A man was allegedly drugged for his Bitcoin holdings after meeting (via a dating app) a woman who claimed to be a “cryptocurrency trader” in her profile. 

According to a report by Bitcoin Magazine, Jameson Lopp, CTO at Bitcoin self-custody solution provider Casa, recently published a blog post in which he told the story of one of his firm’s clients who claims that he lost some of his Bitcoin holdings after going on a date, which ended up with them returning to the man’s apartment, where his drink may have been spiked with some kind of tranquilizer.

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Bitcoin Magazine’s report says the Casa CTO wrote that the victim was tricked by the woman into unlocking his phone and giving her access to his passwords. Apparently, the client woke up the next day, and noticed that his phone was missing, while his wallet, cash and debit cards were still present. 

While the man claimed to have lost a small amount of Bitcoin, Lopp says the majority was kept safe thanks to a multi-sig setup on his wallets. Lopp encouraged other victims of physical Bitcoin attacks to contact Casa in order to bring awareness to the potential threats involved in cryptoasset ownership.


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