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The open-source, cryptocurrency-powered Brave browser has announced full support for the Binance widget on desktop devices. 

According to the update made April 30, Brave has integrated direct support for the cryptocurrency exchange Binance on desktop versions of the web browser. The feature, first announced in March, was previously limited to a preview version in Brave’s Nightly and Beta web browser. 

The announcement claims the update marks the first exchange-browser integration of its kind, enabling users “seamless” cryptocurrency trading and management. Brave’s 13.5 million monthly active users can now access the services of Binance without leaving the web browser. 

Users will be able to view the summary of their Binance account asset balances and have the option of converting one crypto-asset into another. The Binance widget also provides full trading services for buying and selling crypto-assets. 

Users are required to connect Brave’s version of the widget with their official Binance account, which includes a security authentication step. Brave clients also have the option of disconnecting the browser from their account at any time, with no impact upon their Binance holdings.

The update claims the Binance widget will be made available on Brave’s mobile platforms later in the year. 

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