Bitcoin Cash

Caribbean Nation Saint Kitts and Nevis Could Make $BCH Legal Tender in 2023

Dr. Terrance Drew, the prime minister of dual-island Caribbean country Saint Kitts and Nevis (officially the Federation of Saint Christopher and Nevis), reportedly made the shocking announcement on 12 November 2012. El Salvador and Bitcoin As you may know, on 5 June 2021, Zap Solutions (a Bitcoin payments startup that uses the Lightning Network) Founder and […]

‘Bitcoin Jesus’ Roger Ver Says Dogecoin ($DOGE) Is ‘Significantly Better’ Than $BTC

Early Bitcoin ($BTC) adopter and promoter Roger Ver, who for his work to help the early cryptocurrency community grow was at the time nicknamed “Bitcoin Jesus,” has recently defended the meme-inspired cryptocurrency Dogecoin ($DOGE) is “significantly better” than BTC itself. According to Bloomberg Ver, who is also the founder of, said in an interview […]

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