Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss have quickly carved out a space for themselves in the blockchain space with their cryptocurrency exchange Gemini, and they see a bright future for the industry.

In a recent panel discussion with “Bitcoin Billionaires” author Ben Mezrich and The Wall Street Journal’s Paul Vigna, the twins said, “We still think it’s the bottom of the first inning,” for Bitcoin.





Winklevoss Twins

When Bitcoin was at it’s all time high in 2017, CNBC reported that the combined crypto wealth of the Winklevoss twins was over $1 billion. They have also claimed to own over 1% of the Bitcoin in the world.

The twins are well known outside of the crypto community because they co-founded a website called HarvardConnection, which was later renamed ConnectU.

In 2004, the brothers sued Mark Zuckerberg, claiming that he copied their website and used the model of ConnectU to create Facebook. Ultimately, they received a 65 million settlement from Facebook, and have since become venture capitalists. After their introduction to Bitcoin, the two have been focusing almost entirely on crypto projects.

Facebook Libra

Despite their previous bad blood, the twins could be doing business with Mark Zuckerberg again soon, through Facebook’s new “Libra” cryptocurrency project.

According to a report from CoinDesk last week, there is a possibility that the twins will be joining the Libra Association soon. In an interview about the new project, Cameron said, “We’re definitely looking at it in earnest and we’re excited about the project.” Tyler added that:

“Our feeling is, this is the first of many FANG [Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google] companies to have a token project. Our prediction is in the next 24 months almost every FANG company will have a coin or be working on some sort of project.”

In another interview last week, the twins said that Libra was “very positive for crypto.”