The cryptocurrency-powered Brave browser now has over 500,000 verified publishers looking to earn its Basic Attention Token (BAT) from users.

According to data from tracking platform BATGrowth, the number of verified Brave browser publishers – those who have verified with the browser to received their BAT rewards – hasn’t stopped growing since launch.

Currently, data shows there are over 300,000 YouTube publishers registered with Brave, over 48,000 websites, 59,000 Twitter publishers, 44,900 Twitch publishers, and over 49,000 Reddit publishers. The browser also has registered publishers from Vimeo and GitHub, and appears to be allowing SoundCloud ones to register as well.

Verified publishers include popular YouTubers with millions of subscribers, and some of the world’s largest websites. These include the privacy-centric search engine DuckDuckGo, the internet archive, the Washington Post, Wikipedia, and TradingView.

The Brave browser, as CryptoGlobe reported, added one million users last month over the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown. Its growth came shortly after it partnered with the TAP Network to let its users redeem BAT for “real-world rewards” with over 250,000 brands, including Xbox, PlayStation, Domino’s, Starbucks, and Uber.

The browser itself was created by former Mozilla CEO and JavaScript creator Brendan Eich, and has an innovative ad model that wards users with BAT for viewing ads on it. The tokens are by default sent to publishers according to the attention users give them, although it’s possible to merely keep the BAT, or tip it through various platforms.

By default Brave blocks ads and trackers, and users need to opt-in to its own ad program. It has integrated with the Wayback Machine to bring back dead pages on the internet, and recently announced a partnership with Binance to start letting users trade cryptocurrency from new tabs.

Featured image by Roman Kraft on Unsplash.