Udi Wertheimer on Why Bitcoin Ordinals Are the ‘Biggest Opportunity in Crypto’ and Predicts Top Projects Will ‘Melt Faces’

Udi Wertheimer is a well-known figure in the cryptocurrency community, particularly recognized for his insights, commentary, and critiques within the Bitcoin and broader blockchain technology space. He describes himself as a developer and a Bitcoin enthusiast, and he has gained a following for his often contrarian and thought-provoking views on various crypto-related topics. Wertheimer is […]

BTC Developer Luke Dashjr: 2024 Bitcoin Core Update Will Disrupt Ordinals and BRC-20 Tokens

Understanding Ordinals Ordinals are a novel application within the Bitcoin blockchain, allowing for the inscription of data, such as text, images, and videos, onto individual satoshis, the smallest unit of Bitcoin. This process transforms these satoshis into unique, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), each with its distinct data imprint. Ordinals have expanded the utility of Bitcoin, traditionally […]

Bitcoin Transaction Fees Eclipse Ethereum’s Amid Ordinals Frenzy

Ordinals, in the context of Bitcoin, refer to a recent development that allows for the inscription of unique, non-fungible data onto individual satoshis, the smallest unit of Bitcoin. This concept transforms these satoshis into one-of-a-kind digital artifacts akin to non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on other blockchain platforms. Each satoshi can be inscribed with content such as […]

From Beauty Queen to Bitcoin Advocate: Miss Universe El Salvador 2022 Launches Ordinals Collection

Mexican-Salvadoran ballet dancer and beauty queen Alejandra Guajardo, who was crowned Miss Universe El Salvador 2022 on August 13, 2022, has actively promoted Bitcoin adoption on social media. On April 23, 2023, she encouraged others to share their knowledge of Bitcoin with the women in their lives, emphasizing the potential for financial freedom and empowerment. On […]

Bringing NFTs to Bitcoin: The Innovation of Casey Rodarmor’s Ordinals Protocol

In a recent interview, Casey Rodarmor, the creator of the Ordinals project, shared his thoughts about one of the hottest projects in the crypto space. According to a report by George Kaloudis, a senior research analyst and columnist for CoinDesk who recently interviewed Rodarmor, the Bitcoin developer began working on Ordinals in 2022, drawing inspiration […]

Trust Machines CEO: ‘Ordinals Is a Trojan Horse That Can Take Bitcoin to a Billion People’

On Thursday (16 February 2023), Dr. Muneeb Ali, who is the co-creator of Stacks, “an open-source platform to enable smart contracts, DeFi, NFTs, and apps for Bitcoin,” as well as Co-Founder and CEO of Trust Machines, commented on the currently hot topic of Bitcoin NFTs. Earlier today, Dr. Ali had this to say about the Ordinals protocol, which supports […]

Binance Research on How Bitcoin NFTs Are Taking the Crypto World by Storm

On Tuesday (7 February 2023), Binance Research, the research division of Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume, delved into the topic of Bitcoin NFTs. In a Twitter thread posted earlier today, Binance Research said that traditionally, the Bitcoin blockchain was only used for payment transactions, but recently a new protocol known as the […]

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