypto and to the crypto markets in a big way, and Bitcoin faces a very critical period that will define 2019-20.

Litecoin Gets Decent Bounce Amid Retrace: More Upside? – Price Analysis

A small price bump for the leading altcoin has not yet translated into a new leg in a larger reversal for the early September lows. Here, both the short and long term trends are waiting for buyers to come in and show their support.

Litecoin: SegWit Usage Hits New All-Time High of 75%

Litecoin segwit transactions have registered a new all-time high, peaking at 75 percent on Sept. 19. While adoption for the protocol has been slow since first being introduced two years ago, segwit has provided improved transactions and reduced fees. 

Litecoin Balances on Higher Low Amid Effort to Form a Bottom – Price Analysis

Litecoin is trying to put in a higher low from a local bottom, and doing pretty well at it. There is a notable lack of volume in general, but the leading altcoin may soon take another trip up if it can hold a bit longer at its current level.

Litecoin Could Soon See Another Leg Up After Bounce Off Bottom – Price Analysis

Litecoin looks ripe for the second leg up after a bounce. The bounce is now correcting, and if support comes in to hold a higher low, a decent trade opportunity may come amid an extremely depressed altcoin market.

Litecoin at End of Clear Breakout Pattern, as Volume Drops Off – Price Analysis

Litecoin’s BTC pairing is shrinking into the bottom of a falling wedge pattern, and has a bull divergence on low timeframes. We look at breakout potential here, as well as the monthly and weekly closes.

Litecoins Mining Difficulty Is Down 28% Since Its Block Halving

The mining difficulty and hash rate for litecoin has gradually fallen since the coin’s halving event at the beginning of August, as miners are forced to shut down their operation falling the drop in profitability. 

BTC Consolidation, OKB Impresses, Altcoins Still Looking for Bottom – Long Term Price Analysis

In this OKEx sponsored piece, we take a medium-long view of Bitcoin, high-cap altcoins, and OKB. Bitcoin is still deciding which pattern it belongs to, as volume consolidates ever more. Is accumulation on the local lows over? Some healthy indicators suggest a cautious yes.

Litecoin Sees Strength on the Indicators, During Trek to Find Bottom – Price Analysis

LTC’s signals look promising, as the silver crypto has been looking for bottom over the past couple of weeks. Flattening price and higher lows on the signal, as well as consolidating volume, paint a picture of eventual reversal.

Recent Dusting Attack Against Litecoin Reportedly Affected 294,582 Addresses

According to Binance, there was a “large-scale dusting attack” on Litecoin (LTC) users on August 9. On August 15, having studied this attack, blockchain analytics firm Glassnode said that its research suggested that 294,582 LTC addresses had been affected.

Litecoin At Critical Juncture Before Falling to Historic Lows – Price Analysis

Litecoin is on the precipice of losing a major support level on its BTC pairing. It is also compacted into the final leg of a bullish falling wedge pattern. It’s going to go one way or another, very soon.

Binance Explains What a Dusting Attack Is and How to Protect Yourself Against It

Less than a week after the halving event for litecoin, LTC wallet users have been experiencing a large-scale dusting attack that may have implications for the currency. Binance looked into what it is, and how users can protect themselves.

Charlie Lee Addresses Criticisms Regarding Litecoin (LTC) Development

On Sunday (August 11), Litecoin (LTC) creator Charlie Lee described the Litecoin development process, and explained why this might make it seem as though the Litecoin Foundation only cared about increasing awareness and adoption of Litecoin and not the development of the Litecoin protocol.

Litecoin Block Rewards Drop to 12.5 LTC as Price Surges Over Halving Hype

The block rewards on the Litecoin blockchain have recently halved to 12.5 LTC per block, in a halving event that seemingly went by without any incidents.

Get Ready for the Litecoin Halving: What You Need to Know

Litecoin’s halving is expected to occur on Aug 5, with the block reward being reduced from 50 to 25 LTC. Investors have been anticipating the event for months, which in part explains why the price of litecoin has been steadily decreasing since reaching a relative high in June. 

Litecoin Laying a Foundation After Deep Retrace? – Price Analysis

As the halving event looks only days away, Litecoin struggles to find enough volume to put in a bottom – although strength seems to be steadily building. In the shorter term, a trade opportunity may be presenting itself for some easy, if small, gains versus Bitcoin.

Litecoins Charlie Lee Reignites Instamine Controversy Eight Years After LTC’s Launch

Litecoin founder Charlie Lee has come under fire for renewing the controversy surrounding his currency’s instamine phase, in addition to taking a shot at rival crypto Dash. 

Altcoin Strength Continues to Grow Amid Bitcoin Fall

OKEx’s exchange token has blasted off from a double bottom low through key resistance, and leading altcoins Litecoin and Ether are showing promising signs of having bottomed. Bitcoin doesn’t look so great for staying above $10k – unless it breaks out soon.

Litecoin Breaking Downtrend After Steep Correction – Medium Term Price Analysis

Only a couple weeks away from its block reward halving, Litecoin has broken out of a downtrending price action and chews its way up. It is too early to tell, but the makings of a new uptrend are there.

Litecoin Outperforms the Market With 19% Jump as Its Halving Approaches

The price of Litecoin, a cryptocurrency seen as the silver to bitcoin’s gold, has jumped 19% in the last 24-hour period, in what appears to be a recovery fueled by the upcoming halvening event.

Litecoin Is Now the Miami Dolphins’ ‘Official Cryptocurrency’

The Miami Dolphins, a popular American football team, have recently partnered with the Litecoin Foundation to start accepting cryptocurrency payments.

Litecoin Founder Charlie Lee on Next Months Halving

Litecoin founder Charlie Lee spoke in a recent interview about the upcoming halving for ltc. He explained that litecoin and its miners would undergo a “shock” following the reward drop and that many would no longer find the process profitable. 

Litecoin Is Quiet Lately, Is It Gathering Strength for More Action? – Long Term Price Analysis

The silver crypto has had a fantastic year, with more than 500% gains versus USD. Recently it has pulled, but the August halving and an overall uptrend paint a hopeful picture for the rest of 2019. We discuss it here.

Crypto Payments Startup Flexa Adds Litecoin to Its Network With Over 39,000 Merchants

Flexa, a cryptocurrency payments startup that earlier this year partnered with cryptocurrency exchange Gemini to launch its real-time payment system for consumers, has recently added Litecoin to its SPEDN mobile wallet app, which lets users spend LTC on over 39,000 merchants.

Litecoin’s Price Rises Over 9% Hits $8 Billion Market Cap Ahead of Halving

The price of Litecoin (LTC), a cryptocurrency often seen as the silver to Bitcoin’s gold, has been rising in the last few days, helping it reach a market cap of $8 billion and establish its position as the fourth largest cryptocurrency by market cap.

Litecoin Price Tottering at Support After Plummeting During BTC Run – Short Term Price Analysis

On both BTC and USD trading pairs, Litecoin needs some support to step in and save market structure. Confirmation of support could save it for renewed uptrend; capitulation here would break market structure on both charts.

Litecoin Foundation to Issue Physical Cryptocurrency Debit Card

Litecoin Foundation announced late on Tuesday that it was to launch a debit card that will enable users to spend their cryptocurrency online or in physical store locations

Litecoins Price Hits 13-Month High as Halving Approaches, Hashrate Hits All-Time High

The price of Litecoin, a cryptocurrency that’s often seen as the silver to bitcoin’s gold, has recently hit a 13-month high, shortly after the hashrate on its network reached a new all-time high and shortly before its halving event.

Litecoin Medium-Term Price Analysis: LTC Breaks Out Again

Litecoin has another small breakout into new consolidation. The silver to Bitcoin’s gold is looking ever stronger these days, as its halving event closes in on the sub 2-month mark.

Litecoin Price Leads Bitcoin With Own Breakout, Medium Term Analysis

Litecoin has broken out of one consolidation pattern, and looks poised to break out of another sometime soon. The silver-crypto slightly led Bitcoin’s shocking rally yesterday, and may even have given the market confidence enough to push a Bitcoin counter-rally.

Litecoin’s Hashrate Hits New All-Time High Over Reports of a Next-Gen Miner

The hashrate of the Litecoin network has recently hit a new all-time high, presumably thanks to reports surrounding the launch of a next-generation miner that doubles the hashrate of its predecessor, and is said to be being deployed now.

Litecoin Price Falls but Stable Against BTC

Litecoin’s price is dropping in fiat prices, even as the crypto looks very stable versus its Bitcoin trading pair. A perfect consolidation is evident on the latter chart, suggesting that Litecoin is happy to wait for Bitcoin to decide how far it wants to retrace.

Litecoins Price Surges Past $100 Mark as Its Halving Event Approaches

The price of litecoin (LTC), a cryptocurrency created back in 2011 that’s often seen as the silver to bitcoin’s gold, has been outperforming most other cryptocurrencies so far this year, as its halving vent is fast approaching.

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