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Crypto-powered web browser Brave has launched a privacy-focused video conference service to compete with Zoom. 

According to an official tweet published on May 26, Brave Software has launched a free video calling service currently avaible in North America for users of their Nightly Browser program. Nightly functions as a testing and development sandbox for Brave to implement new programs and product features. 

The new product, called Brave Together, will allow users access to private and unlimited video conferencing. According to the update, the program was built using the open-source software Jitsi. 

Brave, which uses the Basic Attention Token to power its free browser and web community, has placed an emphasis on privacy and open-access with their products. The Brave Together video service will allow users to share their screens, browser tabs, and YouTube videos. 

Earlier in the month, Brave announced full integration for the Binance widget on desktop devices, in addition to reaching nearly 5 million daily active users. 

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