Veteran crypto trader and market analyst Michaël van de Poppe says two altcoins are undervalued as investors continue to focus on Bitcoin and Ethereum. 

In a series of recent tweets, Van de Poppe told followers he is closely watching the open-source oracle platform DIA. He called the project “heavily” undervalued and said he was observing the coin’s technicals for evidence of an accumulation.

He called the outlook bullish and noted the USDT trading pair would likely consolidate before making another price push. 

Van de Poppe also highlighted Litecoin as a potential asset for investors to follow. He said the coin was still undervalued compared to the gains made by Bitcoin and Ethereum and predicted the coin would snap out of its downtrend against BTC. 

Poppe said he was “definitely” watching Litecoin at its current price point and predicted LTC could make a price move as high as 0.011 BTC ($570). 

Poppe also commented on the outlook for Bitcoin, saying the crypto-asset needed to hold its current price level before making a push towards $68,000.

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