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John Vibes is an author and activist who has been writing for various online publications since 2012. In his research of central banking and the financial system, John discovered cryptocurrency, and has since taken a special interest in the technology. In addition to his writing and activism, John also hosts a number of large events and helps first time authors publish their own books.

Articles by Author

Rainforest Foundation to Use Crypto and Blockchain Tech for Amazon Charity

A New York-based non-profit organization called the Rainforest Foundation is working to help anti-deforestation efforts in Central and South America with blockchain technology. This is the latest of many charitable use cases for blockchain technology.

Case Study of US-China Trade War Points to Bitcoin as Safe Haven.

A recent Grayscale case study of the US-China trade war has identified Bitcoin (BTC) as a safe haven in times of economic uncertainty. The study compared Bitcoin’s performance with that of traditional currency markets in the midst of the trade war turmoil.

Overstock Reports Losses, but Says Its Blockchain Business Is Strong

In their most recent earnings report, internet retail pioneer Overstock published some strong losses. However, the company noted that their blockchain business is strong, and they hope to see positive returns from those investments in the future.

Venezuela’s Bitcoin Trading Volumes on LocalBitcoins Hit All-Time High

In the midst of a currency crisis and economic collapse, citizens of Venezuela are turning to cryptocurrencies as a safe haven. Recent figures have shown that trading volumes on have reached a new all-time high last month.

Bitcoin Sextortion Scammers Are Estimated to Have Made $1.2 Million in the Past 12 Months

According to a new report from Symantec antivirus, cyber-criminals have made an estimated $1.2 million through sextortion scams. The scammers claim to have intimate and embarrassing footage of the victims, that they threaten to publicize if a large Bitcoin (BTC) ransom is not paid.

86-Year-Old Woman Looking for Free Bagel Outsmarts Bitcoin Sextortion Scammers

After signing up for a rewards program, an 86-year-old woman began receiving threatening emails from scammers, claiming that they had videos of her watching pornography. Luckily, the woman did not fall for the scam, and now she is warning others who might end up in the same situation.

Alleged Silk Road Drug Vendor Arrested, Faces Money Laundering Charges

One of the most prominent drug vendors on the now-defunct Silk Road dark web marketplace was arrested in the United States. The suspect is accused of using the website to sell a large volume of drugs around the world, making millions in profits. 

Blockchain Lunar Registry, Promising to Tokenize the Moon

A new blockchain start-up called Diana is promising to offer tokenized real estate on the moon. The developers of the project are hoping to establish a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) to share ownership of, and responsibilities for the moon.

Israeli Hacker Indicted For $1.75 Million Cryptocurrency Theft

A hacker from Tel Aviv was indicted for his alleged involvement in the theft of $1.75 million in cryptocurrency. The hacker is facing charges of theft, fraud, aggravated counterfeiting, use of a forged document, perjury, money laundering, as well as other computer law and tax code violations.

Venezuelans File $30M Lawsuit Against “Diamond Backed” Crypto Ponzi Scheme

A $30 million lawsuit has been filed against a troubled cryptocurrency that claimed to be backed by diamonds. Over 300 amateur investors were defrauded by the owners of two diamond companies, who attempted to create a cryptocurrency to keep a failed Ponzi scheme running. 

Gang of Masked Men Raid Bitcoin Embassy in Birmingham

A gang of masked men were seen raiding a Bitcoin (BTC) exchange in Birmingham. Luckily, nothing of value was taken during the odd encounter, but an investigation is underway to get to the bottom of the mystery.

Winklevoss Twins Say Its the Bottom of the First Inning for Bitcoin

The Winklevoss twins, who have long been vocal advocates of Bitcoin, recently said that “It’s the bottom of the first inning,” for the cryptocurrency. Last week, one of the Twins suggested that the pair may team up with Facebook in its new “Libra” cryptocurrency project.

74% of Bitcoin Mining Is Powered by Renewable Energy

A new study from CoinShares indicates that 74% of Bitcoin mining operations are powered by renewable energy. This research challenges the idea that that proof of work mining is harmful to the environment and a drain on non-renewable resources.

Crypto Exchange Bittrex Geofencing 32 Cryptocurrencies for U.S. Customers

Cryptoasset exchange Bittrex informed its customers that they will be geofencing 32 crypto assets for US customers. Similar moves have also been taken by other exchanges, amid regulatory concerns in the US.

6 Crypto Miners Arrested in Germany for Using Stolen Electricity

6 cryptocurrency miners were arrested in Germany for using stolen electricity to power their operations. The group is accused of bypassing electric meters and using 220,000 euros worth of electricity over two years.

Binance Earned $446 Million in Profits in 2018, Analysis Shows

A recent analysis by “The Block” found that Binance brought in $446 million in profits in 2018. This figure is slightly less than the $500 million that Binance CEO Changpeng ‘CZ’ Zhao projected the company would make this year.

Smart Contract Auditor “Hosho” Lays Off 80% of Staff

Hosho, one of the top smart contract auditors in the world is letting go of 80% of its staff. The company is one of many in the industry that are facing layoffs in the ongoing bear market. 

Paxful Crypto Marketplace Completes Second School in Rwanda

Paxful, a peer-to-peer bitcoin marketplace is planning to build 100 schools in Africa with Bitcoin. This week, Paxful announced that they have completed their second school in Rwanda.

Nasdaq to Provide Surveillance Technology to Select Exchanges

Nasdaq, the second largest stock exchange in the world, is currently working with select cryptocurrency exchanges, to provide surveillance technology that will help them with regulatory compliance. Nasdaq has some stringent guidelines for the exchanges that they are willing to work with, and only seven have qualified so far. 

Chinese Police Seize $193 Million in Cash During Crypto Scam Bust

Police in China recently busted a massive cryptocurrency scam operation called “I Am a Clown” (IAC). In a raid of the group’s villa, police found 1.3 billion yuan (or $193 million) in cash.

KuCoin Delists 7 Altcoins Including Polymath (POLY) and Substratum (SUB)

The Singapore-based crypto exchange KuCoin have announced that they will be delisting 7 different altcoins. Polymath (POLY) and Substratum (SUB) are the most notable projects to be taken off the exchange.

Bakkt Begins Hiring for Futures Exchange Despite Delays

Bakkt, the Intercontinental Exchange’s (ICE) anticipated bitcoin futures platform is now hiring for multiple high level and developer positions. Bakkt has faced a number of setbacks in recent months, including multiple launch delays for their futures exchange. 

Davos Panelist Predicts Bitcoin Will Go to Zero

During a panel at this week’s World Economic Forum (WEF), in Davos, Switzerland, an investor predicted that bitcoin could “go to zero.” Many financial experts at the forum were touting the potential of blockchain technology, but had harsh words for cryptocurrency investors.

Gab Turns to BtcPayServer After Square Ban

The controversial censorship-free social media platform Gab was cut off from both Coinbase and Square this week. Gab is now using BtcPayServer as a payment alternative.  

TRON Hires SEC/S&P Veteran David Labhart As Head of Compliance

TRON Inc. has announced that they will be hiring David Labhart as their new head of compliance. Labhart has formerly worked with the SEC as well as the S&P, and is well respected in the traditional financial industry.

KodakCoin Shocks Critics With Million Dollar Beta Test

KodakCoin ran a beta where photographers were able to generate over $1 million in revenue. Many critics are surprised that this project could end up a success.

Gab to Use Square Cash App After Coinbase Ban

Coinbase recently closed the accounts for the uncensored social media platform Gab. Now, Gab is turning to Square’s Cash App as an alternative.

Japanese Self Regulatory Group Will Oversee 5 More Crypto Exchanges

5 more exchanges recently joined the Japan Virtual Currency Exchange Association (JVCEA), Japan’s self-regulatory agency for cryptocurrency. The association now oversees 21 different cryptocurrency exchanges.

Number of Crypto Users Doubles to Over 35 Million: Cambridge Study

According to a new Cambridge study, the number of crypto users doubled in 2018, with 35 million users now verified by ID. Many more million wallets are in use under the condition of anonymity, so beyond the verified users, it is hard to say what the exact number is.

SEC Chairman Says ICOs Are “Effective Way to Raise Capital” If Rules Are Followed

In a recent speech, the chairman of the SEC discussed ICOs, saying that they are an effective way to raise capital, but could be risky. The speech focused on how to protect investors while at the same time encouraging growth in the market. 

Zcoin Implements New Mining Algorithm to Negate ASIC Miner Advantages

The anonymity-focused cryptocurrency Zcoin recently announced a new mining algorithm which is being touted as a solution to the controversial centralization of mining power made possible by ASIC devices. ASIC devices are extremely expensive and powerful and are currently the best way to mine most cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency Used by Nearly 40% of Freelancers

A new survey found that 38% of freelance workers and entrepreneurs have used cryptocurrency. The same study found that 29% of that same sample group would prefer to be paid in crypto than through traditional payment channels. 

ConsenSys Confirms 13% of Staff Will Be Laid Off

Ethereum production studio ConsenSys announces major layoffs in the midst of the bear market. ConsenSys is one of many blockchain focused start-ups facing emergency restructuring in recent months.

Japanese Government Announces New Measures to Tackle Crypto Tax Evasion

The Japanese government has announced new measures to crack down on cryptocurrency traders who don’t report their earnings for taxation. The new measures would force businesses that act as fiat gateways to divulge information about their users.

Early Bitcoin Investor Roger Ver: Crypto Future Is Brighter Than Ever

In a recent interview with Bloomberg, early bitcoin investor Roger Ver said that the future for cryptocurrency is looking brighter than ever. Ver says he is an investor of fundamentals, and that the industry is building and growing, regardless of what happens with short-term price movements.

Cam Girls Earned Over $70K Through Spankchain Since April Launch

This week, the blockchain-based adult entertainment platform Spankchain (Spank) announced that they have paid their models over $70,000 since their launch in April. This news comes as many workers in the industry are facing increasing discrimination from traditional payment processors.

Controversy Surrounds Plan to Sell Bitcoin in French Tobacco Shops

A plan to sell Bitcoin in thousands of different tobacco shops in France was announced this week, but the country’s central bank says they did not give permission. However, the group behind the new project says that they don’t need permission from the central bank.

SEC Announces Enforcement Actions Against ICOs As Crypto Markets Tumble

The US SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) announced over a dozen enforcement actions against ICOs and digital assets, as the cryptocurrency prices fall to lowest numbers this year.

Charlie Shrem Denies Stealing 5,000 BTC From Winklevoss Twins

In a lawsuit recently filed by the Winklevoss twins, Charlie Shrem was accused of stealing 5,000 BTC. Shrem has responded to the allegations by saying the wallet was out of his hands, and was another person’s responsibility.

SEC Official Promises Plain English Guidance on ICOs Coming Soon

After years of suspense and confusion, the SEC is finally promising “plain English guidance” on ICO regulation, according to SEC director William Hinman.

JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon Says He Doesn’t “Give A S–t About Bitcoin

JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon has recently stated that while he stands by his comments on Bitcoin, he is tired of answering questions about the cryptocurrency. Dimon says that he doesn’t want to be known as a Bitcoin antagonist because he doesn’t have any interest in it.

Blockchain Tech Gives New Hope to Censored Activists and Journalists

Major social media platforms are cracking down on hate speech and offensive content, but activists and journalists are also getting caught up in the clampdown. Blockchain developers are now racing to create censorship-proof alternatives.

Venezuelas Controversial Petro Cryptocurrency Is Now Officially on Sale

After many delays, the Venezuelan government’s controversial fiat cryptocurrency, the Petro, is finally on sale. However, the currency may struggle to find market share among so many trusted and decentralized alternatives.

Belgium Issues Warning To Citizens About 99 Crypto Scam Sites

The government of Belgium has issued a warning to citizens in the country about crypto scam sites that have been stealing money. Regulators listed 99 websites to avoid.

Does Cryptocurrency Really Have Value?

Many skeptics of cryptocurrencies don’t believe that digital assets have real-world value, but all assets, from gold to Bitcoin, ultimately derive their value from the faith and participation of the people that trade them.

One Million WAVES Offered to Game Developers Who Build on Waves Platform

The Waves platform has launched a promotion to entice gaming companies to build on their blockchain, and will be offering 1 million WAVES to developers who take on the project.

Alibaba Wins Copyright Case Against “Alibabacoin” Cryptocurrency

This week, Alibaba Group Holding Limited had a major win in their ongoing legal battle with the Alibabacoin Foundation, a cryptocurrency that shares the “Alibaba” name. The company has won a primary injunction against the cryptocurrency on the grounds of copyright violation.

Wu-Tang Clan To Release Ol Dirty Bastard Coin (ODB)

Legendary hip-hop group the Wu-Tang Clan are releasing a cryptocurrency in the name of their late member Ol Dirty Bastard. The cryptocurrency will be used for events, merchandise and opportunities for fans.

Overstock’s Medici Invests $6 Million In Decentralized Social Network

Overstock’s blockchain subsidiary Medici Ventures announced a $6 million investment in a growing decentralized social media platform.

Bakkt Announces Launch Date for Bitcoin (BTC) Futures Trading

A new cryptocurrency exchange backed by legacy institutions will begin Bitcoin (BTC) futures trading this year. 

Dogecoin’s Creator Implies Institutional Money Could Turn Crypto Into Wall Street 2.0

Dogecoin creator Jackson Palmer is concerned about the consequences of institutional money coming into the blockchain industry.

Cornell Professor Emin Gn Sirer Impressed With Bitcoin Cash Devcon

Cornell Professor and co-director Emin Gün Sirer shared his thoughts on Bitcoin Cash after the BCH devcon

Scammers Are Impersonating Dogecoin’s Creator to Steal Cryptocurrency

Dogecoin creator Jackson Palmer recently made a post on Twitter warning his followers about scammers who have been impersonating him in attempts to swindle crypto out of unsuspecting supporters.

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