Earlier this week, Dash (DASH) performed a stress test on their network to see how many transactions the DASH network could handle. DASH enthusiasts wanted to put their cryptocurrency to the test and see how many transactions they could process within a twenty-four hour period.

The stress test was performed by Delta Engine, the company behind MyDashWallet (a popular DASH web wallet). After starting the test on Sunday, November 11th, DASH completed a total of three million transactions. This chart from CoinMetrics shows DASH hitting the three million tx milestone:

DASH transaction count From: CoinMetricsSource: CoinMetrics

This test broke DASH’s previous record of 464,000 transactions in a 24-hour period, performed earlier this year. The three million tx/day sets the record for the most transactions on any Bitcoin-based cryptocurrency in one day.

DASH is a fork of the Bitcoin codebase, meaning it uses the same foundational architecture as Bitcoin, but has a few tweaks and none of Bitcoin’s transaction history. Many cryptocurrencies are based off of this same structure, and this represents a great feat for DASH. The previous holder of this record is Bitcoin Cash (BCH), who held a stress test earlier this year that clocked 2 million transactions in one day.

It should also be noted that DASH’s blocksize didn’t limit its performance, DASH uses 2 MB blocks. This is twice the size of Bitcoin’s and for reference, Bitcoin is usually processing 200,000-300,000 transactions in one day.