By virtue of the collective programming effort of French Lightning enthusiasts Francois Masurel and Charles Co, Litecoin has now joined the exclusive club of cryptocurrencies which support instant microtransactions for an online dynamic drawing board. The project, which closely resembles Satoshi’s Place and uses the same fundamental principles, is meant to display the prowess of payments via the Lightning Network.

The official announcement for the launch was made by the Twitter account of The Litecoin School of Crypto (an educational initiative by r/litecoin and LTC advocate ecurrencyhodler) on June 26th 2018, and 8 hours later the board got filled with all sorts of drawings. Naturally, the Lightning Labs co-founder Elizabeth Stark and the Litecoin creator Charlie Lee have received their well-deserved places on the board of fame, but as always, we also get a taste of the community’s humour.

Surprisingly, at press time there are no phallic objects drawn on the whiteboard, and nobody has taken time to bash projects and personalities who oppose Lightning (cough cough, Bitcoin Cash, Jihan Wu, and Roger Ver). In this respect, the Litecoin version of this artistic project is much more diplomatic and peaceful. By far the most amusing addition is the picture of Bitconnect’s superstar Carlos Matos screaming “Liteconnect”. The most controversial image that we see at press time depicts Donald Trump making a homophobic statement on making Litecoin great again.

There is also a strong vintage vibe, with a modified Soviet 1960s space exploration poster which encourages Chikun’s (Charlie Lee’s nickname) to rise, and a picture of 1980s sex symbol David Hasslehoff. Aren’t the cultural interests of cryptocurrency enthusiasts fascinating?

As the word spreads about this new crypto playground, I’m sure that the Million Litecoin will populate with more memes, funny pictures, and jokes. It’s very likely that Million Litecoin page will be filled with a wider array of drawings by the time you read this, some probably phallic in nature.

It’s fun, it’s educational, and it proves to the world that Lightning Network is actually a delible technology for truly instant micro payments that’s ready to take on the financial world!