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The cryptocurrency-powered Brave browser has announced it partnered with cryptocurrency exchange Gemini to let users buy, sell, store, and earn crypto while browsing the web.

According to Brave’s announcement, the browser will now add a Geminin Trading Widget to its “new tab” page, allowing users to connect their exchange accounts to Brave and trade cryptocurrencies directly from that page.

The Gemini Trading Widget, the announcement adds, is now live on its Nightly version, meant for developers testing new features, and will go live on Brave’s stable release “in the coming weeks.” The Brave browser uses the Basic Attention Token (BAT) to reward users for browsing the web, as they can opt-in to see privacy-preserving ads that pay them BAT.

By default, Brave blocks ads and trackers websites use to monitor visitors, and as such the BAT users earn can be distributed to websites they visit according to the time spent on these platforms. The Geminin integration will allow content creators – which include websites, Twitch streamers, Twitter users, YouTubers, and GitHub users – to custody their assets in a Gemini Creator Wallet.

This means content creators will be able to receive the BAT users send them in their Gemini exchange accounts, instead of the standard integration with Uphold.

As CryptoGlobe reported, earlier this year Brave partnered with leading crypto exchange Binance to let users trade directly from the browser as well, although the partnership with Binance did not include a wallet for content creators to custody their BAT tokens.

Earlier this month, Brave partnered with bitFlyer, the leading cryptocurrency in Japan in terms of trading volume, to develop a new cryptocurrency wallet and “expand the recognition of cryptocurrencies.”

Featured image by Scott Graham on Unsplash.