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Privacy-focused web browser Brave has made its service available through the Tor network, opening the door to dark web functionality.

Brave, which utilizes the Basic Attention Token (BAT) to power its platform, has announced integration with Tor, a privacy-first gateway to dark web portals.  

According to the update, Brave now has its own Tor Onion Service, providing users with “more secure access” to the web browsing client. Tor allows users to access “.onion links,” and thereby serves as a portal to the dark web. However, Brave highlighted the increased security of the new function. 

In addition to illegal marketplaces, dark web portals are used by journalists and activists in countries where governments impose control over internet web pages.

The post details how Brave engineer Ben Kero was able to “mine” an address on the onion network to create a private key, thereby allowing the network to receive traffic. 

By using the Tor address, users can access Brave webpages directly from the dark web, all the while protecting their metadata and personal identifiers such as location. 

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