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The cryptocurrency-powered Brave browser has recently enabled its privacy-centric ads that lets users earn tokens while browsing the web in three new countries, meaning they’re now available in seven countries.

According to a GitHub page, the feature in the three new countries – Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland – has been enabled on Brave’s Nightly version, which is a less-stable version of the browser meant for developers testing new features.

Brave’s ads reward users with its native basic attention token (BAT) for viewing ads through the browser. These appear as notifications and share 70% of the revenue with the users. While they respect users’ privacy, advertisers get confirmation their ads were shown or clicked on.

The browser’s ads, as CryptoGlobe covered, were added to the Google-developed Android operating system earlier this month, meaning they now show up on desktops and Android devices. For the browser’s stable version, they’re only available in the UK, US, Germany, and Canada.

The Brave browser, by default, blocks ads and trackers, and users have to opt-in to see ads that’ll reward them with BAT tokens. While the reward is the incentive users have to see ads, they have been interacting with what’s being shown.

According to CNET, so far 71 advertisers ran ad campaigns through Brave’s desktop versions, and saw a 22% click-through rate. Out of these clicks, around 28% of users spent 10 seconds or more looking at the advertiser’s website.

The tokens users earn are accumulated in a built-in Bat wallet the browser has and, by default, are distributed to content creators they visit, including websites, YouTube channels, and Twitch streamers. The Brave browser is also adding a built-in tipping system so users can tip others on websites Reddit and Twitter.

Currently there’s no withdrawal option for users, meaning only content creators can extract BAT from their wallets, although users will be able to in the near future, as long as they verify their identity.

Brave’s creator and the former CEO of Mozilla, Brendan Eich, has in an interview revealed the browser’s privacy-focused ad system will in the future be rolled out to other browsers. For now, according to a Reddit thread, Brave is looking to expand its Ads program to Japan.