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Colin studied history and political economy at some pretty good universities. He also did other things. He thinks changing the nature of money will change the nature of humanity. 

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ChainLink Tests Key Support, Set to Fly With Another Push — Price Analysis

ChainLook is looking very promising, especially on its USD pairing, where it has broken through a very important downtrending resistance line. On the BTC side, it has bounced well off a clear support.

Bitcoin Finding Some Support After Ticking Into ‘Oversold’ — Price Analysis

Bitcoin may be at the bottom of its correction – or, instead, just in the middle of it. Worse still, it could be at the start of a medium term reversal back down.

Ethereum Retracing Into Important Support Amid Larger Downtrend — Price Analysis

ETH is correcting after a recent uptrend topped out, all the while still trapped within a larger downtrend.

Bitcoin Continues Correction to the Downside Amid High Stakes — Price Analysis

Bitcoin is continuing in its correction from $9,100. Support may be found soon, and if it is, Bitcoin will have to take another try at $9.1k -- or else risk a smackdown to the bottom of the pattern.

XRP Squeezing Toward Potential Breakout — Price Analysis

XRP is still languishing in a long downtrend, which has not been challenged just yet. Some strength is showing up on its BTC chart, which will be needed to consolidate some support on its USD chart.

LINK May Have a Monster Move in 2020 — Price Analysis

LINK has scored 65% of gains just in 2020, and the charts bear an enticing possible scenario for the popular altcoin if it can break a bit higher.

Bitcoin Likely to Move Soon as Volume Drops — Price Analysis

Bitcoin looks likely to move, as trade volume drops and consolidation is agreed upon around $8,600. Some more downside looks a bit more likely.

Litecoin Tapers Off After Blistering Uptrend — Price Analysis

After putting in about 65% of gains during January, outperforming Bitcoin, Litecoin is seeing some cooling off. But on one chart, it could be gearing up to break out of a downtrend - not unlike Bitcoin’s own condition, currently.

Bitcoin Finally Corrects, Is the Surge Over? — Price Analysis

Bitcoin has been rejected precisely at the critical level of $9.1k. A message has been sent to the market that bears don’t want to break Bitcoin’s seven-month downtrend at this time. We now begin Retracement Season, and see what the bulls have to say about it

Crypto Markets on the Brink of Decision, 2020 Hangs in Balance — Price Analysis

The trend for 2020 will likely be decided in the coming week, as Bitcoin is repulsed at what is perhaps the most important level of 2019. Altcoins' fate also hang in the balance.

Ethereum Holding Recent Gains but Chart is Mixed — Price Analysis

Mixed bull and bear signals on short and medium term charts makes Ethereum anybody’s guess. Ultimately, the short to medium term looks bullish, though.

Bitcoin Right at the Limit of Breaking Downtrend — Price Analysis

The leading crypto has drifted up on the short term charts, when it could have drifted down. This may signal the final push up through the uber-critical level of $9,100 – or it could fake back down into the $8k region, where it is still safe.

Bitcoin Run Cooling Off, With Plenty of Room to Spare — Price Analysis

Bitcoin is currently deciding whether or not it wants to take a period of correction – likely above $8,200 – or just go for it and engage the low $9k region. Falling volume on LTF means a move is likely coming soon.

Strength Building on XRP Chart After Modest Gains — Price Analysis

XRP has not been exploding like many other leading and medium-cap altcoins, and is proving to be the runt of the litter. Some strength is building on the charts, though, as XRP waits its turn to leave the downtrend.

Litecoin Primed for Reversal as Altcoins Surge — Price Analysis

Litecoin joins the ranks of leading altcoins that look ready to start uptrending in a big way. As Bitcoin pumps even as its dominance drops, we are not far away from forecasting 2020 as a bullish year.

Bitcoin’s Powerful Uptrend Approaches Another Key Resistance — Price Analysis

Bitcoin has been doing amazing, but there is at least one big hurdle left to clear before a trend reversal can be confirmed. In other news, BTC dominance is falling even as price is rising: the perfect environment for an altcoin run.

Ethereum Starts Uptrending With Wider Crypto Market — Price Analysis

With Bitcoin and other major altcoins starting to break levels, Ethereum is starting to follow suit and head up. Already a major level has been broken, at $160, and the leading altcoin may have more in store after it stabilizes.

Bitcoin Cash Breaks Important Resistance Level As Market Surges — Price Analysis

Bitcoin Cash has broken a key resistance near $260, and is now ready to take $300 and possibly continue. The long term charts are bullish, even if the short term ones look overheated.

Bitcoin at Decision Point: Will It Break Downtrend? — Price Analysis

The moment is upon us, Bitcoin has reached the top of the monster downtrending channel in play for seven months. There is a good chance of breaking this resistance and ending this huge uptrend, which would set a bullish trend for 2020.

Bitcoin Ready to Break 7-Month Downtrend Resistance – Price Analysis

Bitcoin is just a few hundred dollars away from being at the limits of the H2 2019 trend. Breaking or sticking to this long downtrend may be decided in the coming week, potentially setting the trend for 2020.

Bitcoin Breaks Clear Into $8K In New Uptrend — Price Analysis

Bitcoin’s surge, which yesterday broke local market structure, is still surging and we’ve not yet seen a top. This is very good news for Bitcoin in 2020, if it results in a reversal from the H2 2019 downtrend.

Bitcoin Breaks Clean Above Key Levels, Now What? — Price Analysis

Bitcoin has broken free from the local market structure, and possibly put in the first leg of a new, long term uptrend. This, however, is not yet confirmed, and we wait to see the extent of today’s correction and into the coming days.

2019 In Review — A Look at the Cryptocurrency Markets

We take a look at what Bitcoin and Ethereum have been up to during 2019, where these coins are placed within the larger picture, and what might be in store in 2020.

XRP Up 12% So Far Today, Breaking Resistance Levels — Price Analysis

XRP broke hard up today, after a period of consolidation. Notably, it is outperforming Bitcoin, which is also uptrending and toying with a breakout scenario. A larger reversal is possible if this keeps up.

Bitcoin Tests Top of Local Structure, Breakout Possible — Price Analysis

Bitcoin has the potential to continue the small uptrend started on 3 Jan, and turn it into a larger uptrend and potential long-term reversal of the downtrend. Or it could be rejected, and start a mega-bearish trend for 2020. The former is slightly more likely.

Bitcoin Bounces After Threatening Breakdown — Price Analysis

Bitcoin bounces! A strong new short term trend has been started, and we are waiting to see if it has any more legs. More broadly, the local market structure has been saved for now, and resilience at this level is welcome.

Bitcoin Movement Likely as Volume Drops to Floor — Price Analysis

Bitcoin looks to be nearing the end of a consolidation, with a move likely soon. The leading crypto looks more bearish than bullish, with a slightly more likely break down than a bounce.

Bitcoin Reversal Potential Continues, as Price Consolidations Sideways — Price Analysis

Bitcoin is going sideways into the new year, holding recent gains. The question is whether or not we could see a broad reversal up soon.

Ethereum Slowly Recovering From Vicious Selloff — Price Analysis

Another chapter in Ethereum’s unending downtrend, we see the latest chance for a strong bounce, to say nothing of reversal. The 21-day EMAs on both charts are holding the altcoin back from gains.

Bitcoin Claws Back Above 21 EMA, Reversal On the Table — Price Analysis

Bitcoin’s short term surge is continuing and there is a good setup for gains up to at least $8,500, if the momentum can be maintained.

Bitcoin Chopping Hard After Giving Back Local Gains — Price Analysis

Bitcoin has lost almost all of the gains put in last week, and very nearly cancelled out the possibility of a new leg up. Some support buying is coming in, though, and the chance is not lost yet.

Last Bitcoin Push Holds, Sets Up Potential Double Bottom — Price Analysis

Bitcoin’s second leg of the small uptrend has held some nice levels, and we may still say that it is intact. This is exciting, as it holds open the very real chance for an end to the six month downtrend that we have seen.

Bitcoin Holding Yesterday’s Gains, Potential Leg Up – Price Analysis

Bitcoin bounced yesterday off of a local low, and is forming nicely today for a potential repeat of that performance. A larger double bottom is also possible, however all of this is couched within the leading crypto’s interminable downtrend that doesn’t seem to die – recommending caution to any bullish interpretation.

Ethereum Reaches Oversold Conditions, Set Up for Long Term Double Bottom — Price Analysis

Ethereum keeps plummeting versus Bitcoin and the general market. But on both long and short timeframes, there are interesting prospects for reversal.

Bitcoin Bounces on 2018 Consolidation Support, Bull Flag Forming — Price Analysis

Bitcoin has bounced at an interesting level, and now seems to be setting up for another leg up. Shorts on Bitfinex are crashing, paving the way for a potential move. But the downtrend remains strong on higher timeframes, so we must be cautious.

Crypto Market Still Within Unrelenting Downtrend - Price Analysis

In a very uncomplicated way, the crypto market continues to collectively downtrend with no potential signs of reversal. However, Bitcoin and Ethereum are both reaching critical support zones derived from the 2018 bear market, and may soon find support.

VeChain Likely Getting Rejected at Key Level — Price Analysis

VeChain looks like it’s getting rejected after a strong run from its lows. Today’s daily close is important, as the 21 should mark the breakdown – or salvaging – of the uptrend.

MATIC Implodes 70% Within Hours After Blistering Bull Run — Price Analysis

MATIC has finally blown over after 3x-ing inside of two weeks. Intense selling may now be followed by intense buying on a bounce; but the uptrend has been basically obliterated after absolute rejection at the all time high.

Bitcoin Move May Come Soon Amid Larger Downtrend — Price Analysis

Bitcoin is in one of its classic periods of chop; but as volume trickles down, we should start anticipating a larger move. While there are a couple of bullish signs on the charts, most aspects are bearish and getting moreso.

Ethereum Drifting as Istanbul Update Closes — Price Analysis

Ethereum’s volume is low as it heads into a weekend hardfork, with the market seemingly apathetic to the event. This leading altcoin is seriously depressed on both its main pairings, and we wait to see what kind of action the fork may or may not bring.

Zcash Gets Small Bump on Ethereum News — Price Analysis

An Ethereum Improvement Proposal to integrate Zcash into some Ethereum functions seems to have caused a small spike in the ZEC charts. Will this be enough to zap Zcash back to life?

Tezos’ Powerful Uptrend Remains Viable Amid Staking Launches — Price Analysis

On the back of double price surges, Tezos is holding most of its recent gains. The picture is mixed, with some bullish signs and some bearish. There is an argument to be made for more upside.

Yesterday’s Bitcoin Surge Given Back to the Market on Bart Down — Price Analysis

Bitcoin has done another Bart, giving back almost all of yesterday’s 10% surge up. The short term trend is very unclear, but the longer term one remains bearish until proven otherwise.

Bitcoin Jumps 10%, Climbing Back Into October Chart — Price Analysis

Bitcoin remains volatile as 2020 draws near, jumping up 10% in a day. Today’s move looks like a higher low from the previous low, if it can stay above the key support level. Too early to say if it means anything in the longer term.

Bitcoin and Hi-cap Altcoins Bump, Run Into Hard Resistance

Bitcoin and Ethereum are doing their relief pumps, but it will take more to reverse their trends. It’s not impossible, but this is not the time to get bullish - not yet.

Bitcoin Retests Lost Level Amid Fakeouts and Chop — Price Analysis

Bitcoin has been bouncing, and continues to pressure the first resistance into the previous market structure. There may be some more upside to squeeze out of this movement, but be wary of the larger trend.

Ethereum Breaks Major Level on USD Pairing — Price Analysis

Ethereum has broken a major support level on the USD pairing, following Bitcoin’s downward path. We’re now well into 2018 bear market territory.

BNB Holding at Critical Support Level, So Far — Price Analysis

Binance Coin (BNB) is testing support levels on both its charts, and on both counts there may be some bounce action to play.

Bitcoin Bounces, But Stuck On First Resistance — Price Analysis

Bitcoin is bouncing, predictably, after this week’s sharp selloff. Things look okay in the short term for some more possible uptrend, but this is framed against the larger downtrend that has formed.

ECB Should Use DLT for Euro Payments, Says Deputy Governor of French Central Bank

The First Deputy Governor of Banque de France has recommended using distributed ledger technology (DLT) for settlements within the Eurozone.

XRP Holds Up Against Bitcoin Drop – Price Analysis

XRP was bought up as Bitcoin was selling off, at least on the XRP/BTC trading pair. This is a dynamic not repeated for Ethereum, and it’s worth noting. But the power of Bitcoin is strong, and outperforming a falling Bitcoin can only be so great.

Bitcoin Heads Toward 2018 Supports Amid Breakdown – Price Analysis

Bitcoin has closed the week bearish, and it looks like we’re going to see the leading crypto trend down for a while. But low overall sell volume, relative to other dramatic price movements this year, should keep us curious.

Bitcoin Capitulates Out of Market Structure, Ending Uptrend Chance — Price Analysis

It seems official, Bitcoin has capitulated out of its local market structure. All of the indicators are pointing down now, and there is nothing saving the leading crypto – except perhaps the curious lack of volume on the downside move.

Low-Tier Exchanges Still Dominate Cryptoasset Industry — Report

After another exhaustive rating of more than 100 cryptoasset exchanges, CryptoCompare have found that lower-quality exchanges carry most of the trading volume within the industry. This number has increased during 2019, and market quality serves as a broad reflection of an exchange's overall quality.

Ethereum Dives With Bitcoin, Retesting Key 2019 Level — Price Analysis

ETH is dumping with Bitcoin, which means it’s dumping even harder. As a local bottom on the ETH/USD chart is tested for the third time in recent months, we must be concerned about a rupture there.

Bitcoin Loses $8,000 After Rejected Breakout, Last Stand Against Bears – Price Analysis

Another day, another Bitcoin selloff. A feeble breakout attempt was rejected yesterday, causing the leading crypto to slip once again lower in its market structure. It now threatens to leave the structure entirely.

Synthetix ‘Decentralized BitMEX’ Token Initial Price Analysis

A new exchange token is taking off like a rocket ship amid some hype. Is this oracle-powered token set to continue up in the short or long term?

Bitcoin Tries to Bounce, Stuck at First Resistance – Price Analysis

Bitcoin bounced at $8,000, although it has been the kind of bounce you get with an under-inflated ball. Very little follow-through so far has the leading crypto languishing above $8k – although sell pressure may be waning.

Maker Runs into Resistance as Multi-Collateral Dai Goes Live - Price Analysis

MKR did well during the week preceding its multi-collateral launch, versus Bitcoin. But overbought conditions might put a damper on gains for the moment. Nevertheless, there seems to be a strong long term uptrend versus Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Back Against $8k as Key Support Gives Way – Price Analysis

Bitcoin has taken another hit, and blown through a key support zone. Things are looking ever more bearish, and a long bear market now seems to be on the table. But the move has not come on enormous volume, and the charts are not yet completely destroyed.

After Powerful Bull Run, is VeChain Finished? – VET Price Analysis

VeChain, a long-popular midcap altcoin, has had a scorcher of a month. And according to the medium-term indicators, there isn’t any reason for it to stop now.

Things Start Looking Ugly for Bitcoin Amid Downtrend – Price Analysis

Bitcoin has held on well during the weekend at a critical level, and looks ripe for reversal on short term indicators. But the longer term charts are turning increasingly dark, and the spectre of a seriously long downtrend again looms.

Bitcoin Pushing the Limits of Market Structure - Price Analysis

Bitcoin is threatening to nix what was looking like a reversal, from the downtrend in play since the summer. Meanwhile, OKB is chugging along away from its regional bottom, and has a good chance of holding recent gains.

Ethereum Market Healthy in Long Term, Lukewarm in Short Term – Price Analysis

Ethereum may well have reversed from a deep 2019 bottom, but there still isn’t much exuberance for the leading altcoin. Weakness on the daily charts implies further waiting, even for a long term confirmation of an uptrend.

Bitcoin Rejected Again, Sitting on Important Resistance – Price Analysis

Volume, and energy, seem to be falling in the battle to hold Bitcoin’s head under $9,000. A choppy market is holding the crypto under some critical technical levels, and making a huge, long term downtrend more possible. But the large lady has not sung yet.

EOS Showing Strength With Key Indicator About to Cross – Price Analysis

EOS is looking up after many months in hibernation and bottoming, with the weekly histogram about to cross bullish. On both BTC and USD pairings, the hi-cap altcoin has been putting in solid upside.

Bitcoin Closes Week Above Key Level, Despite Chop – Price Analysis

Bitcoin’s price action is extremely choppy and full of jarring reversals, especially in the last day when the leading crypto was saved from closing below a key level – just before again reversing and falling below it.

Bitcoin Breaches $9k Amid Aggressive Selling - Price Analysis

Bitcoin has lost an important support level around $9,000, as the bears unleashed a barrage against it. We might expect some new support to come in at $8,500.

Bitcoin Closes Week Holding October Gains, Looking Bullish - Price Analysis

As Bitcoin closes the first full week after its dramatic reversal+surge, we see almost universally bullish signs on the charts. Simply put, it is looking good for Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Breaks Trendline, Holds on Retest - Price Analysis

Bitcoin has been in a small consolidation/corrective downtrend since its really stunning reversal to the upside, on October 25. Now, it has broken out of the top side of that structure’s shrinking downtrend resistance, and so far held it. This may be a bullish development if it continues to hold.

Ethereum Searching for a Retracement Low, Not Getting One Yet - Price Analysis

Ethereum is still in its correction, after putting in local highs in September. No bullish signs are showing up yet, making the leading altcoin one of the least interesting lately.

Bitcoin Still Holding $9,050, as Bull Refuse to Cede Gains Before Move - Price Analysis

Bitcoin is about to finish its consolidation, and the bulls seem not to be having any attempt to push the leading crypto under $9k. A flurry of support is coming in every time we test that level -- a conclusion will come within the next day or two at most.

XRP Squeezed at Critical Resistance Amid Sleepy Market - Price Analysis

XRP is struggling to lurch over some final hurdles, in an attempt to leave behind a very rocky period of downtrending. But the market seems mostly asleep to XRP’s needs, with very little volume in either direction as price is getting squeezed.

TRON Volume Explodes Ahead of Justin Sun's Samsung Speech

Tron has been trending up since September, and after some decent gains and with a Justin Sun announcement looming, it may be time for Tron to cool off.

Bulls Defend $9k as Bitcoin Likely to Move Again Soon - Price Analysis

Bitcoin is starting to angle down after a very neutral few days of consolidation. We may see a deeper retracement, but support around here seems very strong, as the bulls have demonstrated their intentions in the last day.

Bitcoin Booms, High-Caps Still Languish, and OKEx Looking Bullish - Price Analysis

In this price analysis, we look at the long trend prospects for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and OKB.

TRON Uptrend Likely, Poised for 50% More Gains Before Resistance - Price Analysis

Tron is starting to break some levels on the way up, and looks to be clearly uptrending after a lengthy consolidation. Volume is breaking out, and the indicators look bullish on long term timeframes -- although the crypto may soon get overheated in the short term.

NEO Doubles in Price Over the Weekend, Outperforming Bitcoin – Price Analysis

NEO is one of the very few altcoins that has outperformed Bitcoin during the latter’s shocking price reversal, doing a full 100% pump versus USD. Speculators attribute this to its association with the Chinese economy, and with recent comments from the president of China regarding blockchain technology.

Bitcoin Weekly Closes Bullish After Incredible Reversal - Price Analysis

Bitcoin’s weekly chart is in, and it looks great. The astonishing price action of the weekend has likely completely changed the tide of the long term trend, and saved Bitcoin from the hazard of a really lengthy downtrend.

Bitcoin Reverses, Pumping 40% in One Day; Now What? – Price Analysis

Bitcoin has pumped 40%, seeming to reverse the downtrend started in late September. It is now possible to frame that downtrend as a completed correction to the price highs achieved earlier in 2019

Basic Attention Token Strong During Bitcoin Volatility, No Sign of Stopping - Price Analysis

BAT is looking stronger with each breakout to new levels. This powerful uptrend shows no concern with what Bitcoin is doing, and no real warnings of any flagging in strength.

Chainlink Safe-Haven From Bitcoin Drops, Testing All-Time-Highs - Price Analysis

ChainLink is proving itself to be a good standard altcoin, being bought up heavily during Bitcoin dumps. The altcoin is still looking great near its all-time-high, although it may need some time to cool off after multiple pumps.

Bitcoin Dumps Again, Is The Bottom in Sight? - Price Analysis

Bitcoin has dropped hard for the second time in a month. How far will this downtrend go? We cover some potential supports to expect down to $6.7k.

Bitcoin Breaks Down From Range After Month Consolidating – Price Analysis

Bitcoin has started its second big leg down out of the $10k, then $8k consolidation downtrend. The good news is that these down legs down relive sell pressure and give Bitcoin more of a chance to lay a buyers’ foundation.

Ethereum Dumps Double with BTC, but Holding Critical Levels - Price Analysis

Another day, another Bitcoin-inflicted dump. Ethereum, in line with its recent behavior, has followed Bitcoin on both BTC and fiat pairings -- and with BTC looking shaky, Ethereum is by proxy also looking shaky in the short term.

Bitcoin Bounce Smacked Down Into Merciless Chop Zone - Price Analysis

What was looking like a parallel structure has been rejected at the 21-day EMA, and looks now more like a triangle consolidation around $8k. With volume falling interminably, a breakout looks increasingly likely -- and the trend remains a solid down.

Trans-Fee-Mining Exchanges' Market Share in Decline - Report

CryptoCompare’s monthly exchange review has found that exchanges employing the so-called “trans-fee-mining,” or Transaction Fee Mining (TFM) model have taken a huge hit in their collective market share of cryptoasset trading volume. Together they processed less than half the volume this month versus last month, while traditional exchanges barely moved at all.

ChainLink Breaks Out from Swing Low After Bitcoin Bounce - Price Analysis

LINK has broken out on the Bitcoin bump, and looks to be in the middle of a medium timeframe uptrend. Buy volume is coming in, and it could be fireworks yet again for the ultra-popular coin.

XRP Uptrend Uncertain As Heavy Resistance Is Encountered - Price Analysis

XRP is engaging a resistance level over a year in the making, and its recent uptrend looks to be losing steam. But a bigger move looks due soon.

Bitcoin Fights on After Another Bounce off Range Bottom - Price Analysis

Another bounce off the bottom of Bitcoin’s tight range, but without much conviction in the way of trading volume. A return to the top of the range is likely, but for now the larger downtrend remains intact.

Is EOS the Next Altcoin Due for a Run? - Price Analysis

EOS has been dumping along with Bitcoin, as it skirts along the bottom of its chart. We can imagine a bottom is in for this (once- ?) popular altcoin, but there doesn’t seem to be much buyer interest.

Basic Attention Token Bucks the Downtrending Market, Will It Last? - Price Analysis

As BAT closes in on a clear historical resistance level, we may see at least a pause in its strong uptrend. Some signs of exhaustion are appearing for the medium/short term trend, and a correction here would not be surprising.

Bitcoin Takes Another Tumble After Yesterday, Falling Out of Range - Price Analysis

Bitcoin is pushing the limits of the bottom of its range, amid a downtrend that seems to be increasing in strength as the days go by.

Ethereum Hangs on After Rejection From Major Resistance - Price Analysis

Ethereum is bouncing a little, following Bitcoin, but the reprieve may only be brief. Buyers need to step in and show that ETH’s uptrend can continue, because it is already on the brink of rolling over.

Bitcoin Bounces off Bottom of Range, Will the Chop Continue? - Price Analysis

Bitcoin is bouncing at the bottom of a predictable range, and may be able to continue lingering in this zone. But the larger trend remains down, so BTC is fighting to stay afloat here and it may ultimately give $8k back.

Ethereum Looking Top-Heavy as Prices Roll Over - Price Analysis

Another Bitcoin breakdown is sending shockwaves through the markets, and Ethereum is first in line to receive the king’s abuse. A failure to get over a key resistance has sent the leading altcoin tumbling.

Bitcoin Still Pointing Down, Move Likely Soon - Price Analysis

Bitcoin is still ranging in the low 8’s, but trade volume is down to a trickle and the trend is still down. The leading crypto looks set up to take a plunge to the next support down.

XRP Defends Beginnings of an Uptrend as Support Wanes - Price Analysis

XRP has been steaming up for the last month or so, and has just breached an important level on its USD pairing. Some of the indicators are starting to buckle, though, and it’s an open question if XRP can keep it going.

Basic Attention Token Breaks Out, Leaves Historic Support in Dust - Price Analysis

BAT is breaking level after level, as it moves away from a couple months of consolidation. Like many other popular altcoins, BAT seems to have found a bottom and begun a new uptrend.

0x Hits Overbought Conditions After 150% Gain, Can the Rally Continue? - Price Analysis

0x has been on a monster rally for the last month, with over 150% profits put in after the Ethereum-based DEX crypto found its bottom during Q3. The power behind this rally is strong, and according to the indicators, it could have more steam left.

Ethereum Still Unable to Break 2017 Resistance, But Not Out of the Fight - Price Analysis

Ethereum keeps knocking at the door of its capitulation zone, from earlier this year. It may eventually battery down this door, but it hasn’t happened yet. If it does, we can call it a new uptrend; if it doesn’t, we have another dip to think about.

Bitcoin Holding Well Above $8.1K, With A Chance to Break Downtrend – Price Analysis

Bitcoin’s relief rally failed to make a substantial case for reversing the downtrend, but the leading crypto is holding up surprisingly well -- alluding to a possible second try at a trend reversal. BTC dominance also looks set up for a bounce.

Bitcoin Looking to be Sent Back Down After Breakout Attempt - Price Analysis

Bitcoin had a chance to break what was becoming a downtrend, but it looks like this attempt will be rejected. We could well see a breakdown of the previous support zone surrounding $8,000, as the leading crypto struggles to recover and find a new bottom.

ChainLink Begins Its Correction, But Is the Rally Over? - Price Analysis

ChainLink Begins Its Correction, But Is the Rally Over? - Price Analysis

Ethereum Having Trouble Getting Over the Top In Breakout Scenario - Price Analysis

Ethereum got a bump last night in tandem with the Bitcoin bump, but is stalled at resistance. It has yet to decide which way it wants to go, and the indicators can speak for both sides.

Bitcoin Breaks Up from Local Range, Can It Reverse Downtrend? - Price Analysis

Bitcoin has broken out of the market structure around $8k, and putting into question what had been a forming long term downtrend. This move could translate into another leg to the upside, but the bears are fighting back.

Basic Attention Token on the Rise as Resistance Approaches - Price Analysis

BAT has been breaking levels on the way up after reversing from a deep bottom. This uptrend looks set to continue, according to the indicators.

RavenCoin Looks Poised to Break Out - Price Analysis

Things are looking good for RavenCoin, which seems to be setting the perfect conditions for a breakout. And with other altcoins already mooning, the likelihood is growing for RVN to crack a key resistance.

ChainLink Explodes Toward All-Time-Highs - Price Analysis

ChainLink has broken out for over 100% gains already in the last month, and a major breakout has come in the last few days. It could be setting the standard for alts in Q4.

Bitcoin Range Holds as Altcoin Market Heats Up - Price Analysis

Bitcoin is range bound, and generally at risk for another leg down. But there are some signs that that won’t happen, as the bulls have been keen to keep the leading crypto above $8,000.

Ethereum Ready to Break Out, Or Be Rejected At Resistance - Price Analysis

Ethereum, rather than leading the recent altcoin breakouts, is stuck at a resistance on its BTC pairing. This resistance looks like it should break, which could provide a nice trading opportunity. But the tension between the USD and BTC charts is complex.

XRP Breaks Out as Altcoins Start to Run - Price Analysis

XRP is definitely breaking out, cracked multiple important resistance levels, just as Bitcoin dominance breaks levels on the way down. This major altcoin was riding the bottom of its chart, but now has a chance to reverse.

Bitcoin Fights Off Downtrend at $8,000, For Now - Price Analysis

It seems like Bitcoin is not quite the center of focus in the cryptoasset markets, as dominance falls. A choppy market, going down-ish, has been held up by bulls at $8,000, who seem intent on keeping the leading crypto there.

Litecoin Shows Signs of Recovery After Violent Selloff - Price Analysis

Litecoin has broken up out of a post-dump consolidation, with a modest amount of strength. The leading altcoin was hit hard by Bitcoin’s price action two weeks ago, which bulls were quick to contain. But beyond that, buyers are not flooding in, even on a breakout.

Basic Attention Token on Track for New Uptrend - Price Analysis

BAT is by now a classic altcoin with a proven ability to perform on the charts, not to mention a working product. After an extensive bottom-finding mission, it seems the token is pointing up again.

Bitcoin Getting Weaker as It Starts to Break Support Levels - Price Analysis

Bitcoin is still weak within its consolidation pattern, in what looks like a bear flag after the big dump from $10k. It is starting to break some support levels, and more downside looks increasingly likely.

Important Ethereum Indicators Crossing Bullish - Price Analysis

Ethereum’s daily ‘EMA fan’ is almost all the way open and bullish. This is a major accomplishment for the uptrend, but Ethereum has to flex a little and get over the current resistance line pretty soon in order to lock in that bullish indicator.

Binance Coin May Have A Break Soon, But Likely Short Lived - Price Analysis

BNB is still in a monster retracement phase since April-May, where it topped out 800% of gains versus USD. Such a blistering performance naturally takes a while to cool off, and BNB looks like it needs more time. But a small trade opportunity may present itself soon.

Ravencoin Strength Clearly Growing After Season at the Bottom - Price Analysis

Despite Bitcoin’s hit to the market last week, RavenCoin’s strength is growing -- especially on the Bitcoin pairing. This impressive altcoin has been a performer for more than a year, and it will be no surprise to see the same performance again.

Bitcoin Running Out of Time, Unable to Retake Lost Ground - Price Analysis

A weak Bitcoin bounce from the big breakdown from last week has the leading crypto looking like a bear flag. It doesn’t look like BTC has a trick up its sleeve in order to stave off the confirmation of a longer downtrend -- time is running out.

Chainlink Move Likely Coming Soon as Approaching Resistance - Price Analysis

LINK looks like it’s about to move, owing to a consolidation on key indicator. The altcoin has performed beautifully lately, although a couple of resistance zones are likely to pause the greater uptrend for a bit.

Ethereum Uptrend Flagging at Important Resistance - Price Analysis

Ethereum has fought its way back to a strong resistance level, and is trying to break through. At this inflection point, we should watch both for a break or rejection.

Bitcoin Gets Relief Rally as Dominance Falls - Price Analysis

Bitcoin has got a healthy bounce off the lows, but there are signs that this bounce may already be played out. In addition, Bitcoin dominance is poised to break a key level and return to more reasonable distribution vis-a-vis the rest of the crypto market.

Bitcoin Starts Trending Down After Breaking Supports - Price Analysis

Bitcoin is cracking its 2019 uptrend, starting to drive nails into the coffin. A downtrend seems to obtain now, although price is holding at some stiff support levels. We might expect a bounce off of oversold conditions in the short term.

Bitcoin Hangs on $8,000 After Another Hit - Price Analysis

Bitcoin has had dump #2 of its, what seems to be, capitulation. This second leg down is smaller, and sell pressure is clearly abating. The larger fight is one for the grand uptrend that was being laid in the first half of 2019.

Bitcoin Looking to Move Again Soon, But Which Way? - Price Analysis

Bitcoin looks about ready for another, much smaller breakout from a symmetrical triangle. After the last two days’ events, a local market has yet to form, while the long term uptrend hangs in the balance. Not much is clear, except that the BTC market is exciting again.

Chainlink (LINK) Bucks the Trend Amid Bleeding Altcoin Market - Price Analysis

Chainlink’s price resilience in the face of a market-wide collapse in the past couple of days is noteworthy, if not remarkable. This star performer of 2019 seems nowhere finished with its tricks, and seems set to finish the year as it started it: impressive.

Bitcoin Consolidation Ends With Enormous Drop, Market In Chaos - Price Analysis

Bitcoin has broken down out of consolidation, putting paid to its period of quiet contemplation. Volatility has returned to the leading crypto and to the crypto markets in a big way, and Bitcoin faces a very critical period that will define 2019-20.

Bitcoin Holds at Bottom of Consolidation Range - Price Analysis

Bitcoin has bounced, and lived to fight another day within its huge consolidation pattern. There is tension in the markets, as three months of compression around $10,000 seem ready to translate into a new trend at any moment.

Litecoin Gets Decent Bounce Amid Retrace: More Upside? - Price Analysis

A small price bump for the leading altcoin has not yet translated into a new leg in a larger reversal for the early September lows. Here, both the short and long term trends are waiting for buyers to come in and show their support.

Ethereum Holding Up Well During Cool-Off Period - Price Analysis

Ethereum has had a pretty shallow retracement after its recent gains, and if it continues to hold at its present levels, it will be nicely set up for another leg higher if it wants to. The calm Bitcoin waters my swell soon, however, so Ethereum is living on borrowed time.

Bitcoin is Ready to Break Out as Consolidation End Looms - Price Analysis

Bitcoin is coiling into a very tight trading range, at the end of a consolidation period that has taken months to be refined. Meanwhile, Bitcoin dominance sees a healthy bump back above 70% after the altcoin rally cools off.

XRP Gets Hit Hard Over Weekend, Is the Rally Over? - Price Analysis

XRP has taken a hit after Bitcoin led the markets down, and now stands at a critical point in its local structure. It should reversal here in order to preserve its new uptrend - or fall back into the lows.

Ethereum Likely Reversed From Lows, Started Uptrend - Price Analysis

After a couple weeks of gains, Ethereum looks solid and likely in a long term uptrend. However, in the short term, the leading altcoin looks overheated and due for a pullback. The depth of any pullback will help us get a clearer view of the long term.

Bitcoin Barts Back Up to Top of Consolidation Range - Price Analysis

Another reversal up for Bitcoin, which has laid a higher bottom within the ever-dwindling consolidation pattern. This pattern looks set to end before too long, and the contest for its breakout direction seems to be on.

Binance and Coinbase See Massive Surge in Web Traffic, Despite Sinking Volumes

Both trade volume and web traffic to cryptoasset exchanges generally fell during August, but two of the highest-ranked ones saw significant increases in web traffic, bucking this trend. It is not exactly known what is driving this very specific increase, with the only correlation being the exchanges’ high quality.

XLM Exploded 50% Yesterday, Likely to Continue Rally Per Indicators - Price Analysis

XLM has come out of nowhere to put impressive gains on the board, in the midst of a general altcoin boom. The short term indicators look strong, and if the market keeps smiling on altcoins in general, XLM may continue to score big.

EOS Retests Level Amid Uptrend Gains - Price Analysis

EOS has taken a breather from its uptrend with a healthy retrace, and is holding so far at key levels. As the market again looks at Bitcoin for its cues, altcoins have seen a general break from their recent rallies - and EOS is one of them.

Volatility Returns to Bitcoin With Violent Drop - Price Analysis

A sharp dip in the price of Bitcoin comes as the leading crypto closes in on the end of a long consolidation period. Further downside is possible to the lower limits of the range. The move comes as Bitcoin dominance declines sharply - giving the altcoin market a needed boost.

XRP Breakout Likely Begun - Price Analysis

XRP’s breakout seems to have got underway, with everything pointing up, including price. Bitcoin dominance is falling and other altcoins are starting to see some decent gains, and one gets the feeling that a general altcoin relief will attend the final leg of Bitcoin’s consolidation.

Litecoin Ready for Gains as Alts Turn Green - Price Analysis

Litecoin has been making solid gains in the past days, as it implies a reversal from recent lows. Following in the footsteps of other major alts like Ethereum, we could easily see continued gains for Litecoin in the next few days.

XRP Reversal Signs Are Mounting - Price Analysis

XRP is sending off a lot of smoke signals these days, along with other top altcoins, that they are ready to retake some of their market share from Bitcoin. Positive crosses on both the BTC and USD pairings, on the 3-day and weekly should arrest our attention.

Is Ethereum Finally Reversing? Maybe - Price Analysis

Ethereum has had some solid gains over the past days, which kind of looks like a reversal. And while refreshing for short term traders, it is too soon still to call a long term reversal. But things look good.

Bitcoin Volatility Down to Zero as Altcoins Begin to Move -- Price Analysis

Bitcoin is a snooze-fest as it again closes in on the downtrend resistance, and as Bitcoin dominance starts to erode. This calm has given a chance for altcoins to have a bit of action, but who knows for how long: the fireworks could come soon as Bitcoin reaches the end of its consolidation.

Litecoin Balances on Higher Low Amid Effort to Form a Bottom - Price Analysis

Litecoin is trying to put in a higher low from a local bottom, and doing pretty well at it. There is a notable lack of volume in general, but the leading altcoin may soon take another trip up if it can hold a bit longer at its current level.

Bitcoin Bounces at $10k, Nears Top of Consolidation Range - Price Analysis

Bitcoin has been quite boring the past few days, but a potentially interesting development has come over the past day. The crypto looks to be favoring the top side of its consolidation pattern. We should watch this tendency, for clues as Bitcoin moves into the final phases of its consolidation.

Ethereum Building Up Potential for Another Price Bounce - Price Analysis

Ethereum, the main bellwether for altcoins, has had some positive price action recently along with Litecoin during a sleepy Bitcoin market cycle. These two main altcoins are both searching for the support to have a second leg up.

Litecoin Could Soon See Another Leg Up After Bounce Off Bottom - Price Analysis

Litecoin looks ripe for the second leg up after a bounce. The bounce is now correcting, and if support comes in to hold a higher low, a decent trade opportunity may come amid an extremely depressed altcoin market.

Ethereum Looking Stronger as Crypto Markets Quiet - Price Analysis

Ethereum has finally been getting some love in the past few days, on its BTC pairing especially. A first leg up seems to have been put in, and if some higher lows can be held we might see another, probably stronger leg up soon. All of this comes as Ethereum continues its (never-ending?) quest to find a bottom.

Bitcoin Dips Below $10k, Continues to Grind Out Consolidation - Price Analysis

Bitcoin is briefly went below $10k but is holding at time of writing. It is pretty likely to visit at least $9,500, as the consolidation range shrinks ever tighter. But weak sell volume may mean holding $10k - and doing so would actually be a break in the recent trend.

A Bullish Pattern for BNB, But Weak Indicators Muddy Waters - Price Analysis

A falling wedge on BNB/BTC may make us think a breakout is somewhat likely; but the indicators look mostly weak and it is hard to make the case for this bullish expectation.

Bitcoin Dominance Crest 72% As Longs Build on Bitfinex - Market Analysis

Bitcoin’s short term volatility is shrinking into an ever smaller range surrounding $10,000, as is getting a bit boring to follow on an intra-day basis. However, a big move looks likely to come after this consolidation concludes - and positions are starting to build up.

Ethereum Setting Record Lows on Indicator, Amid Search for Strength - Price Analysis

Ethereum has been smashed for some time. Some interesting bounces on lower time frames, and faint signs of strength on long timeframes, is not quite enough to make it interesting again -- yet. Still playing the bottom-finding game.

Bitcoin Re-Enters Consolidation Chop Zone After Rejection - Price Analysis

Bitcoin was rejected handily and neatly at the top of its no familiar consolidation range. A likely leg back down to support is probably on order - unless some black swan volume can come out of nowhere and effect a dramatic reversal.

Bitcoin Pumps to Top of Consolidation Range, And to a Breakout Scenario - Price Analysis

Bitcoin is now in contact with the top of its consolidation range near $11,000. We have the potential for a break up out of this range, or a break down back into it for more consolidation. Being just the start of the process, there is not much info to tell us what to expect.

Bitcoin Still Deciding, Altcoins Still Under Water: Price Analysis

Bitcoin is in a consolidation, tending to look like a bearish descending triangle. Altcoins are still almost universally downtrending, and bottoms are not found on them even if hints of strength are.

75% of Bitcoin Holders Are in Profit According to IntoTheBlock

A collection of analytics from crypto data firm IntoTheBlock cast both Bitcoin and Ethereum in a bearish light. Citing growing concentration of wealth, falling network participation and HODLing, and falling overall investor profit in the short term, their indicators are flashing a hint of red. 

Is RavenCoin Ready for a Comeback? - Price Analysis

RavenCoin is approaching the bottom of its chart, where it has launched from before. Some promising technical indicators may show some strength growing. With the altcoin market battered, pretty much no coin has buyers coming in. But this will likely change someday - perhaps soon.

Bitcoin Approaches Sell Area at $11k After Strong Reversal - Price Analysis

Several legs up after a Bitcoin bounce from the low 9s, and we’re back well above $10,000. There has been decent performance on the indicators, although they are not perfectly clear on whether there is any steam left (surprise). At any rate, Bitcoin remains in consolidation on the longer term.

Ethereum Slides Against BTC No Matter What It Does - Price Analysis

Ethereum dumps no matter what Bitcoin does! The leading altcoin gives up another potential support level, in its quest to find a bottom. How much lower can it go before RIP? 50%, that’s how much.

Bitcoin Regains Lost Support After Rebounding Hard - Price Analysis

Bitcoin has reversed course again at a three-times (at least) tested support area, and regained a lost uptrend line. It seems to want to continue in its consolidation, which has been going on for a couple of months now and may be reaching a climax soon-ish.

Litecoin at End of Clear Breakout Pattern, as Volume Drops Off - Price Analysis

Litecoin’s BTC pairing is shrinking into the bottom of a falling wedge pattern, and has a bull divergence on low timeframes. We look at breakout potential here, as well as the monthly and weekly closes.

A Small Bounce After Breakdown, as Bitcoin Closes Week+Month - Price Analysis

Bitcoin gets a small relief rally after last week’s breakdown, but it is likely just a small correction to the upside before again pointing down. As we get closer to the lost structure, this theory is subject to change.

Bitcoin Downside Held at Support, For Now - Price Analysis

Bitcoin has had only one leg down since breaking down from a consolidation pattern yesterday. Price is stable on a support zone, but the start of a new short term downtrend seems more likely than not - unless things change soon.

Chainlink Likely to Continue Downtrend for a While - Price Analysis

After a parabolic H1 for the prominent altcoin, Chainlink is in the middle of a sobering period of retracement. Although trending above strong support, there is no reason to think the downtrend will end any time soon.

Ether Dumps With Bitcoin, Falls Over 10% - Price Analysis

Often trading opposite Bitcoin, this time Ethereum dumped along with the leading crypto -- even on its BTC pairing. This has resulted double digit loss for the leading altcoin, and a worrying prospect at a time when ether looked set to recover.

Volatility Returns as Bitcoin Breaks to Downside - Price Analysis

Bitcoin has broken ranks at a very predictable point, and broken to the downside. It has left the limits of an important uptrend, and a short term downtrend at least seems likely. A relief rally should come soon, which should give us more info about the new movement.

BNB Retrace Progressing Nicely, A Bottom Seems Foreseeable - Price Analysis

BNB price action is behaving quite well, respecting a predictable trading structure. Although all trends remain down here, we can see the inklings of a long term reversal, even if the short term is fairly boring.

Bitcoin Trading In $300 Range as Trend Evaporates, Breakout Likely Soon - Price Analysis

Bitcoin looks poised to move very soon. A break up would keep it in a mostly sideways consolidation pattern; but a break down would see it leave an important uptrend level and perhaps threaten the general 2019 uptrend. There is very little to go on.

Huobi Token Could Stay Bullish, If It Holds Next Support - Price Analysis

The Huboi Token is forming a really simple trading pattern on on a huge timeframe, which may continue to pan out throughout 2019. There are some hickups on smaller timeframes, but if HT can gather some support in the coming weeks, it could preserve

Ether Showing Weakness At The Bottom After Breakout Attempt Fizzles - Price Analysis

Ether fails to break up on BTC chart, with no buy support. The altcoin is now threatening to retest local lows for the third time, even as a major ETH/USD uptrend has likely been lost.

Volume Starting to Move, As Bitcoin Still Struggles to Leave $10k - Price Analysis

Some volume has come in for Bitcoin, as buyers try to keep the crypto safely in a consolidation pattern. But nothing like confirmation of the movement has yet come in. More is needed to secure this position.

Calm Before Storm as Bitcoin Wedged Into Apex - Price Analysis

Bitcoin looks poised to break out one way or the other, as the weekly candle close looms. We review some key levels watch both on the upside and downside in order to be prepared for either outcome.

Bitcoin Retesting $10k, Threatening to Break Important Uptrend - Price Analysis

Bitcoin is crowding the bottom of a consolidation pattern near $10k, and could easily break it by the time this article goes out. A trip to $8k looks likely if we can’t hold here. It will be a tense weekend for the leading crypto.

BTC Consolidation, OKB Impresses, Altcoins Still Looking for Bottom - Long Term Price Analysis

In this OKEx sponsored piece, we take a medium-long view of Bitcoin, high-cap altcoins, and OKB. Bitcoin is still deciding which pattern it belongs to, as volume consolidates ever more. Is accumulation on the local lows over? Some healthy indicators suggest a cautious yes.

Ethereum Classic Surges on Atlantis Hard Fork Announcement - Price Analysis

Some apparently positive news regarding ETC’s development has been a fillip for its price, and we’ve seen a 50% pop in the last few days against BTC. Overbought conditions suggest a retrace now, but another trade could be in the works soon.

BCH Looking Strong on Bitcoin Pairing - Price Analysis

Things are quiet now with BCH, after a bit of recent volatility has stabilized. The BCH/BTC chart looks good, with strength coming in on high timeframe charts and plenty of bull divergences. The USD chart, however, looks a little iffy.

Bitcoin Again on the Backfoot, Against the $10k Wall - Price Analysis

Bitcoin has to hold again at $10k, or risk dropping out of a consolidation pattern. Volume is low and there’s not much to go on for predictions. Some strength is seen on LTF indicators. The next big support down is below $9k.

Bitcoin Rally Fizzles and Returns Consolidation, A Retest of Lows Looms - Price Analysis

A rejection from $11,000 and considerable selloff have sent Bitcoin back to the bottom of a likely consolidation pattern to try again. Bitcoin must bounce again at $10k or break down.

Bitcoin Looks Solid After Breakout and Retest - Price Analysis

An important Bitcoin breakout yesterday, clear away from $10,000 territory after several days of fighting, seems to be segueing into a nice, small uptrend. A target of at least $11,000 now seems likely, before the question of breakout or rejection.

BNB Looks Poised for Another Leg Down, But Relief May Be In Sight - Price Analysis

The indicators say that a downtrending channel may drag BNB down back into strong support. But the high timeframe indicators look better, with the weekly especially pointing up.

Litecoin Sees Strength on the Indicators, During Trek to Find Bottom - Price Analysis

LTC’s signals look promising, as the silver crypto has been looking for bottom over the past couple of weeks. Flattening price and higher lows on the signal, as well as consolidating volume, paint a picture of eventual reversal.

Ether Tries to Carve a Bottom on Weak Volume - Price Analysis

Although ether looks to be finding a bottom on its BTC pairing, there is no solid indication of any trend reversal yet. And on the USD pairing, ETH is looking weak in its attempt to retake $200. The general picture is weakness, but price could stabilize here.

Bitcoin Breaks Hard Above $10.6k, A New Leg Up in Offing - Price Analysis

Days of battling above $10k are now behind us, and the bulls seem to have emerged solidly ahead. New breakouts above key levels are coming as we go to press, and a new target of $11.2k is likely. A daily close will confirm these movements.

XRP Looking Like Recovery, But Volume Still Lacking - Price Analysis

Some news-driven XRP carnage seems to have been stymied quickly. Steady if weak growth on both short and long term indicators gives us hope that XRP’s endless decline may end soon - but this is pure speculation until more strength is apparent.

Bitcoin Makes Solid Showing Above $10k, First Step Toward Holding - Price Analysis

Bitcoin has made a strong showing to maintain its presence above $10,000, as buyers stepped in yesterday to force a solid daily close. Heavy selling pressure in the last few hours is threatening to take this level out, however. We await an outcome and clarity on the short term trend.

Litecoin At Critical Juncture Before Falling to Historic Lows - Price Analysis

Litecoin is on the precipice of losing a major support level on its BTC pairing. It is also compacted into the final leg of a bullish falling wedge pattern. It’s going to go one way or another, very soon.

Bitcoin Clings to $10k After Blistering Selloff - Price Analysis

Bitcoin has got a strong wave of buying to push the leading crypto back up to $10k -- but will it still? The market leans forward in its seat to try and glean the short term trend, which has been down for the past few days but now has a chance at reversal.

Ether Recovers After Being Dumped for BTC; Too Soon For Bottom Though - Price Analysis

We have been looking for a support base on Ether for some time, after the July capitulation into lows not seen in years versus BTC. And although it is still not possible to say we’ve found it, there are some decent short term uptrends to be exploited.

Bitcoin Retrace Held at Key Levels, Overall Consolidation After $12k Rejection - Price Analysis

Bitcoin is still trying to find strong support after its $12k rejection (and even false breakout). The 55-day EMA / $10,600 look like strong candidates to hold the decline, but only time will tell. Things could get serious if these levels don’t hold

Bitcoin Rejected at $12k After Strong Runup - Price Analysis

Bitcoin has been rejected at $12,000, but it is still unsure if this rejection will stick. There is the chance of a breakout back above the mark, which would be momentum, Otherwise, we consider the retrace back into the structure.

Bitcoin Pump, Alt Suicide, Litecoin Halving and OKEx Token Bucking the Trend - Market Analysis

OKEx proves an exception to the general rule of altcoins capitulating - especially majors - as Bitcoin takes a jab at a breakout. Litecoin’s halving has a nasty historical precedent, and Bitcoin dominance won’t let up.

Bitcoin Breaks $12k, Market Structure - Price Analysis

After a great week of a straight shot from doggedly defended lows at $9,400, Bitcoin has broken $12,000 and the local market structure - or rather, is breaking. More confirmation is needed to solidify this brea

Bitcoin Blasts to Nearly $12k, Closes Week Strong - Price Analysis

A solid weekly close has sent Bitcoin above key levels, and paints an exciting price action picture for the rest of 2019. There are some signs that the crypto will not, however, break out of the current structure.

Bitcoin Retakes Key 2019 Moving Average, Retests $10.6k - Price Analysis

Bitcoin is retaking very important levels, after holding and then leaving behind the key $10,000 mark. Everything looks good, except for a continued lack of volume on the pushes. Without this, it is hard to confirm a full uptrend.

XRP Falls Out of Short Leg Up, Carving A Bottom - Price Analysis

XRP, like many altcoins, is searching for its bottom after death-defying capitulations. It seems to be getting there. Meanwhile, a failed breakout makes XRP a dangerous trade in the short term.

Litecoin Laying a Foundation After Deep Retrace? - Price Analysis

As the halving event looks only days away, Litecoin struggles to find enough volume to put in a bottom - although strength seems to be steadily building. In the shorter term, a trade opportunity may be presenting itself for some easy, if small, gains versus Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Strength Growing at $10k After Modest Buying - Price Analysis

Bitcoin, after a seeming double bottom, has punched back up to $10k and stayed there for a day. If we continue to get solid closes at or above this price, then we might have a reversal on our hands. More confirmation is needed, though, to state this more definitively.

Bitcoin Retests $10k, Rejected For Now - Price Analysis

Bitcoin has popped to $10,000 with some notable strength, after a long and dogged defense of $9.4-5 during the back end of summer. It’s a good start, but more work remains before we can get comfortable at this level.

Bitcoin Dominance and The Case of Altcoins - Market Dominance Analysis

Altcoins are way down, and Bitcoin dominance is way up. It seems due for a bounce, right? Maybe even an alt season? We look at the charts here and discuss a bit of history.

CryptoCompare Releases June Exchange Review

In this iteration of the industry-recognized review of cryptoasset exchanges, we spot the trends in the exchange landscape. Tether has taken a hit, IDEX is strangely burgeoning despite upcoming KYC checks, and Binance continues to dominate.

Ether Is Stable But Bottom May Not Yet Be In - Price Analysis

Ethereum is in an unenviable period of trying to find a bottom, after last month’s “capitulation” into eye-watering lows on the BTC pairing. Here we look for signs of strength that buyers are taking their cue - and we don’t find enough.

Bitcoin Languishes Near $9.5k Third Day, Markets Calm - Price Analysis

Volume, and it seems interest, is dropping in the Bitcoin markets as we head into the final month of summer (for most of us!). Bitcoin is trapped under some key levels and probably has more downside - but bear strength does not seem very strong either.

Bitcoin Treads Water Above $9.5k - Price Analysis

Bitcoin looks to be in a period of correction after the 5x from the 2018 bottom. This correction looks nowhere finished, and $9,500 will probably soon fail to hold the leading crypto: the 8’s and 7’s are a better bet.

Altcoin Strength Continues to Grow Amid Bitcoin Fall

OKEx’s exchange token has blasted off from a double bottom low through key resistance, and leading altcoins Litecoin and Ether are showing promising signs of having bottomed. Bitcoin doesn’t look so great for staying above $10k - unless it breaks out soon.

Ethereum Finally Shows Up - Price Analysis

As it attempts a recovery from its capitulation, Ethereum may finally be showing signs of building support. There are some clear signs on the daily chart to this end, although volume has yet to trickle in.

Bitcoin’s Battle for $10k Rages On, No Winner in Sight - Price Analysis

Bitcoin is in a chop, and it is tough to say much of anything about it, except that it is fighting for life within the area surrounding $10,000. All but expert traders beware.

TRX Tumbles on News of Buffet Lunch Delay - Price Analysis

Already weak looking TRX has taken another kick today on the bad news. The popular altcoin is struggling to find a bottom on the BTC pairing, after taking out historic support levels. A few faint signs of building strength are visible on some charts - but nowhere yet confirmed.

Crypto Markets Search for Bottom on Broad Corrections

Most crypto market is in a hangover period. Bitcoin dominance remains high even as the leading crypto struggles to find a bottom to its correction. And while some tiny altcoins have been popping, the big ones are performing badly. We look at the charts to see where these downtrends may end.

Litecoin Breaking Downtrend After Steep Correction - Medium Term Price Analysis

Only a couple weeks away from its block reward halving, Litecoin has broken out of a downtrending price action and chews its way up. It is too early to tell, but the makings of a new uptrend are there.

Bitcoin Bounces Above $10k, Struggling to Retake Key Levels - Short Term Price Analysis

A bounce and strong indicator performance suggest that Bitcoin’s retracement to $9,000 was deep enough, and that an uptrend could perhaps resume. But confirmation has not yet come, as Bitcoin gets snagged in the mid $10’s.

U.S. CFTC Reportedly Investigating BitMEX for Unlawful Derivatives Trading

The CFTC has been investigating the popular BitMEX bitcoin derivatives exchange, for potentially unlawful service offered to U.S. persons. 

Bitcoins Loses $10k After Day of Hope, Gigantic Selling - Short Term Price Analysis

Bitcoin’s loss of the $10,000 level now looks sure, after a brief counter-rally pushed the crypto back into a consolidation zone yesterday. The short term trend now points down, and sub-$9k is more than likely in the coming days.

ETH/BTC Continues Precipitous Fall, Little Support In Sight - Short Term Price Analysis

Ether is in the process of a capitulation, and must now begin the unenviable task of finding support amid a sceptical market. On LTFs, some small support is showing up, but so far this support is weak and not enough.

Bitcoin Holds at $10k Against the Odds - Short Term Price Analysis

Bitcoin has pulled another trick from its sleeve - but additional support needs to come in and buttress the fragile toehold. If the leading crypto can manage to close the day above $11,000, it may remain in its consolidation zone.

After ‘Capitulation’, Some ETH Support Trickles In - Short Term Price Analysis

Ethereum has had some real trouble lately, after entering price territory not seen in over two years. The leading altcoin is in a sort of negative price discovery, as it tries to find some support amid new lows.

Important Bitcoin Support Lost, More Downside Likely - Short Term Price Analysis

What had been a consolidation pattern looks to have been lost for Bitcoin, at time of writing. Some faint signs of strength at $10k are the very last stand between what are likely sub-$9k levels of retracement. We cover mostly short term, but also weekly candle close.

Bitcoin Dumps Again, Where Will It Find Support? - Medium Term Price Analysis

Bitcoin gets to the bottom of a local market structure, but has not yet breached key levels - although it is at time of writing exactly in the danger zone. If it breaks, just under $9,000 is the strongest support in the medium term.

As Binance Celebrates Two Years, BNB May Soon Return to Uptrend - Long Term Price Analysis

BNB/BTC has been downtrending for a couple of months after achieving blistering all-time-highs. As Binance turns two, we look for signs that the correction may have found a bottom.

Feeble Push to $12k Rejected; More Downside Coming? - Bitcoin Short Term Price Analysis

Bitcoin’s price action is losing volatility in what is probably a period of consolidation. Oscillation between $13-11,000 is basically the name of the game right now, with some extensions beyond those points. For now, $10,800 seems like the bottom of any further downside action.

Chainlink Has Retraced 40%; Can It Get Another 2x? - Long Term Price Analysis

Fast becoming one of the most popular cryptos, Chainlink has retraced 40% from its recent high on the BTC chart. Where do we sit now? Does Chainlink have more fuel in the tank? The indicators seem stable enough to support - but we should wait at least two weeks to really see.

Bitcoin Finds Support at $11k, Can It Hold? - Medium Term Price Analysis

Bitcoin has bounced at the critical $11,000 centerline of the local market structure; but volume is not coming in for a follow up. We me range and consolidate here - but this is no bad thing in the medium and long term.

Ether Indicators Even Out, Ready for a Bounce? - Short Term Price Analysis

After what some have called Ethereun’s ‘capitulation’, signs of buying have begun to show up on the BTC pairing. Are we do for a bounce - and if so to what end?

Ethereum Divebombs to 2+ Year Lows Against BTC - Price Analysis

Ethereum, always a proxy for the general altcoin markets, is collapsing on the ETH/BTC chart -- and along with a hefty dip in Bitcoin price itself, Ether’s USD price is also taking a shellacking

Bitcoin Rejected Hard from $13k, Drops 15% - Short Term Price Analysis

Bitcoin is currently pointing down on low timeframes - but when do we worry about damage to longer timeframe uptrends? We cover it here.

Demand for Crypto Jobs on the Rise: TeQatlas Report

The Defi networking outfit TeQatlas has found a growing demand for crypto-related jobs, especially for software engineers of various kind. Demand is strong from tech companies, but also from the ‘Big Four’ accountancy firms. London is the center of the world for crypto jobs, at the moment.

Altcoin to Bitcoin Pairings Threaten to Set New Lows

The cryptoasset markets are continuing to look frothy and quite bullish in both short and long term timeframes. In this long term market and price analysis, we will discuss the fortunes of OKEx’s OKB token and other top cryptoassets.

Bitcoin Ambivalent at $13k, Will It Break Strong? - Short Term Price Analysis

As Bitcoin hovers around $13k, it occupies a dangerously bearish pattern and aspect. But when we zoom out a bit, things look a lot better. Will the medium timeframe win out over bearish small timeframes?

Bitcoin Closes Week Strong, Breaks Again to $12k - Short Term Price Analysis

Bitcoin has closed out its weekly candle with some solid technical indicator performance - and following Ethereum, has broken out and up again - dashing for $12k. Will this level hold?

Ethereum Breaks Two Consolidation Patterns, What Now? - Short Term Price Analysis

Ethereum has closed out the week with a breakout, visible on both its charts. Things are looking good, and have the chance to look even better as the week proceeds. We cover it here.

Komodo Climbs 40% On AtomicDEX Beta Launch

KMD bumps hard on mobile DEX news: atomicDEX, a mobile-focused atomic swap platform, is open for beta testers to apply. Komodo is a ZCash based private blockchain, aimed at facilitating transactions between blockchains.

Ethereum Steady, But Few Signs of Life Yet - Short Term Price Analysis

Ether is carefully placed in breakout patterns on both USD and BTC pairings. Cautious strength is building, but not enough to get ETH beyond some critical points.

Bitcoin Consolidates Amid Choppy Structure - Short Term Price Analysis

As Bitcoin trends within $10-12k, it flirts with the trendlines of a symmetrical triangle consolidation. We consider the reasoning behind this theory.

Is ETH Turning A Corner? - Medium Term Price Analysis

Ethereum is showing strength on both BTC and USD pairings - but the leading altcoin remains vulnerable to Bitcoin’s whims. We cover here the faintly encouraging picture developing.

Litecoin Is Quiet Lately, Is It Gathering Strength for More Action? - Long Term Price Analysis

The silver crypto has had a fantastic year, with more than 500% gains versus USD. Recently it has pulled, but the August halving and an overall uptrend paint a hopeful picture for the rest of 2019. We discuss it here.

Bitcoin Repulsed at $12K, Sent Down - Short Term Price Analysis

$12k is out of the question, for now. Bitcoin’s price action could rapidly turn into a fight to stay above $10k, as the leading crypto is kicked back down into its retracement zone -- still correcting from the $14k runup. We outline some zones to watch here.

XRP ‘Where-Is-The-Bottom?’ Edition - Medium Term Price Analysis

XRP heads into some very old price territory on the BTC chart, after level after level has given way during the Bitcoin bull. Where can price be held? We look far into the past to find out.

After Throttling, Make-or-Break Week For ETH - Medium Term Price Analysis

As the main weathervane of the altcoin market, Ethereum (ETH) has represented the general throttling that altcoins have gone through recently: as Bitcoin (BTC) has whipsawed from one end of the chart to the other, ETH has been thrashed in the opposite direction.

Bitcoin Retests $12k, Gathering Strength Just Below - Short Term Price Analysis

Bitcoin is again breaking out, and has already successfully retested the breakout zone. If the current zone holds, it may lay in a base for retaking the final resistance zones before the local top of $14,000.

A Sub-$9,000 CME Gap Haunts Bitcoin, Even Amid $10k Bounce

An historical tendency for so-called “gaps” in the price of Bitcoin futures, on the CME exchange, to fill invites concern for the lone unfilled one below $9,000. We briefly cover what gaps are, what Bitcoin’s history with unfilled gaps on the CME.

BTC Bounces Hard Off $10k: Is The Dip Over? - Short Term Price Analysis

Bitcoin seems to be shaking off its short term, corrective downtrend already, after a 30% dip. Will trend reverse here and continue with a grand bull market? We look at the levels.

Vitalik Delves Into Transaction Stats: More TX Not Necessarily Better

A friendly chat on crypto twitter has elucidated the recent uptick in Ethereum transaction volume - that is, the amount of transactions on the blockchain itself, rather than the amount of Ether currency sent over the chain. Vitalik himself weighed in on the matter.

BTC in the Thick of First Correction of 2019, Dips Below $10k - Short Term Price Analysis

Bitcoin has briefly fallen below $10,000, with only aggressive buying keeping the crypto above that key level. Will it hold? A bounce seems likely due to the technical indicators - but a short term downtrend seems to be in play.

If Bitcoin Tops Out, Whither Altcoins? - Market Dominance Analysis

Altcoins have taken a back seat during the past two months, of blistering and surprising Bitcoin gains. Now with Bitcoin looking to take some time off from nuking the market - whither altcoins?

Bitcoin Ends the Month Looking Topped Out: Where is the BTC Price Going From Here?

Bitcoin looks toppy; but will it roll over? And if so, how far will it go down? This is a full long term price analysis.

BTC Rolling Over As Weekly+Monthly Close Looms - Medium Term Price Analysis

Bitcoin looks to be giving way after astonishing gains up to $14,000 last week. After a drop below a key support level, the leading crypto will have plenty of work to do if it wants to continue up, now, without a correction. Meanwhile, the weekly month candle closes will give us cause to reflect -- and plan.

P2P Crypto Exchange Bisq Sees Record Volume After LocalBitcoins' Crackdowns

The Bisq P2P exchange, which is a non-centralized and user-operated P2P crypto trading platform, has seen its highest volume ever lately. This comes in the wake of the industry’s P2P ‘OG’, LocalBitcoins, enacting tighter restrictions on trading including a ban on in-person cash-crypto trading.

ETH/BTC Beaten Down, Will It Bounce? Ethereum Medium Term Price Analysis

Ethereum’s price should stay above $295 if it wants to stay bullish. But it’s up to the ETH/BTC chart to make that happen. And stuck in a critical support, Ether needs a bounce - will it get it?

Bitcoin Bounces After Selloff, What Can We Expect? - Short Term Price Analysis

As the weekly and monthly candle closes loom, Bitcoin has begun to correct and counter-correct from its new local highs. Is the astonishing bull run over, and if so for how long?

Bitcoin Retracement Engaged: Where Will It End? - Short Term Price Analysis

Bitcoin seems to be on the path toward retracement, after running up to nearly $14,000 per bitcoin - near all-time-high prices for the leading crypto. Will this retracement stick, and where might it terminate if it does?

Litecoin Price Tottering at Support After Plummeting During BTC Run - Short Term Price Analysis

On both BTC and USD trading pairs, Litecoin needs some support to step in and save market structure. Confirmation of support could save it for renewed uptrend; capitulation here would break market structure on both charts.

Is Ethereum Ready to Follow Bitcoin Up? - Medium Term Price Analysis

Although performing decently on the ETH/USD side, Ethereum has been heavily sold off for Bitcoin along with the rest of the alt market. Are things about to change?

Bitcoin Grazes $13k, Almost No Resistance Remains - Short Term Price Analysis

As Bitcoin taps $13,000, one of the few remaining price resistances looms just a few hundred dollars above. Will we get there? Where will the bull run end?

Bitcoin Creeps to $11,400 But Held There, For Now - Short Term Price Analysis

Bitcoin has had another small breakout to the upside - but at time of writing seems unable to follow up and test a very important historical resistance.

XRP: Tale of Two Charts: Medium Term Price Analysis

XRP/BTC looks like the end of the world, whereas XRP/USD has a hopeful outlook. Which chart is more helpful?

Bitcoin Uptrend Approaches Critical Historical Resistance: Short Term Analysis

Bitcoin is approaching a soft resistance at $11,000, and then a much more important one starting at $11,500. Is the astonishing rally into 5 digits over?

Bitcoin Trading at $600 Premium in India as Potential Ban Looms

A generally hostile atmosphere from a panoply of Indian government ministries has made it hard to buy and sell crypto in the country. But according to price figures on the country’s only rupee-friendly exchange, bitcoin trades at a huge premium.

Is ETH Gathering Strength? - Medium Term Price Analysis

ETH/BTC has been thrashed of late during Bitcoin’s pumps - but rising RSI strength suggest that it may be time for a change.

Bitcoin Crosses $10,000 For First Time in Over Year

Bitcoin has regained a price level not seen since March of 2018. Some think that the leading crypto is destined to continue up to new all-time-highs within a matter of months. Bitcoin dominance of market cap is approaching a critical level.

Bitmain to Try U.S. IPO After Hong Kong Rejection

Bitmain to file for IPO in the US, after Hong Kong application lapses. The SEC filing should come next month, for between a $300-500 million raise.  

Bitcoin Moving Sideways Amid Libra Attention - Short Term Price Analysis

Bitcoin could be forming an auspicious consolidation pattern, signalling a satisfying run to $10k - right under the nose of Facebook’s release of more Libra information.

QuadrigaCX Co-Founder Traded Away Users’ Funds as Sole Operational Director: Report

Further details emerge on the QuadrigaCX case, with Ernst and Young claiming that co-founder Gerald Cotton absconded with hundreds of millions of dollars worth of users’ funds over the course of three years - and lost much of it trading poorly on competing exchanges.

Bitcoin in the Chop But Steady Amid Libra Chaos: Long Term Price Analysis

Bitcoin has held its near-$10k levels remarkably well. At the same time, Bitcoin dominance has begun to ebb slightly lower. Will Bitcoin hit $10k? Will alts start to shine? In this sponsored long-term price analysis, we cover it all.

VanEck Subsidiary MVIS and Crescent Crypto Launch Three New Indices

Frankfurt-based MVIS, or MV Index Solutions, in partnership with CryptoCompare, has yesterday (June 18) added three new price indices to their already extensive list of digital asset indices. 

Facebook Crypto ‘One of Most Important’ Initiatives in Company’s History: RBC Capital

On the eve of Facebook’s expected release of the GlobalCoin whitepaper, institutional investors seem optimistic about the private, stablecoin crypto. Owing to Facebook’s size, the new crypto is love-or-hate; but clearly it cannot be ignored.

Bitcoin Price Closes Week Up, Looks Solid for More Upside - Short Term Price Analysis

Bitcoin’s weekly candle has closed well, and signals to the market a certain level of confidence to stay long - although shorts are understandably building, as traders eye what is very possibly the top of the H1 uptrend for Bitcoin.

Circle Pay to Shutter Doors, in Wake of Poloniex Troubles and Circle Layoffs

The institutionally-backed fintech outfit Circle will shut down their Circle Pay payment service. The move comes after the “socialized” losses at Poloniex, and the layoffs of 10% of Circle’s modest staff of around 300. Lack of clear U.S. crypto regulation has hit the companyin 2018-19.

Bitcoin Tickles $9,400 - Enough Steam for $10k? Short Term Price Analysis

Bitcoin looks on track to take $10k, after another eyewatering rally that almost nobody predicted. The imminent daily and weekly closes will signal the leading crypto’s direction from here.

BittrexUS ‘Geofencing’ a Total of 74 Tokens During June

Bittrex have announced their second tranche of delisted ERC-20 tokens from their US portal, but not for the international portal. Regulation is probably behind the move, and the announcement comes right after Binance’s identical action.

ETH Takes a Beating, but Solid Amid BTC Pumps - Medium Term Price Analysis

ETH has not had the same sort of shocking price pumps as BTC and LTC - but it remains solid at a strong support and is unlikely to give way. Is this a good time to stock up?

Bitcoin Heading to $10,000? - Medium Term Price Analysis

The bears are truly fading, as Bitcoin makes leap after leap above key levels - and appears to even be laying the foundations of a continuation of the uptrend.

Publicly Funded Crypto Exchanges Are Better Quality According to New Report

According to a new report from CryptoCompare, publicly funded exchanges tend to be better exchanges, whereas privately funded ones tend to rate poorer on an extensive series of metrics.e

Bitcoin Price Cracks $8,400, But Can It Continue Toward $9k Region?

Truly against all the odds, Bitcoin has broken a critical resistance level in the local market structure and looks poised to take more gains -- but a complete fakeout is still not off the table.

Chainlink Pumps 70% After Featuring on Google Development Blog

Chainlink gained over 70% in an hour last night (June 13), after a Google development blog discussed how it could be integrated into one of its server products. Chainlink is an Ethereum-based oracle system for Ethereum smart contracts.

Binance Announces U.S.-Only Platform, Current U.S. Users Booted Within 90 Days

Binance to block U.S. users from its global exchange within 90 days, but a new U.S.-only exchange has been announced in partnership with the unknown BAM Trading Services. Regulatory compliance is strongly hinted at the reason behind the separate moves.

Lightning ‘Watchtowers’ to Go Up Soon, Adding Fraud Security to Network

A new method, long talked about, to prevent fraud on the second-level Bitcoin Lightning Network will go live for the next update. These so-called “Watchtowers” will encrypt all transactions and check final broadcasts to the main Bitcoin chain for foul play.

ETH Flirts With Critical $250 Line, Short-Term Price Analysis

Ethereum is looking interesting here, as a bit of strength could propel the second crypto past the critical $250 level. 

Liquid Exchange to Offer First Public Telegram GRAM Sale in July

Japan-based Liquid will host the first public sale of Telegram’s highly sought GRAM tokens, in partnership with large private holder Gram Asia. Although the sale will be offered in July, the tokens will not start dropping to users’ wallets until October of this year.

ETH Retakes Key Level Ahead of BTC Pump - Short-Term Price Analysis

Ethereum is holding strong in a clear market structure, after briefly threatening to lose it yesterday. This structure anticipates a strong movement within the next week or so.

Bitcoin Medium-Term Price Price Analysis, Market Choppy in $7.5-8k Range

Just when it seemed that a new period of correction and downtrending was assured, Bitcoin (BTC) has has repeated last week’s performance almost to the letter, as buyers today stepped in to pump the leading crypto from $7,700 to almost $8,100 in little more than an hour. Where is the leading crypto headed next?

Bitcoin Short-Term Price Analysis: BTC Still Contained at $8k

Bitcoin has for a few days been fighting to get and stay above what many see as the critical $8k price range. Yesterday’s daily candle closed below the mark, and Bitcoin looks weak although it is holding in a general sideways direction.

ETH Short-Term Price Analysis: Pressure Building Toward Movement

Ethereum price is looking somewhat precarious, after being mostly left in the dust in recent weeks. It has been stuck near $245 for some time, but the ETH/BTC chart suggests movement very soon - and the ETH/USD chart looks weak.

Litecoin Medium-Term Price Analysis: LTC Breaks Out Again

Litecoin has another small breakout into new consolidation. The silver to Bitcoin’s gold is looking ever stronger these days, as its halving event closes in on the sub 2-month mark.

Bitcoin Short-Term Price Analysis, Fight for $8,000 Overnight

It seems BTC has reached a sort of make-or-break moment, with respect to hanging on to $8k. We outline the parameters of this fight here.

Poloniex to ‘Socialize’ CLAM Losses of Over $14 Million

After coming up with a $14 million bookkeeping shortfall in the $CLAM fiasco, Poloniex will distribute losses among a small subset of their users, they have announced. The disaster resulted from easily movable prices of an obscure altcoin, combined with using the same altcoin as an underlying collateral.

Litecoin Price Leads Bitcoin With Own Breakout, Medium Term Analysis

Litecoin has broken out of one consolidation pattern, and looks poised to break out of another sometime soon. The silver-crypto slightly led Bitcoin’s shocking rally yesterday, and may even have given the market confidence enough to push a Bitcoin counter-rally.

Bitcoin Price Retests $8,000 Mark After Incredible Reversal

Bitcoin has tested $8k on the way back up, after a shocking reversal that was looking like the beginning of a serious retrace. Massive buying support stepped in to stop this capitulation in its tracks.

Short-Term XRP Market Analysis: Must Hold Uptrend

XRP is consolidating on two different charts, and things would be optimistic - if not for the threat of a Bitcoin movement to gum up the works.

Bitcoin Price Struggles to Hold Near $8k After Trend Break

Bitcoin may have one more shot to hold $8k, but a retrace seems waiting in the wings. A daily candle close above $8.1k would keep Bitcoin out of the danger zone. Willy Woo has concerns about inorganic buying.

Litecoin Price Falls but Stable Against BTC

Litecoin’s price is dropping in fiat prices, even as the crypto looks very stable versus its Bitcoin trading pair. A perfect consolidation is evident on the latter chart, suggesting that Litecoin is happy to wait for Bitcoin to decide how far it wants to retrace.

Ethereum Price A Mixed Bag As Bitcoin Heads Down

Ether looks okay trading against BTC, not as good against USD, as Bitcoin finally seems to roll over its uptrend. The altcoin space is usually signaled by ETH, and so we wait for a direction for this critical crypto.

Crypto Markets Surge 70% in May, Where are the Markets Headed Next?

As we step into the summer months, which are sometimes considered slow for investing, we can see that May was an even better month for the crypto markets than April.

XRP Long-Term Price Analysis, Possible Breakout in Sight

With Bitcoin beginning to pull back from its astonishing mini bull run, altcoins like XRP can start sharing the spotlight. XRP looks to be heading for a breakout on both BTC and USD pairings after showing major support in May.

Bitcoin Price Finally Breaks Uptrend, Drops Nearly 10%

As a month-long uptrend finally breaks, analysts now consider how far Bitcoin might retrace. 

The New Crypto Bull Market: IEOs and the End of the “Crypto Winter”

“Crypto” is back. This is the sentiment from both those within the crypto community and without as Bitcoin and leading altcoins have seen their prices soar, whats behind the rally and what is the new IEO trend?

Crypto Markets Need Bitcoin Breather, Ready to Run

The crypto markets have almost certainly turned a corner in the last couple of weeks, and put an end to the crypto winter of 2018-19.

Bitcoin Price Retrace Looms After Sharp Correction

Bitcoin finally rolls over, and a huge dump is rebought up to $7k. But a deeper retrace seems possible -- we look at how far it might go.

The Conundrum of Crypto Leverage and “Clawbacks”: How OKEx is Innovating a New Approach

Anyone reading this article will likely already be a fan of trading cryptoassets, and therefore will know that it is risky.

Modest Gains for Ethereum Price, But Eclipsed by BTC’s Run

Ethereum has done well riding the coattails of Bitcoin’s unbelievable mini-bull run, as have most large altcoins - but not that well. Leading alts are being overshadowed by Bitcoin, with the latter sucking all the air out of the market.

Bitcoin Price Explodes to $7.6k As Shorts Get Squeezed Out

With Bitcoin’s price action going vertical, shortsellers are already being squeezed out of their positions. Shorts still outnumber longs, though -- which could translate to even more rocket fuel.

Bitcoin Price Pumps and Holds at $6.3K

BTC refuses to budge from its newly claimed seat just under $6,300. Bulls want the leading crypto to stay here, wedged into the critical support/resistance zone from 2018.

Bitcoin Price Reaches $6.1k, Market Waits for Next Move

Pump after pump has propelled the price of Bitcoin to very near $6,100 on all USD exchanges, topping two and a half months of exceptional gains. The question now is, of course, will the rally continue in the short to medium term?

Bitcoin Taproot BIP Could Be A Privacy Game-Changer

After years of consideration and conceptual development, a suite of new privacy and efficiency upgrades to Bitcoin has been officially proposed by key Bitcoin Core developers. Full implementation of Taproot could result in almost complete obfuscation of Bitcoin transaction types, making any number of different kinds of transactions look exactly the same to external observers

Bitcoin Price Steady, Holding New YTD Highs

Bitcoin is holding a slightly uptrending channel - but mostly ranging sideways - following days of contentious breakouts up and down, unable to make up its mind within strong historical resistance.

Bitcoin Price Reaches $5.8K, Closes at New Year-to-Date High

Bitcoin has again exceeded analysts’ expectations and taken another leg up, adding more green onto an already fantastic 2019. A number of long term observations speak to Bitcoin’s strength.

A Review of OKEx: Crypto Spot and Derivatives Trading in One Place

Amid the crowded field of cryptoasset exchanges, one of the most exciting and ascending platforms is OKEx.

Ethereum Price Defended at Critical Level

ETH price is being defended at the (very) critical $156-ish point, after falling below it for a few days on the recent Bitfinex/Tether news.

Bitcoin Price Set to Range in Safe Channel

Bitcoin looks set for a season of ranging, after breaking out of a small and dangerous consolidation zone into safe territory. The steady chop may shift the spotlight to altcoins.

Bitfinex and Tether Premium Strike Again Following Allegations of $850m "Cover-up"

The Tether premia are back, as cryptos trading against USDT are trading far above their real fiat, or even other stablecoin pairings. The recent news surrounding Tether and Bitfinex have once again sent the markets into an uncoordinated disarray.

Show Me The Liquidity! Crypto Research Group Searches for Quality Exchange Metrics

Crypto Integrity, an independent crypto research group that is gaining traction lately in the industry, recently released an analysis of exchange liquidity. 

Bitcoin Price Looking to Break Out Soon

Bitcoin looks set to leave a symmetrical triangle consolidation, looking rather more bearish than bullish in the short term. The long term trend, however, is not presently in jeopardy.

Ethereum Price Struggles to Retake $156 Following Black Swan

Ethereum is snagged at $156 after a blustering dump, on the heels of fresh Bitfinex/Tether FUD. Every moment that Eth is unable to retake its previous structures has the leading altcoin looking bearish -- along with the rest of the market.

Bitcoin Flash-Crashes on Kraken Exchange Well Before Tether News

Bitcoin flash-crashed on one of the industry’s most prominent and trusted cryptoasset exchanges, Kraken -- well before news broke of the New York OAG’s allegations regarding Bitfinex and Tether.

Is Bitcoin’s Price Recovery Ahead of the Halving a Reason to Accumulate?

After an exceptional month, Bitcoin’s price seems northbound. Many say the bear market is definitely over, and this becomes harder to deny with each price pump and each broken resistance level. In this article, we try to answer the question: Is it safe to start accumulating Bitcoin now?

Ether Price Holding After Breaking Structure on BTC Pair

Ether price dives down, breaking market structure on the BTC pair, while USD pair holds at structure bottom. Crypto markets straining after recent gains, as Bitcoin retests supports.

Double Break Out of Bitcoin Price Upon ‘Golden Cross’!

Bitcoin has broken out of its consolidation pattern, climbing to over $5,600 on some exchanges. Strength is high, which could translate into further positive movements in the coming hours.

Ethereum Price Grinds Slowly Up, Approaching First of Two Important Levels

Ethereum still looks more bullish than bearish overall, especially on the USD chart. The BTC chart remains tepid, and a slow grind seems likely to continue vaguely upward. A new Bitcoin breakout would accelerate this slow process.

Ethereum Price Grinding Up – Prospects Look Better on USD Pairing

Ethereum price action is in a grind, with the trends on the large and small timeframes pointing up. Things look hopeful (moreso on the USD pairing), but ETH still has to prove itself in the coming days, and retest recent highs.

Bitcoin Price Looks Bullish on Large Trend, Consolidating for Now

Bitcoin price action remains comfortable above $5K - a very encouraging sign. A rejection at the top of the market structure has sent the crypto down for another few days, at least, of consolidating sideways and perhaps slightly upward.

Unregulated Crypto Derivatives Exchanges Dominate Regulated Alternatives

Cryptocurrency-only exchanges, such as OKEx and BitMEX, continue to process far more derivatives-futures trading volume of Bitcoin products than their registered, and more regulated counterparts. Still, there is some interest on the regulated exchanges - especially after this month’s gains.

Bitcoin Price Secured Above $5,000, Begins Sideways Consolidation

Bitcoin left the danger zone near $5,000 yesterday, with a very strong bounce through recent resistance areas. A lower high, however, has signaled a short period of consolidation, as the crypto looks set to gather steam for an eventual departure from the local structure.

Weak Bitcoin Price Trend, Stuck On Last Week’s Resistance

Bitcoin’s price action has been tepid in recent days, as Bitcoin’s resilience at $5,000 has not translated into strong move up. The short term trend now is vaguely up but mostly sideways, as a resistance zone from last week holds a lid over the crypto.

Binance Delists Bitcoin Satoshi's Vision (BSV) Following Craig Wright Drama

In a dramatic move, leading cryptoasset exchange Binance announced today that it will delist Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision (BSV).

Ethereum Price to Move Soon After Holding Steady: MACD Indicator

After failing many expectations to follow Bitcoin and other large altcoins in a massive breakout, Ethereum has ranging sideways after (like Bitcoin) a very modest correction. A key daily indicator, however, signals the likelihood of some movement today or tomorrow for the #2 crypto.

Bitcoin Price Correction Hangs in Midair at $5,000, Entering Weekend

Bitcoin holds $5,000, putting a swift hold on the corrective momentum after its recent reversal. The weekend, often more volatile than weekdays, will probably decide if BTC can remain above $5k - or have a steeper correction.

Crypto-Lawyers Aren't Impressed With the Token Taxonomy Act

A proposed change to the Securities Act of 1933, which has been a bugbear for the cryptoasset industry, has met with the ire of lawyers working in the industry. Far from improving regulatory clarity, some insiders say the changes could make things even worse.

New Indicators Search for ‘Fair’ BTC Value

Willy Woo is at it again, adding some new metrics to his already bursting stable of squiggly Bitcoin lines. A new measurement of bitcoins’ ages, combined with an older one of an improved market capitalization, take a crack at guesstimating a ‘fair valuation.’

New Trend Emerges for Bitcoin Price; All Eyes on the Retrace After Rejection

Bitcoin has been rejected at its new local top, which was only recently established after the game-changing April 2 breakout. A new market structure is now fully formed, with tops and bottoms, supports and moving averages all speaking their minds.

Bitcoin Price Breaks Out, Then Fakes Out - Markets Throttled

Bitcoin seemed to break out on 11 April after more than a week of uptrending - but quickly reversed course in a classic fakeout. The market was thrown a curveball, and stands again waiting for a decision.

Bitcoin Price Squeezed Into Indecision at $5.2k - Breakout or Correction?

The leading crypto is squeezing into another decision point, after the short term trend has diminished. An ascending triangle stance against the lack of a decent correction, after last week’s huge breakout.

Ethereum Longs Outnumber Shorts by 7x, ETH Slowly Grinds Up

As Ethereum gets bogged down amid high expectations, long futures contracts on the Bitfinex exchange drastically outnumber the shorts. Seen on the weekly ETH/USD chart, key levels have already been broken - which may explain the bullish sentiment.

Binance Coin (BNB) Proves Best Cryptoasset of the Year - Can It Keep Going?

Binance Coin, and the Binance group of exchanges in general, have flourished in 2018 into some of the largest institutions in the cryptoasset industry. In this piece, we take a look at where the BNB asset

Bitcoin Price Defending All Its Gains - But a Decision Point Looming?

Bitcoin has given back almost none of the gains that it dramatically took on 2 and 3 April after an historic breakout. It has mostly continued to doggedly trend up, with diminishing volatility - but a confluence of three indicators may indicate a more dramatic move this weekend.

Bitcoin Price Takes a Needed Breather; Two Indicators to Define the New Market

The price of Bitcoin sharply corrected late last night (UTC), after what has been an historic breakout and rally in early April. Corrections are to be expected and there is no cause for concern yet.

Bitcoin Price Sustains Breakout Overnight - Time for ‘Risk On’?

After an astoshing breakout on 2 April, Bitcoin has overnight held its levels in more than admirable form. A very high daily close has infused the markets with confidence, and is giving altcoins room to follow the leading crypto in their own rallies.

Bitcoin Price Smashes All Important Levels - Now What?

The price of Bitcoin today exploded out of a key resistance level, causing one of the most impressive rallies in recent memory. Critical levels that were blown away must now be held on any retests, in order to confirm a bullish sentiment.

Bitcoin Price Pulls April Fools Fakeout, Creeps to Top of Range

Bitcoin continues to range at the high points of its local market structure, inviting an eventual correction.

Bitcoin Price Sideways in Another Bull Flag, As April Looms

As March concludes, Bitcoin approaches the top of the regional market cycle. It remains to be seen whether it will break that cycle, correct back down after an impressive run up, or go sideways -- giving alts more room to run.

Bitcoin Price Takes Another Level Up, 200SMA in Striking Distance

Bitcoin has broken out and up again out of a bull flag, and now approaches the limits of the regional market structure. A pullback or correction must be considered soon, although the important 2018 downtrend resistance seems to have been broken - a very bullish sign.

Retail Exchanges Trading Most Volume, As Overall Web Traffic Declines: Report

CryptoCompare’s latest exchange review gives us some insight into the relationship between web traffic and trading volume on exchanges; and shows us that Tether is still the reigning king of stablecoins

Bitcoin Price Holds $4k, Bull Flag Possibly Formed

Bitcoin is holding its price after a dramatic breakout up into an important territory - the yearly downtrend resistance. The formation of a bull flag is entirely possible, as does another move up to retest February highs.

Bitcoin Price Solidly Breaks Important Resistance

Bitcoin has broken into a very important downtrend resistance zone after multiple failed attempts, and is so far holding within this zone. Price is now stalled at the familiar $4k mark as of writing.

Bitcoin Price Unable to Break Downtrend, Falls to Previous Support

Bitcoin local uptrend seems to have stalled, after several failed attempts to move higher - against a rock-hard downtrend - have seen the crypto fall to lower support levels in the past days.

Bitcoin Price Stuck at 2018 Downtrend Resistance

Bitcoin is struggling to leave its current ranging zone, against the force of a year+ downtrend resistance. A breakdown to lower supports - of which there are several - will only mean re-confronting this downtrend within the coming weeks.

Bitcoin Price Falls Back Into Consolidation Zone

After briefly pushing out of its weeklong consolidation zone on yawn-worthy volume, Bitcoin price abruptly crashed all the way back through it and below it - before quickly being bought back up as in past weeks.

Bitcoin Price Pushes Through Key $4k Level & Retests, Holding

Bitcoin has tepidly pushed out of a consolidation pattern that it had been holding for about a week. Less a breakout than a slow grind, BTC is holding at this level and has a key price once in the past hours.

Celer Network (CELR) Sells Out in 17 Mins on Binance Launchpad

Binance have completed the third token sale on their new Launchpad platform, selling $4 million worth of CELR tokens in 17 minutes. 

Bitcoin Price Struggles to Leave $4k Consolidation After Upside Push

Bitcoin remains stuck in a consolidation pattern after another attempt to push up, in what appears to be a bull flag. 

Ethereum Likely to Break Out of Local Consolidation - March 19

Ethereum, along with Bitcoin, is awaiting movement away from a local accumulation zone. Either way, broader market structure is not currently threatened.

Bitcoin Price Looks Set to Leave sub-$4k Consolidation Soon

Bitcoin has held support at about $3,950, but will probably leave its current consolidation soon either up or down. 

SNARKs on SNARKs, ‘A Simple Version of Zcash’ to Speed Up Ethereum

Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin has forecasted a possible, eventual transaction speed of 27,000 tx/second, when the eventual Ethereum 2.0 is combined with Vitalik’s new ‘ZK ZK Rollups’ method, using zk-SNARKs technology.

Schnorr Signature BIP Proposal Could Come Within Two Weeks

Andrew Poelstra, head of research and Blockstream, said in a recent interview that the blockchain research company were nearly ready to submit a formal proposal for Schnorr signatures to be implemented in Bitcoin - which could dramatically improve Bitcoin’s privacy.

Where Is the Bitcoin Price Heading? A Long-Term Summary

In this roundup of Bitcoin price predictions from recent weeks and months, we canvass the community to try and glean if Bitcoin has found a bottom, how long this market cycle will last, and when the market will return to growth. Some of the best theories and methods will be reviewed.

Is France Considering a Ban on Privacy-Centric Cryptocurrencies?

A recent report to the French National Assembly has discussed the issue of privacy currencies, as well as crypto in general. A number of privacy currencies were mentioned by name,

Crypto-Ready Opera Touch Browser Coming to iOS

Opera to launch their “Web 3” ready Opera Touch browser on iOS, with built-in crypto wallet, on the heels of their Android launch. Opera have also been named as the default browser of HTC’s blockchain phone, the Exodus.

Cisco: University Campuses, Utilities Companies Doing Most Crypto Mining

A recent report by Cisco Systems says that half of all mining on its secured Umbrella network - whether malicious or intentional - has been coming from two sectors: College campuses, and utility and energy companies.

Is Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Buying $10,000 Worth of BTC per Week?

Jack Dorsey, CEO of both Twitter and Cash App, intimated during a recent interview that he’s buying plenty of Bitcoin, and that he bought $10,000 worth of the stuff during at least one week. While impossible to know for sure, it seems to be regular.

Bitmain to Deploy 100,000 ASICs to Mine Using Hydropower, in Recovery Bid

Bitmain and former co-CEO Micree Zhan are said to be launching 100,000 Bitmain ASIC miners to Sichuan, to take advantage of the rainy season and its bounty of cheap hydroelectric power - in a bid to help the company recover from staggering 2018 losses.

Chainalysis Issues Statement Amid Coinbase Data-Selling Admissions

The blockchain analytics firm Chainalysis has issued an official letter clarifying their business practices, emphasizing that they are not provided with personal user data from their exchange clients - presumably in response to recent admissions from Coinbase.

Binance Coin (BNB) Leads Market-Wide Pump, Up 20%

Binance Coin, now at the #8 spot per market capitalization rankings, has led a rally in the cryptoasset markets. Bitcoin has held an important uptrend support, and all major cryptos have seen gains in the last hours.

Coinbase Provider Elliptic Distances Itself From Data-Selling Row

Analytics firm Elliptic claim to ‘hold no KYC data whatsoever’ and transaction analyses are ‘used in order to combat financial crime’. The details come as Elliptic distance themselves from Coinbase’s recent media meltdowns associated with Neutrino.

Many Bitcoin Millionaires Still Hodling, Expecting More

Citing an expectation of more gains, and even a ‘religious’ connection with the preeminent crypto, many newly minted Bitcoin millionaires or otherwise wealthy, are still holding on to their stacks - in spite of the withering 2018 punishment.

Anti-Coinbase Sentiment Grows Amid Data Selling Revelations

Coinbase has faced criticism over the weekend after a company official divulged that user data had been regularly sold off to third party analytics firms in the past, in the wake of the Neutrino revelations.

Ripple over Bitcoin: The Stanford Lecture Incident Explained

A Stanford professor, during a guest lecture, has been accused by a student of shortselling the Bitcoin protocol in favor of Ripple, in a ‘high level’ introduction on blockchain and its role in modern finance - all while being a highly placed Ripple board member.

Crypto Companies Reportedly Unable to Set up on ‘Blockchain Island’ Malta

‘Dozens’ of crypto-focused companies have been unable to establish banking relations with Maltese banks, despite the welcoming attitude to blockchain that Matla peddled during 2018. Banks claim that it’s too risky to get involved with cryptocurrencies.

‘About 100’ Failed Payments Via BitPay, Thich KYC/AML at Fault

The CEO of has complained that about 100 payments to his website,, failed.

Bitcoin Ends Record Losing Streak, First Monthly Gains in Six Months

In a sign that some will certainly take as hopeful, Bitcoin, the leading cryptocurrency, has concluded a record run of month-over-month losses, from August to January, and found a monthly price rise during the month of February.

Basic Attention Token Teams Up With Amazon, Starbucks, Apple Partner TAP Network

TAP Network, a crypto advertising ecosystem affiliated with some huge companies like Apple, have partnered with Brave/BAT to offer access to their ecosystem.

Suspected Crypto-Fueled Money-Laundering Goes 10x In Japan

Ever since Japanese police mandated reporting of suspicious exchange activity, the rate of reportage has increased tenfold; in addition, other fraudulent activities are being found on Japanese exchanges, such as reuse of identification photos.

Cryptopia to Reopen on March 4, in Read-Only Mode

The New Zealand-based exchange have been given the go-ahead by national police to reopen for business, more than two months after what was presumably a hack saw the loss of almost 10% of the exchange’s funds. Still unknown when users will regain access.

HTC Crypto Phone Partners with Opera, Has Own dApp Store

The Mobile World Congress has bore some news regarding HTC’s blockchain-focused Exodus smartphone. The Opera browser will offer exclusive functionality with the phone’s wallet, and the device is now for sale in fiat currency rather than just crypto.

BitMEX Update Terms of Service, New Focus on Unauthorized Citizens

BitMEX crypto derivatives exchange has almost doubled the size of its Terms of Service agreement, adding stipulations to access conditions, intellectual property rights, trading fees, and many other aspects of the exchange’s functioning.

US Government Returns .02% of Stolen Bitfinex Bitcoin

$100,000 of a total half a billion dollars worth of bitcoin hacked from the Bitfinex exchange in 2016 is being distributed to special Bitfinex token holders, after 27 bitcoin were returned to the exchange by ‘US law enforcement’.

Ethereum's Zamfir Takes Over at CasperLabs, Hoping to ‘Put Pressure’ on ETH

Vlad Zamfir, one of the main Ethereum developers specializing in consensus protocol architecture, has taken over as the main developer at competing CasperLabs - although claims that he will continue work on Ethereum.

Crypto Market Renews Uptrend, Adds $5 Billion To Market Cap

Bitcoin broke its sub-$4,000 accumulation zone with another push up, and all major cryptoassets following suit, adding $5 billion to the total cryptoasset market capitalization.

Bitcoin Futures Volume on CME Explodes Reaching ATH

Trading volume on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange Bitcoin futures market exploded during the last days of cryptoasset price action, reaching all time highs across one measurement. 

MyEtherWallet Fiat Offramp Established Through Swiss-Based Bity

MyEtherWallet have partnered with a Swiss crypto-financial firm to offer crypto-to-fiat transfers of up to 5,000 CHF, without substantial KYC/AML checks. The transfers are available only in CHF and Euros, however.

Litecoin Halving Hype Fueling Chinese Buying?

Reports of Chinese groups plugging Litecoin halving may have lent force to recent positive price action. Litecoin has lead the broad February rally in prices, which continued yesterday to add gains across the board.

Coinbase Acquires Analytics Firm Neutrino

Coinbase have acquired a Milan-based blockchain analytics firm for an unknown sum.

Bitcoin and Ethereum Futures Volume Way Up, High Confidence in Longs

The data analytics website Skew shows that futures trading volume is way up, and that long contracts have positive funding on all tracked exchanges. Ethereum futures volume is also way up, reaching all-time-highs on BitMEX.

German Solar Producer Adds 260,000 Producers to SolarCoin (SLR) Rolls

A significant amount of new users will be onboarded to the SolarCoin platform, an aged renewable power crypto. The new users will take the fast track onto the new platform and can start claiming coins immediately for their solar production.

Ethereum Volume Surpasses Bitcoin to Lead Crypto Market Rally

Green across the board as all the market leaders show gains, after more than a week of consolidating in a “bull flag” pattern. Ethereum led the pack with about 13% of gains, and all market leaders are up.

Details Emerge on Iran’s XLM-Based Gold-Backed Cryptocurrency

Details are slowly trickling out on Iran’s new, state-issued and gold-backed crypto the PayMon. The stablecoin is based on XLM and will be traded by special offices, although it is still uncertain how or if it will be redeemable for gold upon request.

Security Alert: Half A Million Old Coinmama Logins Hacked, No Indication of KYC/AML Breach

Almost 500,000 login credentials to the online Coinmama cryptoasset exchange have been found for sale on the dark web. The Coinmama breach is a small part of a much, much larger hack. There is no indication that personal identification data was stolen.

Delphi Digital & 51percent Crypto Merge, Signalling Maturing Crypto-Industry

Two of the most prominent crypto research houses in the industry, Delphi Digital and 51percent Crypto Research, have merged under the Delphi banner. Tom Shaughnessy and Anthony Pompliano will sit on the board, and try to bridge the gap between institutions and crypto.

Romania Extradites Scammers to US Over Crypto Scheme

A years-long investigation involving a host of US and Romanian agencies clamps shut on a scam and money-laundering ring, operating out of Romania. Twelve Romanian nationals have been extradited to the US to face charges, after millions of dollars stolen.

‘Impossible’ To Arbitrage MakerDAO Dai, But That's Not Its Purpose

Notable crypto researchers Hasu and Su Zhy have analyzed the Dai algorithmic stablecoin, and concluded that it is not suitable for use as vehicle for professional arbitrage. But that’s not what it was designed to do, either - and it has proved itself stable in 2018.

"Coding A First Amendment Right": The Electronic Frontier Foundation Defends EtherDelta

Electronic Frontier Foundation issues response letter to the SEC, over their prosecution of Zachary Coburn in the case of the EtherDelta decentralized exchange. The EFF consider the SEC to fall afoul of established First Amendment legal precedents of encryption coding.    

Bitcoin Trading Volume Via SegWit Hits 90%

According to, the percent of Bitcoin volume traded using SegWit-enabled wallets recently hit 90%, and continues to dwarf non-SegWit volume. Overall SegWit transactions on Bitcoin’s network, regardless of value, sits at 45%.

BitMEX Defends Insurance War Chest in Latest Research

A new BitMEX Research piece makes the case for its large and growing insurance fund of 21,000 bitcoin. The piece points to lack of typical institutional methods of ensuring solvency, owing to the exchange’s offshore jurisdiction. Criticisms are already appearing.

Prominent Historian Niall Ferguson to Advise Ampleforth Stablecoin

Prominent historian and academic Niall Ferguson has signed on as an advisor to the developing Ampleforth stablecoin. Ampleforth have a unique inflation model to peg to USD, inflating or deflating directly to users’ wallets in order to stimulate market corrections.

Switcheo DEX Previews Centralized-Style Unified Account System

The Switcheo non-custodial (or decentralized) exchange has developed a new account-style wallet system, supporting both NEO and ETH ecosystems in one place. The preview style was direct communication with users’ private wallets, in the typical DEX style of ED or IDEX.

USDC Stablecoin Reaches $5.5B Volume Milestone, Centre Outline Ambitions

Centre, the Coinbase-Circle joint venture, have issued a brief recap of the five months of their stablecoin, USDC’s, activity. They have ambitions to expand the usage of their dollar-backed asset beyond trading, into more mainstream financial uses.

Bitcoin TX/Block Approaching All-Time-Highs, Fees Remain Minuscule

Bitcoin transaction rates are climbing across the board, yet transaction fees remain extremely low. Less demand for crypto combined with more efficient standards of processing blocks may be resulting in this these stats.

Litecoin to Implement Privacy Features, May Use Mimblewimble

Litecoin creator Charlie Lee intends to implement new privacy features into Litecoin, and is considering an implementation of Mimblewimble using “extension blocks.” Litecoin has historically served as a testbed for future Bitcoin implementations.

Gemini Punishing OTC Desks For Cashing Out GUSD?

The Gemini exchange has allegedly shut down large trading desks attempting to cash out large amounts of GUSD on their accounts. Rumours in the industry suggest that Gemini are perhaps trying to inflate the stablecoin’s market cap.

Little Known BitPoint Exchange Allegedly Used to Sell $312 Million in Mt.Gox Cryptos, a site dedicated to releasing information surrounding Mt.Gox, claims that the BitPoint exchange was charged with liquidating large amounts of the Mt.Gox Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash estate.

Kraken Acquires Crypto Facilities in Nine Figure Deal, Futures Trading 'Soon'

The US-based Kraken cryptoasset exchange have acquired UK-based Crypto Facilities, a crypto derivatives exchange, and will integrate futures trading into their own platform. $100 million of new funding has been secured by the company.

Exploit Found in Ethereum Parity Nodes, Fix in the Works

A critical bug has been found in the Parity node software for Ethereum, which opens up an attack vector to knock nodes offline. The bug, found through Parity’s Bug Bounty program, is already being patched and a fix should be available within hours.

Bitcoin’s Mining Difficulty Resumes Downtrend After Short Recovery

The automatically adjusting difficulty of Bitcoin mining has resumed its downward trend, after after rising for two periods during January. Falling mining difficulty is historically rare on the network, but has been unusually high in 2018 due to hurting miners.

Coinlab’s Mt.Gox Claim Allegedly Jumps From $75m to $16 Billion, Freezing Restitution

A years-old dispute between Mt. Gox’s payment trustee and a former business partner, CoinLab, has been holding up disbursement of funds to burned users for years. But the $75 million has lately become a $16 billion (with a “B”) claim - and nobody knows why.

New MacOS Exploit Steals Login Credentials and ‘Cryptojacks’

Found in fake pirated Adobe software, a new exploit scans user login credentials on cryptoasset exchages, lifts credit card information and text messages, and attempts to ‘cryptojack’ users’ CPUs - all in one package.

Bisq DEX Removes Grin Citing Incorrect Usage, Lack of Verification

Trading of the new Grin privacy coin has been suspended on the Bisq DEX, because of lack of current verification capabilities, and because of users’ inexperience in dealing with the new-style Mimblewimble blockchain. Bisq’s founder plans to re-add in future.

Zilliqa Mainnet Live, First to Run ‘Sharding’, Facebook Rumors

The Zilliqa mainnet has been launched, albeit in a qualified ‘bootstrap’ phase which prevents any miners from doing useful computations. Bootstrap is meant to protect the network until it can mature. The team claim 2,500 tx/s are currently possible.

Criticisms of Bitcoin’s Environmental Impact Challenged Again

Robert Sharratt, veteran investor and energy industry specialist has lashed out on lazy research practices used to claim Bitcoin’s potential environmental impact - and rebuked a wide array of publications for having picked up on that research without question.

New Mimblewimble Coins ‘Fragile and Limited’ According to ZCash Company CEO

Although he is glad to have the company, CEO of the main ZCash developer group Zooko Wilcox does not see the new privacy coins - Grin and Beam - as being competitors to the established ZCash project, which has seen wide listings during 2018.

New Analysis Says Nvidia Lowballed its Crypto Losses

Industry analyst says GPU producer NVIDIA has vastly under-reported sales of its units to the crypto industry. Graphics chips used to mine cryptoassets saw a huge decline in sales this year, along with the declining prices of digital assets themselves.

Gemini Passes AICPA-Recognized Security Audit, ‘A World’s First’ in Crypto

The Gemini exchange, one of the earliest cryptoasset exchanges set up in 2014 by the famous Winklevoss twins, has passed an industry standard security audit. The standard is created by the AICPA, the American body of Certified Public Accountants.

ERC-20-Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) Launches on Ethereum Network

WBTC, or Wrapped BTC, has launched and is currently hosting represented bitcoin on its network. Over $200,000 is currently hosted in the smart contract network, which is meant to facilitate trade with other Ethereum tokens.

Italian Court Orders BitGrail Owner to Pay Back As Much As Possible

A Florence bankruptcy court has ordered the forced bankruptcy of BitGrail exchange and its owner, and seizure of their assets in order to repay customers who lost tokens on the exchange. The court found Firano and the exchange responsible for all bugs that may have contributed.

Pro-Bitcoin Guaido Traveled to US, Colombia, Brazil to Prep VZ Opposition Move

Juan Guaido, the leader of Venezuela’s anti-Maduro political opposition, and apparent fan of Bitcoin since 2014, prepped his recent political move with secret trips to Washington and other Latin American countries in order to garner foreign support.

Bitcoin Falls to Regional Lows, Analyst Points to Sleepy Market and Low Interest

The cryptoasset markets, starting with Bitcoin, took a tumble early monday morning UTC. Well known analyst Alex Krüger points to a lack of interest in the industry and a rash of disappointing news of late, and emphasizes a period of accumulation.

Grin's Price Explodes Over 100% as New Exchanges Add the Privacy Coin

Grin’s price doubled today after a week of growing volume. The new privacy-based coin that some consider ‘Bitcoin 2.0’ has enjoyed intense attention, even from institutions - and an impressive amount of mining support from its launch.

Italian Lawmakers Propose Incremental Steps to Legalizing Blockchain

Blockchain may be used as a legally sanctioned method of verification in Italy, as Italian Senate members propose new legislation aimed at embracing the technology. The proposing members are all part of Italy’s anti-establishment M5S party.

Novogratz’s Galaxy Digital Doubles Down on Crypto Loans, Set to Raise $250m

Cryptoasset industry heavyweight Mike Novogratz will seek another quarter billion dollars in investment, despite the poor performance of his majority-held firm Galaxy Digital during 2018, to bolster industry with cryptoasset loans.

Cryptopia Hack ‘So Unusual’ Versus Typical Attacks: Elementus Blockchain Analysis

Elementus, a blockchain analysis firm, has compiled research on the recent hack of the Cryptopia exchange - and have found that the attack was somewhat unusual in its scope and duration. They reach a qualified conclusion that the exchange lost broad control of its wallet keys.

Senior Bank of England Official ‘Not So Worried’ About Crypto ‘Threat’

The head of the Bank of England’s ‘Future of Finance’ report is charged with assessing challenges of ‘maintaining monetary and financial stability’ even amid rapid changes in financial technology. He claims that cryptocurrencies are a marginal phenomenon.

Bug in Beam Mimblewimble Wallet Caused UTXO Conflicts, Brief Halt in Blockchain

The Beam Mimblewimble stopped functioning yesterday (Jan 21) at block 25,709 before developers fixed the problem. The developers took to Gihub to explain what caused the problem.

Haven (XHV) Stablecoin Reported As Exit Scam, Developer Responds to Claims

Haven, a type of algorithmic stablecoin based on Monero, was accused of being a dead project by its own non-critical team members - and an exit scam by many in the industry. The developer behing the coin has pushed back against the claims after resurfacing.

First Yen-to-Bitcoin Stablecoin Approved for ‘Sandbox’ by Japanese Regulators

Japanese fintech firm Crypto Garage teams up with Blockstream to offer a Japanese government-backed yen stablecoin-bitcoin trading pair. The test product, called SETTLENET will last for one year, and will give regulators an idea of the crypto’s direction.

21 Million-Password Leak is Just The Beginning as Reports Emerge of 40x Larger Leak

An 87GB data leak, containing tens of millions of passwords, pales in comparison to what might be out there. Some security analysts are reporting between one and five terabytes worth of stolen data is available on the darknet.

Bitcoin Cash’s (Actual) Block Sizes Are A Tiny Fraction of Bitcoin’s

Bitcoin Cash’s block sizes are on average only about 4% the size of Bitcoin’s these days, having dropped from already-low pre-fork levels in 2018. Bitcoin’s block sizes are generally on the rise, however, and again approaching capacity.

Brave Ad Rewards in Testing, to Go Live in Beta Version of Brave in ‘Weeks’

Brave is testing ad functions on its developer version of the browser, in anticipation for BAT payments to go live in coming weeks. This version of the browser is only for technically minded users.

ICOs Printed $13 Billion Out of Thin Air: BitMEX, TokenAnalyst Research

The latest report from BitMEX research, building from data collected by TokenAnalyst, dissects the ICO raising scene of 2017-18, and observes that most on-paper ICO funding came from tokens minted by the projects themselves.

Grin Launch Sees Mining Explosion, While Price Dives More Than 95%

Grin, a highly anticipated Mimblewimble blockchain, launched its mainnet two days ago, and has seen mining hashrate explode - while initial price has quickly collapsed as the market searches for a valuation.

Mimblewimble Has Now Released Two Projects - But What Is It?

Privacy coin Grin is now released on its mainnet, and Beam launched recently. Both are implementations of a radical new style of blockchain, that is more private, more p2p, and without some of the basic features of a blockchain that we know. What is it?

Binance’s Changpeng Zhao Plugs DEX After Rash of Exchange Thefts

51% attacks, exchange hacks, twitter spats - all leading to fresh anticipation regarding Binance’s upcoming decentralized exchange. Binance’s CEO has been taking to twitter to fan the flames of expectation, building on December news of a proprietary Binance blockchain.

BitMEX is Reportedly Losing Customers Due to North American Regulatory Pressure

One of the largest crypto exchanges, BitMEX is increasingly blocking users from the U.S. and Quebec, and according to sources close to BitMEX could lose 15% of its customers in the process. The exchange’s regulatory status remains uncertain.

Veteran Crypto Industry Lawyer and Exec Launches Crypto-Only Legal Practice

Lawyer and successful crypto executive Addison Cameron-Huff, who has consulted on crypto legislation for Canadian government, has launched a law firm dealing only with cryptoasset legal matters. 

Exchanges Could ‘Mount Active Defense’ Against 51% Attacks by Counter-Forking

In the wake of the surprising 51% attack on Ethereum Classic, a former Airbnb developer has proposed that exchanges can fight back against 51% attackers by executing their own ‘active defense’ forks - and it would be in their interest to do so.

Danish Tax Authority to Scrutinize Exchanges, Crack Down on Tax Cheats

Danish tax regulators, cooperating with Finnish and Swedish authorities, will crack down on trades made through Danish exchanges going all the way back to 2015. Information regarding customers’ identities will be handed over starting in the summer.

Crypto-Stealing Virus Found in Torrented Movie File, Targeting Windows

A suite of attacks has been found in a spiked movie torrent, which targets Google and Yandex searches, Wikipedia, and cryptocurrency addresses found in websites. The attack only seems to target the Windows operating system.

Blockchain Developer Space Has Been Bucking the Bearish Trend, Survey Shows

Salaries for blockchain developers are some of the highest paid employees in the enterprise IT industry - and are still on the rise. Only database engineers and architects make more. IT industry suffering ‘highest in years’ attrition rates.

Twitch Gamer Gifted Over $70k Worth of Bitcoin During Livestream

A RuneScape gamer livestreaming on Twitch was given a $70k+ donation from one donor, to his surprise and shock. The lucky gamer says ‘That’s a down payment on a house or something,’ and promised not to waste the gift on bling.

Google Reportedly Blocking Ads For One Ethereum Incubator

Ads mentioning Ethereum are being blocked by Google Ads services, reports Belgrade-based Ethereum (mostly) project incubator Decenter. They reported the phenomenon on Reddit and Twitter, and claim that the strange behavior began on January 8.

Pablo Escobar’s Brother Roberto Launches ICO to Impeach President Trump

Roberto Escobar is launching an ICO to support his upcoming ERC-20 backed stablecoin, the Escobar (ESCOBAR). He is resorting to the ICO after apparently being booted off of GoFundMe, and desires to impeach Trump with the funds.

‘Selling Pressure Exhausted, Accumulation Has Begun’ Report Delphi Digital Research

Delphi Digital Research again predict that a Bitcoin price bottom is looming in Q1 2019. They refer to an analysis of unspent transactions versus price over Bitcoin’s history, and see an end to selling pressure, in addition to key catalysts in Q1.

Japanese Crypto Firm Ginco Begins Mining Operation in Mongolia

A Japanese firm known for developing a mobile wallet is has set up a crypto mining operation in Mongolia. Mining in China is on the wane, and companies in Mongolia sem to be looking to expand their mining operations. Exchange To Cover Almost $200k Worth of Stolen ETC, After 51% Attack has beefed up security following an apparent 51% attack on Ethereum Classic. The exchange say they will compensate their customers’ stolen coins to the tune of $184,000. The exchange have also identified three of the attackers’ addresses.

Beam Mimblewimble Wallet Vulnerability Found & Fixed, Days After Mainnet Release

A new Beam Mimblewimble blockchain vulnerability was found but quickly rectified after the team release an update. The new mainnet was released only a week ago, and was the first polished implementation of the Mimblewimble privacy protocol.

Banned From Steemit: A Hacker Group Claiming to Have Classified 9/11 Documents

A hacker group called TheDarkOverlord, who claim to be in possession of 10 gigs worth of sensitive documents relating to 9/11, have been banned from Steemit, a blockchain-powered social media platform. The group wants $2 million for the full release.

Venezuela to Collect Tax in Cryptocurrency - But No Petro?

The government of Venezuela has issued a decree allowing some taxes to be paid in cryptocurrency, as well as in foreign fiat currency. The move comes amid an increasingly hostile regional-political stance. Venezuela remains under US sanctions.

Lawsuit Against Nano Devs Commences, ‘Rescue Fork’ Requested for BitGrail Funds

A lawsuit filed last April against the developers of Nano - once RaiBlocks - has commenced. The developers are accused of securities violations, as well as nine other charges. Nearly $200 million worth of Nano was lost lack year in what many thought was an exit scam.

ASIC Builder Canaan Considering US IPO After Hong Kong Filing Rejected

Canaan Creative, Bitcoin ASIC producer, may launch an IPO in the US after failing to list on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Competitors Bitmain and Ebang are not likely to list in Hong Kong either, because of a cooling attitude toward crypto.

Google Forces Samourai Wallet to Drop Security Features for Latest Android

The Samourai crypto wallet has been forced to shed some vital security features from its Android version, following well-meaning but ultimately restrictive new Google developer policies. The policies change vital rules for how apps can access data logs on devices.

$1000 of Bitcoin Hidden In Paris Yellow Vest Mural

About $1,000 worth of bitcoin is allegedly hidden in a Paris street mural. The painting is a modern take on the famous Liberty Leading the People painting, and associates bitcoin with the ongoing “Yellow Vest” protesters, who have been clashing with Paris police for months.

Only 16% of Surveyed Exchanges Receive Top Security Marks: ICORating Report

A recent report conducted by reveals that few cryptoasset exchanges do a really good job on security. The assessment was conducted across four metrics, only a modest minority do a good job at security.

Bitcoin Holds Above $4,000, Ether Above $150 As Bitfinex Goes Down For Service

Both bitcoin and ether prices are holding at key levels, as one of the world’s biggest exchanges goes down for maintenance. Crypto trading sees a 30-day high in terms of numbers of individual trades. Bitcoin shorts way down versus longs.

Coinbase De-Platforms Controversial Open Social Media Site Gab, Again

Coinbase has closed accounts of a controversial uncensored social media platform, which has hosted content of far-right political figures and even one mass murderer. A clear tension between decentralization and censorship is unfolding.

Ireland to Implement New AML/KYC Measures Affecting Crypto

The Irish executive branch has approved new Europe-wide AML/KYC laws, which partially focus on applying both existing and new financial scrutiny measures to firms and businesses involved with cryptoassets. The laws still must pass the country's legislative body.

SWIFT ‘Most Important Story of 2018’, Bitcoin as Reserve Currency ‘Inevitable’

Russia Today’s Keiser Report reviewed the year in geopolitical finance, pointing to the importance of free money flows. 2018 saw SWIFT being used as a political weapon, and such actions will propel Bitcoin to be the world’s reserve currency, say Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert.

2019 Will Be A ‘Doozy’, Crypto Will Bottom Out And Return to Health Says Top VC

Venture capitalist Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures outlines his expectations for 2019, in global markets and politics broadly, and in the cryptoasset industry specifically. This year will be a recovery year for crypto, he says, and is generally optimistic about the industry.

Can BitMEX Be Shut Down?

BitMEX is both lauded and decried by the cryptoasset community, and its offshore status has thus far kept regulators from the world’s financial centers at bay. But for how long? This article asks if BitMEX is vulnerable to regulation and law enforcement action.

US Presidential Hopeful Elizabeth Warren Cautious, But Not Anti-Crypto

US progressive Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren, who built her political career around consumer protection during the fallout of the 2007-8 financial crisis, will likely run for president. Her views on crypto are neither hostile, nor pro.

Ethereum Price Rallies 15% In Two Days, Nears Resistance Zones

Ethereum is showing more strength as 2019 begins, gaining 15% since the new year after a welcome rally during the second half of December. The #2 crypto now seems safely back into the triple digits with little chance of revisiting double digit lows.

“Poof Goes Your Crypto”: New Demonstration Shows How Hardware Wallets Can be Broken Into

Three hardware experts took to the stage at 35C3 to demonstrate their methods for breaking into popular cryptocurrency hardware wallets. The methods range from simple to advanced, but they prove that it can be done using a number of methods, and targeting a number of different system vulnerabilities.

US House of Reps Proposes Bill Against Iranian State-Backed Crypto

The US House of Representatives has proposed a draft bill to sanction any cryptocurrency the Iranian government might come up with, as the latter has expressed its interest in. For countries under economic sanctions, the promise of cryptocurrency has become attractive.

A Crypto for the Eurasian Economic Union and Beyond May Be Coming in 2020

The Russian Deputy Finance Minister has signaled Russian intentions to develop a cryptocurrency to be used within the political-economic Eurasian Economic Union bloc of countries, and even beyond, in a response to Western sanctions.

Silver Lining to Crypto Collapse - Tax Relief for US Hodlers

The Wall Street Journal has chimed in to remind beleaguered crypto holders that it’s not all bad - a US law allows for tax relief for Americans having lost money on investments, and can even use losses to offset other taxes due. However, the IRS is cracking down.

ICO Projects Liquidating Eth at Increasing Rate: Diar Research

Diar cryptoasset research firm has found an increasing rate of ether liquidations, on behalf of crypto startup projects which raised huge sums of money via Ethereum-fueled token sales in late 2017/early 2018. The losses are presumably in response to the massive fall in ether price.

Bitfinex Announces USD/USDT Leveraged Trading - Other Stablecoins to Follow

Hong-Kong registered Bitfinex has announced margin trading of its USD-Tether trading pair, which was itself only recently implemented. In additional, Bitfinex plans to open similar margin capabilities for its other recently-added USD/stablecoin trading pairs.

Bitcoin ‘Broken Free From ISPs’ by Blockstream Satellite Connection, New API

One of the oldest Bitcoin startups, Blockstream, is making the API to its Bitcoin-enabled satellite network freely available starting in January. Furthermore, the company’s unplugged network coverage now extends over most of Earth.

‘Transformation’ in Token Sale Market, Result of ‘Major Setbacks’: NKB Group

NKB Group conduct a wide ranging analysis to track the flagging ICO model. Like others, they have recognized its replacement with the STO model, or Securitized Token Offering, as a sign of maturity in the cryptoasset industry.

UK Released New Tax Guidance, Both Income and Capital Gains Taxes Apply To Trades

HMRC, the UK’s tax authority, has released new guidance on taxation of digital asset ownership and trading.

Iran Minister Indicates Support for Blockchain, Both Public and Private Uses

A minister for Iran’s office of Science and Technology has come out on the side of crypto, emphasizing digital identity and state-backed cryptocurrencies as especially notable potential applications that governments should work to develop.

BitMEX Trading Volume Way Down After Supports Broken

The cryptoasset market’s breaking of key price supports in mid-November was accompanied by a peak in BitMEX exchange volume, which has fallen considerably since then. Data indicate that the longs had the worst of it - by far.

Iranian Students in UK Turn to Crypto to Get Around Sanctions

Blocked by US and Western sanctions from their home banks, some Iranian students are turning to crypto to make vital transfers of living money and tuition to their UK universities.

Hong Kong Stock Exchange Unlikely to Approve ASIC Miners’ IPOs: CoinDesk Source

Crypto news outlet CoinDesk are apparently in contact with an inside source close to the relevant parties, and on that basis claim that the Exchange is ‘hesitant’ to approve of ASIC makers’ IPOs. Three companies’ applications have languished.

Russia Backs Away From Commitment to Trade in Venezuela's Petro Crypto, for Now

Russia’s Deputy Finance Minister has made qualifying comments about using Venezuelan Petro tokens, after Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced recently that eventually all hydrocarbon trade would be conducted in PTR.

Strong Ethereum Numbers Indicate Platform’s Staying Power Amid Crypto Winter: Consensys

Consensys has produced an extensive quantitative recap of Ethereum’s activity to date, and report growing usage across most metrics. Using these numbers, they claim that Ethereum is ‘strong, diverse, growing.’ The claims come amid restructuring at Consensys.

Chinese ASIC-Sellers Hurting As Bitcoin Mining on the Wane in China

Sales on purpose-built cryptocurrency miners, ASICs, was once a brisk trade in Shenzhen’s (China) Huaqiang North District. But times have changed and wholesalers are hurting, seemingly unable to move product. However, the fall in hashrate seems to have stopped.

New AML/KYC Regulations Coming to Dutch Crypto Exchanges and Wallets

Netherlands has passed draft legislation to implement updated AML/anti-terrorism financing laws in the EU/Eurozone. The legislation will become mandatory in Q1 of 2019, and will force users of all EU-based cryptoasset custodians to identify themselves.

Mass Attack on Ether Wallets Underway on Well Known Port 8545 Attack Vector

A well-known Ethereum Geth node attack is again targeting vulnerable users, as it has done already several times this year and last. Although easily closed, tens of millions of dollars have been stolen already this year from the exploit.

Bottom Coming in Q1 2019, Bitcoin Being Accumulated Per UTXO Analysis: Delphi

Delphi Digital, a digital asset-focused research firm, have compiled a nearly exhaustive research on the current state of Bitcoin, with respect to mining, fundamental value, and price trends. They predict a bitcoin price bottom in Q1 2019.

KFC In Venezuela Not Using DASH, Contrary To Media Reports

KFC Venezuela will not yet offer DASH as a payment solution, although Dash Merchant Venezuela is working toward such offerings with KFC and other restaurant chains. Venezuela remains under international sanctions, and cryptocurrency usage there is on the rise.

UK-Based Exchange CEX.IO Moving To Mandatory User Registration

CEX.IO, a UK-based exchange, has activated mandatory user registration in order to be KYC/AML compliant. The exchange joins a growing trend of increasingly institutionalization of the industry to fall in line with government inspection.

A 'Double Standard' Against Bitcoin, Says VanEck’s Gabor Gurbacs on ETF

The US Security and Exchange Commission’s (SEC’s) failure to approve of a bitcoin exchange traded fund (ETF) is “disturbing,” said Gurbacs Gurbacs, director of digital assets strategy at VanEck/MVIS. Gurbacs recently spoke with Peter McCormack of the What Bitcoin Did podcast, talking about VanEck’s history, the journey of trying to approve a bitcoin product, and the problems of manipulation in all markets.

HTC Blockchain Phone Released, Charlie Lee Onboard, Brave Installed Out of Box

HTC’s new blockchain-focused smartphone, the Exodus 1, has officially hit the shelves. The program’s direct spoke about the new device, and so did Litecoin creator Charlie Lee who is acting as a spokesperson. The Brave browser will come out of box.

Venezuela To Eventually Sell Oil Only In Petro ERC20 Tokens, Starting March 2019

Venezuelan president Maduro claims to move to Petro-only sales of oil exports, with a start of the initiative in March of 2019. The move aims to further an oil market not transacting with US dollars.

Lightning Network Growing Despite ‘Crypto Winter’, Up 300% This Month

Development of the Lightning Network continues apace despite the meltdown in cryptoasset prices as of late. Channels, nodes, and the amount of cryptocurrency stored on the Network are rapidly increasing in defiance of often bleak views of the industry.

Orionx And Other Chilean Crypto Exchanges Excluded From National Banking System

A blow is struck to cryptoasset firms in Chile, as the country’s supreme court rules in favor of cutting off banking relations with exchanges in the case of the sole state-owned bank. The ruling does not bode well for other firms, who had previously enjoyed favorable rulings.

"Best Time to Buy Bitcoin is Before Halving Events," Which Is Now-ish

Several commentators emphasize similar historical bitcoin price behaviors during the year or so preceding reward halvings. We are now in that range, and those price pundits are arguing that a bottom will soon arrive and be safe territory to buy.

Tether The Most Stable Stablecoin, Santiment Finds in Investigation

Crypto research firm Santiment conduct study into stablecoins, find Tether to be the most stable overall. High volume in the market leads to general volatility across the stablecoin spectrum, however. Centralized stablecoins were found to be in general most stable, in the long run.

424k Bitcoin, Well Over $1.6 Billion Worth, Shifted In The Last Couple of Days

Over 400k bitcoin (so far) has been transferred from mostly very old wallets into hundreds of smaller, Segwit-enabled wallets, over the course of 11 transfers. The current value of these bitcoin is about $1.6 billion.

ConsenSys to Embrace Startup Roots to Be ‘Lean and Gritty’ Amid Ethereum Downturn

Co-founder of Ethereum Joe Lubin issued a surprise letter last weekend to all employees of his ConsenSys company, outlining new guidelines and steps being taken to help Consensys be more productive and effective.

Bitcoin Mining Is Consolidating, Reducing Network Security: Bloomberg

A recent Bloomberg article makes the case that smallfry Bitcoin miners are being squeezed out of the market, and that mining is consolidating into fewer large miners’ control. This makes a 51% attack easier, says the business paper.

Argo Mining Bucks Trend of Faltering Crypto Miners, Meets Overwhelming Demand

A UK-based cloud mining outfit, Argo Mining, are fighting the trend of falling hashrate on cryptoasset networks. The Financial Times reports that they’re thriving, and unable to keep up with demand - an almost unbelievable twist amid broad falls in hashrate.

No, Bitcoin is not Entering a 'Death Spiral'

A professor of finance at Santa Clara University has claimed that Bitcoin is entering a ‘death spiral,’ although he is not the first person in history to proclaim thus. He points to underwater miners as the culprits in the demise of the preeminent crypto.

Majority of Token Sales in Singapore Must Be Vetted for Being Securities: MAS

The Monetary Authority of Singapore has issued some further guidance on the evolving issue of token sales falling under securities laws. MAS must itself check nearly all token sales itself, with some few exceptions, leaving little to chance.

Location on the Blockchain Sounds Good, but May Be a Flawed Model: The Atlantic

Several projects are working to put location data on the blockchain, citing a number of problems and hazards with GPS, according to The Atlantic. But the prominent paper has concerns that users’ subjective opinions about locations could do harm.

Asus Partners With QuantumCloud to Offer Gamers Zero-Effort GPU Mining

Asus plans to install easy-to-use mining software developed by Quantumcloud, to simply handle all the backend of GPU mining. The new software is aimed at gamers with idle GPU cards, will mine automatically and payout through PayPal or WeChat.

Switcheo, NEO’s First Decentralized Exchange, Lists 19 ERC20 Tokens

First ever NEO DEX adds popular ERC20 trading pairs, such as KNC, BLZ, HOT, and USDC. Many trading pairs are found on the young DEX, against NEO, ETH, and GAS. Volume on this exchange remains low, however, perhaps resulting from the stubbornly stagnant slump in prices.

Nearly 80% of Bitcoin Mining Done With Renewable Energy: CoinShares Report

CoinShares, a UK-based cryptoasset research and investment firm, has compiled a detailed report from both public and private sources to assert that most mining comes from renewable energy, in stark contrast to alarmist claims to the contrary.

Bitcoin Difficulty Dropping as Bitcoin Price Forces Miners Offline

In the wake of crashing bitcoin price and the Bitcoin Cash fork wars, the Bitcoin network’s hashrate and difficulty continue to slide for the second straight month. The decline is the steepest in years, although could signal a price floor for the cryptocurrency.

BANKEX To Push STOs, Partners With Trading Tech Firm Devexperts

BANKEX, a Moscow-based fintech firm focusing on the construction of tokenization platforms, has partnered with Munich-based trading software company Devexperts, in order to build out its services platforms. 

MakerDAO DAI Stablecoin Grows By 50% in Two Weeks, Accounts For 1.4% of All ETH

The Ethereum-backed algorithmic stablecoin, the DAI of the MakerDAO project, has been exploding in the last weeks, up almost 50% in two weeks. The coin enjoys about 285% of collateral supply, holding $174 million worth of ETH in contracts.

Despite Goldman Clients Being ‘Quite Curious’ About Crypto, Still No Custody Options

Goldman Sachs bank is not willing to produce a custody solution for cryptoassets, citing the difficulty of navigating the required regulation as an explanation. Other institutions, however, are braving regulatory hurdles to develop regulated, institution-grade wallets.

Judge Rules SEC Has Failed to Prove Blockvest ICO is a Security

A ruling of a San Diego district court has ruled against the SEC's request for an injunction against investors in the Blockvest ICO, in what it claims was an unregistered security. It is the first time the SEC has encountered this kind of obstacle.

Thousands of Crypto-ATMs Promised For Inflationary Argentina, No Delivery As Yet

US-based Odyssey Group have claimed for over a year that thousands of crypto-enabled ATMs would be deployed, and that the country’s central bank had signed off on the venture. As year end approaches, there seem to be no operational units.

Bitpay and Copay Wallets’ Private Keys at Risk

A malicious developer, given access to a highly popular JavaScript code library legitimately, has apparently built in an exploit that allows access to Copay-derived wallets’ private keys. Patches are available for the exploit but caution must be taken when updating.

Bitcoin ETF Not ‘Inevitable’ But ‘Definitely Possible’ - SEC’s Hester Peirce

In an interview with What Bitcoin Did’s Peter McCormack, Hester Peirce discussed everything from the role of markets, to privacy currencies, to Thanksgiving in her native Ohio, as well as insight on how decisions are handled in the SEC.

These 10 Bitcoin Price Predictions Are Not Ageing Well

Many people had lofty hopes for bitcoin’s price in 2018, after the impressive rally in 2017. However, even the most renowned investors have made what appear to be increasingly outlandish predictions. CryptoGlobe is recapping the ten most adventurous bitcoin price predictions of 2018.

Bitcoin Struggles to Move Past $4k, $20 Billion Wiped From Market Cap

Bitcoin broke the $4k level hard, before briefly clawing back above it. BTC now struggles to maintain $4k again, oscillating above and below it. Overall the crypto market cap down $10 billion over the weekend.

UK Regulatory Body Conducting 50 Crypto-Related Investigations, Up 100% Since May

The Financial Conduct Authority, the UK’s financial regulatory body, is investigating more crypto-related businesses than before. However regulatory guidance is still not crystal clear and may not be more coherent until 2019.

New Monero Cryptojacking Exploit For Linux Discovered, Targeting Old Software

Russian security firm Dr.Web has discovered and documented a cryptojacking exploit for the Linux open-source operating system. The exploit gains complete access to the user’s system, but can only be installed atop older Linux software.

Crypto VC Funding Up Even As ICOs Drop, Market Thrashing Continues

UK-based investment firm Outlier Ventures has compiled a review of investing into the crypto industry, concluding that the 2017 ICO model of investing is broken and will not return soon, but that professional VC investing has stepped in to fill the void.

Make-A-Wish Foundation Website Cryptojacked Due To Old Software

The US-based Make-A-Wish Foundation charity has been cryptojacked, or forced to secretly mine cryptocurrency, after leaving a long-patched software exploit un-updated and vulnerable. Hundreds of thousands of websites were at once vulnerable to this hack.

VanEck Subsidiary MVIS Reveals the OTC Exchanges Behind the Bitcoin ETF Index

MV Index Solutions, a VanEck subsidiary, has announced a bitcoin price index comprised of three regulated US bitcoin OTC desks. The index will be used in the VanEck Solidx bitcoin ETF as it thought to be less susceptible to market manipulation and thus more likely to be approved by U.S. regulators.

Bitcoin Hashpower, Difficulty Continues to Drop Amid New 2018 Price Lows

Amid the continued fall of bitcoin price and the ongoing Bitcoin Cash fork ‘war,’ the Bitcoin network’s hashpower and difficulty setting continue to plummet. The falling figures buck a 2018 trend of near-constant rising hashpower and difficulty.

HODL: World's First Multi-Asset Crypto Index ETP to Launch in Switzerland on November 21

Amun AG, a Swiss company based in Switzerland's famous Crypto Valley, is launching this week the world's first multi-asset cryptocurrency index exchange-traded product (ETP) on the SIX Swiss Exchange, Switzerland's main stock exchange.

Both Bitcoin Cash Sides In Heavy Losses, As Mining Costs Rise, Asset Values Fall

Both the BCHABC and BCHSV sides of the recent Bitcoin Cash fork losing hundreds of thousands of dollars a day, according to BitMEX research. Mining has become a political act, as each side mines for non-economic reasons.

Coingeek Claims Crippling Bitmain Debt From Anonymous Sources, Despite Having an Agenda

Coingeek, a major competitor of Bitmain in the Bitcoin Cash 'hashwar', has claimed Bitmain cannot pay its debts, citing a host of anonymous, private, unverifiable sources - with a lack of proof Coingeeks agenda is called into quesiton.

Tax-Tracking Tool Available On Australian Exchange Independent Reserve

KPMG, a global accounting services firm, is offering a tax-tracking tool through its Australia subsidiary on the first regulated Australian Exchange, Independent Reserve. The taxation of cryptoassets remains a confusing and inchoate field of accounting.

BitGo Adds Gemini Dollar (GUSD)

BitGo, an enterprise-grade custodial cryptoasset wallet service, has added the ERC20-based Gemini Dollar (GUSD) to its storage options.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Fork Makes Bitcoin Mining More Enticing - For Now

As Bitcoin Cash’s (BCH) civil war continues in earnest, a little-considered side effect is that the feud made Bitcoin comparatively more enticing to mine than either of the forking chains.

0x-Based OpenRelay Self-Regulates, Builds Token 'Blacklist' After SEC Charges Against EtherDelta

OpenRelay, which builds and operates a 0x-based trading software suite, will institute a number of measures in an effort to keep security tokens off its open-source platforms, following the $400,000 paid by EtherDelta creator Zachary Coburn.

Japanese ASIC Producer and Miner GMO Up For the Year, Down $8.7m Since Q1: Earnings Report

GMO, a Japanese internet services company which has both an ASIC production and mining pool operation, has incurred significant losses in the past two quarters - yet is profitable during the overall year and continues to add hashing power.

Seagate to Use IBM HyperLedger, in Bid to Crack Down on Fake Drives

Seagate and IBM are collaborating in order to stop fraud on Seagate’s hardware supply chain, using the enterprise-grade Hyperledger Fabric blockchain platform. Seagate plan to build ID credentials directly into the hardware at point of manufacture.

Ethereum To Inflict ‘Death By A Thousand Cuts’ On Web 2.0: Joseph Lubin

Joe Lubin closed Ethereum's Devcon4 with defiance, hitting back at 'pundits' who criticize Ethereum's lack of a realized 'killer app,' while also describing the ambitious organization of Consensys and announcing the new Rimble design standards.

TRON Partners With NeoWorld Game, Erects Virtual Skyscraper

The TRON Foundation partners with NeoWorld and builds a virtual skyscraper in the game world, in a seeming virtual advertisement campaign. NeoWorld is an in-development massive multiplayer sandbox game, wherein users may form create, associate, own property and trade.

Iran's Rial-Supported National Crypto to Go to Commercial Banks as Sanctions Grow

Iran's homegrown cryptocurrency is in development, and the country's commercial banks will have first access to the experimental token. This development comes on the back of renewed U.S. sanctions, and a U.S.-E.U. rift on the matter.

Circle Invest Lists Basic Attention Token, Following Coinbase's Listing

The Circle cryptoasset exchange and trading desk, owner of the U.S.-based Poloniex exchange, will list the Basic Attention Token, shortly after Coinbase lists the token. BAT is the Brave platform's utility token to facilitate advertisement payments.

Basic Attention Token Creator Hints At Huge Partnership, At Least 80 Million New Users

Brendan Eich, creator of the Brave browser and the Basic Attention Token (BAT), has dropped hints that a major content publishing website is in talks to adopt BAT usage and payments, during a recent interview with the well-known cryptocurrency-related podcast What Bitcoin Did. Exchange Suspends Tracking Service On Hacking Threat, No Damage Done

The exchange has taken excessive precaution in suspending a tracking service it had been using, on reports of possible malicious activity. No funds were lost, and will no longer use the service.