Early Bitcoin ($BTC) adopter and promoter Roger Ver, who for his work to help the early cryptocurrency community grow was at the time nicknamed “Bitcoin Jesus,” has recently defended the meme-inspired cryptocurrency Dogecoin ($DOGE) is “significantly better” than BTC itself.

According to Bloomberg Ver, who is also the founder of Bitcoin.com, said in an interview he is a fan of the meme-inspired cryptocurrency because of its fast transaction times and low fees. Ver was quoted saying:

Dogecoin is significantly better [than Bitcoin], it’s cheaper and more reliable. If I had to pick three contenders for the world’s dominant cryptocurrency, they would be Doge, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash.

It’s worth noting Ver is a prominent Bitcoin Cash ($BCH) supporter, who backed BCH during the Bitcoin fork back in August 2017 at the time the network split into two. Bitcoin Cash inherited Bitcoins’ transaction history at the time, but significantly grew its block size to accommodate more transactions.

During the interview, the CEO also voiced support for Elon Musk’s recent Twitter takeover. Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, is a well-known DOGE supporter who has hinted his space exploration company could start accepting payments in the meme-inspired cryptocurrency.

Tesla has started accepting DOGE payments on its website earlier, allowing specific products be bought with it. At the time of writing, it features a mug for 205 DOGE and a ‘cyberwhistle’ for 420 DOGE., among other items priced in the cryptocurrency.

Per ver, Musk’s acquisition of Twitter will make it more “attractive,” and he is “grateful that Musk is out there calling out censorship.” Ver, it’s worth noting, has for years argued censorship on the popular Bitcoin subreddit r/Bitcoin influenced the scaling debate that preceded the 2017 hard fork.

On social media, the CEO still advocates for Bitcoin Cash and helps spread its adoption among merchants, while also calling for some of the key properties of crypto to be remembered.

As CryptoGlobe reported, Dogecoin whale transactions recently surged to get close to a 4-month high to reach 2,400 transactions, shortly after it was revealed Twitter accepted Musk’s buyout bid.

During the interview, Ver noted he is “definitely a cryptocurrency whale still” and that he has never been a BTC or BCH maximalist, but instead keeps “a wide assorted basket in cryptocurrency.”


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