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Coin Stats Launches Worlds First Fully Guaranteed Mobile Crypto Wallet to 500,000 Active Users

Coin Stats, one of the most popular cryptocurrency portfolio trackers, has announced the launch of its Coin Stats Secure Wallet – a new, secure, hardware-rooted digital wallet.

Circle Invest Re-Opens BCH Trading, Adds Bitcoin Cash Satoshis Vision (BSV)

After halting trading during the hard fork, Circle Invest has decided to re-open Bitcoin Cash trading, with added support for Bitcoin Cash Satoshi’s Vision. As the Bitcoin Cash hash war comes to an end, exchanges are becoming more comfortable opening trading for both Bitcoin Cash coins.

Mining Manufacturing Giant Bitmain Closes Israeli Research Center

The bear market claims another casualty as Bitcoin mining hardware manufacturer Bitmain is reportedly closing their Israel research center. Bitmain VP Gadi Glikberg reasons that “the crypto market has undergone a shake-up in the past few months.”

Researchers Use Machine Learning to Find Crypto Pump & Dumps Before They Happen

Researchers in the United Kingdom used machine learning to find pump and dump scams in the cryptocurrency market. By looking for unusual buying activity, the algorithm was able to identify five coins that pumped over 100%.

Six Ohio VC Firms Will Invest $100M in Blockchain Startups

This weekend kicked off the Blockland Solutions conference in Cleveland, Ohio. During the conference, JumpStart CEO Ray Leach announced that him and five other companies will be investing $100 million into early-stage blockchain companies.

Ethereum Whales Have Quadrupled Their Holdings Since 2017, Research Shows

A new report found that large Ethereum (ETH) holders (also known as whales) have continued to accumulate as ETH’s price falls. Specifically, large ETH wallets have grown their balance from 4.3M ETH at the start of 2017 all the way up to 20M ETH today.

Binance CEO: We Are Launching Binancechain Very Soon, BNB Up 10%

In a recent interview, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao disclosed that they are close to launching their proprietary decentralized exchange blockchain, known as Binancechain. This news resounded with the crypto community, as the price of Binance Token (BNB) rallied 10% behind the news.

Japanese Exchange GMO Coin Will Only List Bitcoin Cash ABC

Weeks after the Bitcoin Cash hard fork that created BCHABC and BCHSV, GMO Coin announced that they will only be supporting the BCHABC side of the fork. BCHABC will continue trading as BCH, while it’s not clear what will happen to BCHSV.

NEO Co-Founder Erik Zhang Responds to Bug: No Possibilities of a Token Theft

It was previously suspected that the smart contract platform NEO had a bug that would allow hackers to steal users funds remotely. To clear the confusion, NEO Co-Founder Erik Zhang responded that “users of the NEO blockchain will not suffer the possibilities of a token theft.”

U.S. SEC Officials Met With Bitcoin ETF Teams to Discuss ETF Feasibility

Earlier this week, members of VanEck, SolidX, and the CBOE’s BZX Exchange met with various SEC officials to discuss the highly anticipated bitcoin ETF. During their discussion, the ETF issuers aimed to convince the SEC that the bitcoin markets are mature enough for an exchange-traded fund.

Intel Receives Patent for Energy-Efficient High-Performance Bitcoin Mining

Intel, one of the largest chip manufacturers in the world, has officially entered the mining industry, after receiving a U.S. patent related to mining. This patent aims to decrease mining energy usage by up to 15%.

Verge (XVG) Pumps (and Dumps) on Bithumb Listing

Privacy coin Verge (XVG) was recently listed on the world’s 3rd largest cryptocurrency exchange, Bithumb. Following the listing on this South Korean exchange, XVG rose up 67%, before a correction down 27%.

OKEx Announces Third Round of Token Delisting, Totalling 135 Pairs Removed YTD

OKEx has released their third round of delisted trading pairs. This batch will remove 38 cryptocurrencies acros 49 trading pairs, bringing their total pairs removed (year-to-date) to 135.

Could Binance Maintenance Be Behind the Price Surge for Bitcoin Cash SV?

Researchers might have found why Bitcoin Cash (Satoshi’s Vision) has been pumping over the past week. According to a new study, Binance’s pausing of deposits and withdrawals might be causing irregular price swings for the cryptocurrency.

CNBCs Brian Kelly: Its Important to Size Crypto in Your Portfolio

Brian Kelly, CNBC’s in-house cryptocurrency expert, recently expressed his bullishness on Bitcoin and recommended investors of all kind to appropriately size crypto into their portfolio. “One to five percent…sounds like the right number, then you can ride out this bear market.”

DPW Holdings Announces Spin-Off Cryptocurrency Mining Company, Shares Pump 25%

DPW Holdings, an investment company based in California, has announced that they will be spinning off their cryptocurrency division into a new company, Super Crypto. DPW CEO says: “We are confident crypto-mining and the cryptocurrency marketplace will flourish in the long term.”

U.S. Treasury Sanctions of Bitcoin Addresses are ‘Good for Crypto’

In a first of its kind, the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets (OFAC) publishes the Bitcoin address of two known Iranian ransomware scammers. To prevent citizens from being liable for breaking sanctions law, the OFAC recommends not interacting with these BTC addresses. Some in the crypto industry this as a positive step.

Report Exposes Pay-for-Play YouTube, ICO, and Newspaper Reviews

A recent report by Reuters shows how many publications are publishing paid cryptocurrency reviews without disclosing it to their audience. 

Bitcoin Bull Mike Novogratzs Trading Desk Loses $41M Last Quarter

Prolific hedge fund manager Mike Novogratz, like many cryptocurrency investors, has taken huge losses this year. Bloomberg reports that his crypto trading desk is down $41M this quarter, and $136M this year.

OKEx Launches New Lending Portal, Offering Interest on Users’ Cryptocurrencies

OKEx has entered the lending market with the launch of OK PiggyBank. This service allows users to lend their cryptocurrencies to margin traders, and in exchange, they’ll receive daily interest income.

Binance Rebrands Tether Markets As “Stablecoin Market (USD)”

Binance has rebreanded their Tether (USDT) Market to Stablecoin Market (USDⓈ). This change does not modify any of their trading pairs, but aims to give more attention to lesser-used stablecoins like TUSD and PAX.

Bitcoin Cash SV (BCHSV) Skyrockets 87.5% As the Hash War Comes to a Close

It’s been two weeks since the contentious Bitcoin Cash (BCH) hard fork, and leaders from both sides are signaling that the war might be over. The market is finding confidence in Bitcoin Cash SV and has been buying.

Blockstream Debuts Blockstream Metal, a Stainless Steel Private Key Protection Device

Blockstream, in partnership with Billfodl, has created their own protection device for securing your private keys or recovery seeds. Called Blockstream Metal, this product will keep your secret passphrases safe from disaster for years.

Tron Launches Tron Accelerator, a $1M dApp Incubator Program

The Tron Foundation has announced the start of Tron Accelerator, an incubator program that plans to use $1M to fund dApps in the start-up phase. The awards will be split up between 56 projects, and winners will be announced in 2019 at Tron’s niTROn summit.

Here’s What to Do if You Had Bitcoin Cash on Top Crypto Exchanges Before the Fork

Two days after the controversial hard fork, learn what the various exchanges are doing with the two Bitcoin Cash tokens. While Binance, HitBTC & Others have given users their Bitcoin Cash ABC and Bitcoin Cash SV, some are handling the situation differently.

Canada Presents Three Possible Cryptocurrency Regulations In Anti-Money Laundering Committee

In a House Finance Committee meeting, Canadian officials thoroughly discussed how to prevent the use of cryptocurrency in money laundering, and how to protect users at the same time. The results include an outline of three possible regulations that could come soon for the Canadian cryptocurrency market.

France Starts The Process Of Regulating ICOs

A recent report suggests that French officials are in the process of building regulation for ICO launches. Regulators hope to provide clarity to ICO issuers, to prevent scams and help protect investors.

As Bitcoins Price Tumbles, So Do Cryptocurrency-Related Corporations

After Bitcoin’s price plummeted to the $5,500 area, many publicly traded stocks that represent cryptocurrency-related companies took a hit as well. Among them include Monex, SBI holdings, Vidente, and Omnitel.

DASH Sent Three Million Transactions in a One-Day Stress Test

To test the capacity of their blockchain, altcoin DASH recently performed a 24-hour stress test on their network to see how many transactions they could really handle. The results were strong: DASH completed 3 million transactions in one day, beating Bitcoin Cash’s previous record of 2 million.

Premium Airline Surfair Is Now Accepting Bitcoin & Litecoin for Their Fundraising Campaign

Surfair, “the better alternative to commercial air travel,” is an exclusive, semi-private airline operating out of Texas & California. To take advantage of the cryptocurrency boom, Surfair is now accepting Bitcoin & Litecoin for their Indiegogo campaign.

Bitcoin Mining Hardware Manufacturer Terminates IPO Filing Process

Canaan, the first company to sell Bitcoin ASICs, has ended their IPO process after failing to complete the required paperwork. This is the third mining hardware company to file this year, but none have successfully completed an IPO yet.

Googles G Suite Twitter Account Hacked, Promising Free Bitcoins

In a repeat of this week’s Target hack, Google G Suite’s Twitter account has been hacked. Once hacked, the account was used to promote a Bitcoin scam that would give victims free Bitcoins.

Huobi Lays Off 60% of its Brazilian Office

Chinese-founded exchange Huobi has recently laid off six of their ten employees in Brazil. Whether or not this is a symptom of the bear market, it does not bode well for the Brazilian cryptocurrency scene.

Two Bitcoin Mining Companies Disappear From Sweden Owing $1.5M

Victims of the cryptocurrency bear market, two cryptocurrency firms have disappeared from Sweden. NGDC and Chasqui Tech, the two companies in question, abandoned Sweden without paying their rent and electricity bills.

Eight Arrested in Japanese Investment-Firm Ponzi Scheme

Eight men were arrested today in relation to a possible ponzi scheme named Sener. Sener positioned themselves as an investment firm, promising 20% monthly returns, but authorities believe it might be a pyramid scheme.

LocalBitcoins Volume in Venezuela is Going To the Moon

Due to hyperinflation of their currency, Venezuelans are rushing to LocalBitcoins to secure their savings in “digital gold.” This is one of the first real-world examples where a decentralized store of value could change its users lives.

Bitfinex Launches Bitcoin Cash Chain Split Tokens as Gap Between SV and ABC Narrows

Following similar moves by Poloniex, Bitfinex has announced Chain Split Tokens to represent the products of the upcoming Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork. Chain Split Tokens will be available for Bitcoin Cash ABC and Bitcoin Cash SV, both tradeable through the fork.

Additional Bribery Case Found For Tethers New Bank, Deltec

It was previously found that Tether’s new bank, Deltec Bank & Trust, was under investigation for laundering money from a Brazilian official. Recently, sources find that Deltec is involved in another case, this time involving Venezuelan officials.

Banned From PayPal, Right Wing Reporter Tommy Robinson Turns To Bitcoin

Conservative journalist, Tommy Robinson, has been banned from PayPal. As a result of this movement, Robinson is turning to Bitcoin to fund his business.

TRON’s Transaction Volume Keeps Growing, Passes Top 4 Cryptocurrencies Combined

Recently, Tron (TRX) has had a gradual increase in transaction volume, and now the daily number of transactions for TRX is greater than that of BTC, ETH, BCH, and XRP combined. Some believe TRX’s transactions are coming from newly launched gambling dApps.

AMD Launches Blockchain Appreciation Page

In a possible attempt to boost GPU miner sales, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) has added a section to their website that explains blockchain to newcomers. On the site, AMD shows how the blockchain’s distributed ledger technology can improve all areas of life.

BitMEX Launches VC Division, BitMEX Ventures, Mirroring Coinbase, Huobi

Reports have surfaced that Seychelles-based exchange BitMEX is launching their own venture capital division. BitMEX employees have been found to have venture capital roles on LinkedIn, hinting at BitMEX’s growth in this niche.

Spanish Bank BBVA Issues $150M Loan Using Ethereum

BBVA, the 35 billion euro bank from Spain, has officially issued a loan using the Ethereum blockchain. In a test of their pilot loan program, BBVA teamed up with MUFG and BNP Paribas to lend funds to Spain’s national electric company, Red Electrica.

Cobinhood Adds Four Stablecoins to Their Exchange

Cobinhood, the zero-fee cryptocurrency exchange, will be adding four new stablecoins today (Nov 9th) The coins are the Gemini Dollar (GUSD), MakerDao (DAI), Paxos Standard Token (PAX) and TrueUSD (TUSD).

Cant Romp the Pomp: Anthony Pomplianos Podcast De-listed, Re-listed by Apple

Anthony Pompliano, popular Bitcoin evangelist and hedge fund manager, recently had a podcast episode go so viral it reached the #4 spot in the United States. After this, Apple mysteriously removed his podcast from the store, but later restored it.

College Student Asks, Did I Ruin My Life by Trading Crypto? After Receiving $400,000 Tax Bill

A California college student, who works part-time at Barnes & Noble, recently explained his dire tax situation on Reddit. In the post, he explains how he took his crypto portfolio from $5,000 to $800,000, and now owes $400,000 in taxes.

Hackers Are Taking Over Verified Twitter Accounts to Impersonate Elon Musk and Steal Bitcoins

A new phishing scheme is growing on Twitter, where hackers steal verified Twitter accounts and pretend to be celebrities in order to steal cryptocurrencies. Their most recent scam has received $39,000 while impersonating Tesla founder, Elon Musk.