On Wednesday (2 November 2022), the world’s largest crypto exchange (by trading volume) announced that it had entered into a strategic partnership with crypto hardware wallet maker Ledger.

According to Binance’s blog post, this agreement “enables users with a verified Binance account to buy crypto through Ledger directly with their bank cards and have the coins go straight to their address secured by a Ledger device.” As for those Ledger wallet owners who are not Binance users, it is possible now to create a Binance account “directly in the Ledger Live app.”

Binance pointed out that this is just the first step in what both companies will be a rewarding journey. Future work includes “adding support for Binance’s payment channels to Ledger Live’s mobile version, as well as integrating additional payment methods.”

Binance has already been incorporated into the desktop version of Ledger Live, which means users are now able to “purchase more than 80 different cryptocurrencies” — via the Discover section of the app — “using their bank cards, including Visa and Mastercard.”

Ledger said in a tweet sent out yesterday that you can now “use your Binance account within Ledger Live to buy crypto securely, and receive it directly in your Ledger account” with “no switching between apps or manually transferring funds required.”

Jean-Francois Rochet, who is Ledger’s VP of Transactions and Services, had this to say:

Binance and Ledger are truly global leaders in the digital-asset space, and it only makes sense to combine to provide our users the benefits of buying crypto from Binance within Ledger Live, offering Ledger’s uncompromising world-class security.

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