An Italian airport worker has been caught allegedly using the facility’s computer systems to mine Ethereum. 

According to a report by Italian media outlet Rai News, a 41-year old technician in the city of Lamezia Terme was caught allegedly putting mining malware on the airport’s computer systems. The report claims the staffer put the security of the Calabrian airport at risk by infecting the servers with a program that would mine Ethereum. 

Sacal Global Solutions oversees the IT framework of airports in the Calabria region. The police, who were altered to what was going on by Sacal’s engineers, allege that the airport employee installed crypto mining malware on Sacal’s IT infrastructure, thereby endangering the security of the airport’s backend systems.

The report goes on to say that the investigators found an Ethereum mining farm consisting of minings rigs in two “technical rooms.” This was great for the hacker since it enabled him to mine Ethereum for free, but not so good for the airport since its IT security was put at risk.

Local authorities were able to examine the IP addresses associated with the infected machines in order to identify the location of the pool used for mining the ETH. The alleged culprit was eventually identified by security cameras set up in the server rooms. 

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