Surfair, a new semi-private airline company, has announced that they will be accepting Litecoin (LTC) & Bitcoin (BTC) for their ongoing Indiegogo fundraising campaign. Surfair, which bills itself as “the better alternative to commercial air travel,” is a company that offers an airline experience somewhere between commercial airliners and private jets.

Aimed at frequent commuters, their small jets provide aims to provide a luxurious experience that’s a stress-free alternative to major airlines. Members only have to show up 15 minutes prior to departure, and if fliers show up early, they can spend their time in the Surfair private club prior to boarding. Members will also receive discounts on hotels and on-demand concierge service.

At the moment Surfair planes only operate in California and Texas, but their network will be expanding soon. Planned destinations outside of these pilot states includes Scottsdale, AZ and New Orleans, LA.

Their Indiegogo campaign has raised a total of $81,680 already – 63% higher than their original goal of $50,000. The campaign is open for six more days, and 1% of the funds raised from this campaign will go to charity supporting clean water initiatives.

Early backers receive discounts of up to 93% off regular pricing for their membership packages. Once membership is purchased, members can buy flights at flat rates, without having to question if seats are available or flights are overbooked. At the high end, a $3,850 contribution will get you a three-year membership with ten flights included. You can pay just $250, and you’ll receive membership for one year. These memberships can also be purchased with BTC and LTC, with packages starting at 0.092 BTC (11.95029 LTC).

More information can be found on their website or on their Indiegogo page