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Blockchain-based card game Splinterlands has announced support for Brave’s basic attention token (BAT). 

According to an update, privacy-focused web browser Brave has entered a partnership with one of the world’s most popular cryptocurrency games to provide integration for its utility token BAT.

The collaboration will focus on marketing initiatives across both products, including the use of BAT for buying game credits and card packs. 

The update claims Brave is now the official browser of Splinterlands, with the two companies sharing a similar mission to reward users for their attention and increase user privacy and freedom. 

The collaboration aims to educate players on the benefit of Brave browser for both Splinterlands and general web browser needs. Brave also intends to begin a promotional campaign for the card game to its audience of over 19 million monthly active users.

Brave browser utilizes non-invasive advertising and promotional channels and rewards users with BAT for opting to view privacy-preserving ads. 

In addition to purchases, Splinterlands players can now use the ethereum-powered Brave Crypto Wallet to directly log into their game and make payments with ETH or ethereum-based tokens. 

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