The cryptocurrency community was set abuzz this week after Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak revealed he had lunch with TRON founder Justin Sun, weeks after Sun touted a “secret project” for TRX.

On Twitter, Steve Wozniak initially revealed the pair had lunch at the Mandarin Gourmet restaurant in Cupertino, California. In response Justin Sun said it was an honor to meet Wozniak, but added he’s “looking forward to our partnership.”

The response set the cryptocurrency community abuzz as some started criticizing Sun for his very frequent announcements – even when he is just announcing an upcoming announcement – claiming these posts just see TRX supporters fantasize about potential partnerships, only to potentially be let down in the future.

Others, on the other hand, started connecting the tweet with some of Sun’s other announcements to speculate Wozniak may be involved in a soon-to-launched project that will, according to Sun himself, bring “at least 100 million users” to the TRX and BitTorrent ecosystem.

As CryptoGlobe reported, earlier this month Sun tweeted out the TRON Foundation was going to “start a secret project” for BitTorrent and the cryptocurrency-powered livestreaming platform DLIve, that will “create at least multibillion benefits” for both the BTT token and TRX.

In a follow-up tweet, Sun at least clarified he received advice from Steve Wozniak regarding the TRON ecosystem and the TRX token. Whether Wozniak will be involved in anything is unclear.

Sun is well-known for comments like these on social media. One reply to a recent tweet pointed out that in October 2019 he hinted at a new $100 billion partnership that was going to be supporting the TRX ecosystem. Given his reputation some users were skeptical of his recent announcement, and speculated he merely received advice from Wozniak.

Featured image via Unsplas