Coinbase’s Jesse Pollak Discusses Base, Decentralized Apps, and the Future of Blockchain

Coinbase’s Jesse Pollak, Head of Protocols, recently sat down with Cointelegraph’s Andrew Singer at Messari’s Mainnet conference in New York City on 20 September 2023. The interview covered a wide range of topics, including Coinbase’s relatively new blockchain, Base, the potential of decentralized applications (DApps), and the future of blockchain technology. When asked about Coinbase’s […]

Base Surpasses Solana ($SOL) in Total Value Locked as Coinbase’s Layer-2 Solution Gains Traction

The layer-2 Ethereum scaling solution unveiled by Nasdaq-listed cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase earlier this year, Base, has been seeing the total value locked (TVL) on its smart contracts rise rapidly, to the point it now surpassed the TVL on Solana ($SOL). According to data from decentralized finance tracking platform DeFiLlama, Base currently has a total value […]

Coinbase’s Base Protocol: Insights into the Mainnet Bridge UI Launch and its Impact

In February 2023, Coinbase unveiled an ambitious project: Base, a new blockchain designed to be a low-cost, user-friendly platform tailored for developers. The decentralized nature of Base, combined with its integration with Ethereum, promised a robust and versatile platform. Coinbase’s vision was clear: to transition from a world where crypto is primarily a speculative asset […]

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