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The cryptocurrency-powered Brave browser has reached nearly 5 million active daily users, as the platform continues to witness month-over-month increases in volume. 

According to a tweet published Brave co-founder and CEO Brendan Eich, Brave Browser hit 13.9 million monthly active users (MAU) and 4.8 million daily active users (DAU) for April. 

The open-source web browser was up from 13.5 million MAU and 4.3 million DAU in March, signaling an 11% increase in its daily user base. 

Eich, who publishes regular monthly stats as part of the project’s ongoing commitment to transparency, noted the trend in DAU had continued into May. 

Brave, which operates as a free web browser with built-in ad-blocking, relies upon the cryptocurrency brave attention coin (BAT) to drive its creator marketplace. Browser users are able to earn BAT for watching privacy-respecting advertisements and contributes the coins towards supporting their favorite content. 

In addition, Brave boasts being able to load web pages “3x to 6x” faster when compared to Chrome and Firefox. 

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