, the original website registered by bitcoin’s mysterious creator Satoshi Nakamoto, has been hit with a “massive” distributed denial of service attack (DDoS).

According to a tweet published early December 19 the by site’s current warden and pseudonymous developer Cøbra, was forced offline following a massive DDoS attack by an unknown assailant. Cøbra described the attack as huge and said the attackers were determined to keep the site from coming back online.

Cøbra told CoinDesk the attacks were not uncommon during large price movements for bitcoin. 

He said, 

Basically, we got hit with a large DDoS, which is quite common around ATHs (all-time highs) and bull markets. It took us down for a while but for now we’re back up, but  we might go down on and off periodically depending on how long the attackers want to continue attacking. is home to Bitcoin Core, the most widely distributed and recognized software version of bitcoin’s code. BTC supporters were quick to rally during the website’s brief downtime, distributing bitcoin’s software via torrenting sites. 

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