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Mike is a financial and cryptocurrency journalist for CryptoGlobe covering the industry since 2017. Mike is an alumnus of the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill.

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GateHub Data Breach Compromised Crypto Wallet Passwords for 1.4 Million Users

Crypto wallet service GateHub's security breach has resulted in more than 1.4 million users having their data compromised, including email addresses, passwords, and two-factor authenticators. 

Monero’s Website Was Hacked to Distribute Crypto-Stealing Malware

Monero's official website was hacked and caused users to download a compromised wallet client that contained potentially malicious crypto-stealing malware. 

U.S. Government Intervenes in CFTC Case Against Alleged Crypto Fraudster

The US government has filed to intervene in a lawsuit by the CFTC against an alleged crypto fraudster, citing that the suit may interfere with a parallel case involving the accused. 

Bank of Japan Governor Announces Investigation into Digital Currencies

Bank of Japan, the country's central bank, has announced an investigation into digital currencies. Governor Haruhiko Kuroda says the bank has no intention to launch a digital currency as of now but may consider its implementation in the future. 

Data Analytics Firm LongHash Refutes Tether Manipulation Causing Bitcoin's 2017 Bull Run

Crypto data analytics firm LongHash has published a report refuting Tether's manipulation of the market and influencing bitcoin's price during the late-2017 BTC bull rally.

Official Chinese Military Newspaper Recommends Blockchain and Token Rewards

The official Chinse army newspaper PLA Daily has recommended the use of blockchain for tracking soldier data and performance and issuing rewards in the form of tokens. 

Crypto Investors Report Receiving Tax Refunds From IRS for Being Compliant

Cryptocurrency investors have reported receiving full refunds from the IRS after properly filing their taxes or paying balances that were owed. 

Bitcoin ATMs Top 6,000 Worldwide

Bitcoin ATMs now total more than 6000 worldwide, according to data provided by CoinATMRadar. 

Russian Intelligence Agency FSB Linked to $450 Million in Missing Bitcoin

A new BBC report has linked the Russian intelligence agency FSB to the disappearance of more than $450 million in client crypto from the now defunct exchange WEX. 

German Watchdog Issues Warning Over Bulgarian Crypto Broker

German watchdog BaFin has flagged Bulgarian crypto broker 5 Capital, telling the firm that they must apply for a new anti-money laundering license by the end of 2019 in order to be in compliance and transact with German investors. 

UK Advertisement Authority Goes After Misleading Crypto Advertisement

The UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) issued a ruling against Fortune Academy for running an advertisement in August 2019 promoting a cryptocurrency course that promised consumers unrealistic returns.

Two Massachusetts Men Indicted in $500,000 SIM Swapping Crypto Scam

Two Massachusetts men have been charged and arrested in a $500,000 cryptocurrency scam involving the use of SIM swapping and other hacking techniques. 

Fundstrat’s Tom Lee Compares Cryptoasset Growth to Major Tech Stocks

Fundstrat's Tom Lee says that cryptocurrencies will become institutional and normal assets long-term, and predicts their price to grow from network effects, similar to the pricing of tech stocks such as Facebook and Amazon. 

IRS: ‘Like-Kind’ Tax Exemption Does Not Apply to Pre-2018 Crypto Trades

An IRS official has clarified the agency's position on 'like-kind' exemptions being applied to pre-2018 crypto trades, saying that the exemption has never applied to the use of cryptocurrency. 

Weiss Crypto Ratings Says Cardano Is 'Vastly Superior' to EOS

Weiss Crypto Ratings says that Cardano is vastly superior to EOS, despite the latter being first to market and having more than double the market capitalization of ADA. 

Crypto Exchange OKEx Launches USDT-Margined Futures

Cryptocurrency exchange OKEx has announced the official launch of USDT-margined futures to its product offering. 

Unknown Fund Investing $75 Million in Bitcoin for the Development of Anonymity

Unknown Fund has announced its intention to invest $75 million in bitcoin into projects that promote crypto, blockchain and anonymity.

Crypto Mining Hardware Manufacturer Canaan Downgrades IPO Target to $100 Million

Crypto mining rig manufacturer Canaan Creative has updated its Initial Public Offering (IPO) target price to $100 million, down from its previous filing of $400 million.

Dutch Court Orders Facebook to Remove Fraudulent Crypto Advertisements

A Dutch court has ordered that Facebook must remove a series of fraudulent ads using the likeness of celebrities to push cryptocurrency scams. 

BIS Digital Currency Hub Chaired by Former Bitcoin Detractor

The new digital currency hub of the Bank of International Settlemetns (BIS) will be chaired by a former European Central Bank board member who called bitcoin the "evil spawn" of the 2008 financial crisis. 

Bitcoin Cash Adoption Surpasses That of Bitcoin in Venezuela

Bitcoin cash is now more widely accepted by Venezuelan merchants than the original bitcoin, according to a new report. 

Mastercard Exec Cites Regulatory Concerns for Leaving Libra Association

Co-President of Mastercard Asia Pacific Ari Sarker says the bank withdrew from the Libra Association after realizing that certain regulatory core tenets were not being adhered to. 

Half of Financial Pros Think Bitcoin Will Outperform S&P 500 in 2020

A new survey by Chainalysis found that half of financial professionals believe that bitcoin will be the top-performing asset in 2020.

Peter Schiff Calls Out Bobby Lee for $1 Million Bitcoin Price Prediction

Gold bug and crypto critic Peter Schiff called out Bobby Lee for his $1 million price prediction for bitcoin, saying that it was misleading to retail investors. 

Bobby Lee: Bitcoin Could Reach $100,000 After the Next Bubble

Bitcoin maximalist and Ballet founder Bobby Lee predicts that the price of bitcoin will reach $100,000 after its next bubble. 

Binance Opens Four New Fiat Gateways Including EUR

Binance has announced a partnership with Advcash to offer fiat deposits for EUR, RUB, UAH and KZT. 

Ben Shaoul Sells Upper East Side Condo for $15.3 Million in Bitcoin

Ben Shaoul, president of Magnum Real Estate Group, used bitcoin to sell an Upper East Side condo to a Taiwanese buyer for $15.3 million BTC. 

League of Legends Co-Creator Defrauded $15 Million in Crypto Mining Scam

Riot Games' founder and League of Legends co-creator Marc Merrill was defrauded of more than $15 million in a cryptocurrency cloud mining scam. 

Australian Minister Peter Dutton Warns Terrorists Are Turning to Cryptocurrency

Australia's Minister of Home Affairs has issued a warning that terrorists are exploiting the anonymity of cryptocurrency to fund their "deadly missions" 

$15 million: Bakkt Bitcoin Futures Daily Trading Volume Hits New High

Trading volume for Bakkt's bitcoin futures contracts reached a new all-time high on Nov. 8, with 1741 contracts traded worth $15.4 million.

FTC Commissioner: Libra Should Motivate Fed to Pursue Real-Time Payments

FTC Commissioner Rohit Chopra published an open letter to the US Federal Reserve, supporting the creation of real-time payments following the increased demand created by Facebook's digital currency libra. 

Pro-Crypto Silvergate Bank Makes its NYSE Debut

Crypto-friendly Silvergate Bank made its IPO debut on the New York Stock Exchange Thursday, with share trading for $12.75 at opening. 

MakerDAO Proposes Increasing Dai Debt Ceiling to $120 Million

Decentralized cryptocurrency loan platform MakerDAO has proposed raising its debt ceiling to $120 million after reaching its previous limit set at $100 million. 

Mining Rig Manufacturer Canaan Registers $13 Million in Profit for Q3 2019

Crypto mining rig manufacturer Canaan Creative has registered 94 million yuan ($13 million) in profits for Q3 2019, giving a strong boost to its bid for an IPO in the US. 

Bitmain Co-Founder Micree Zhan Threatens Legal Action Following Sudden Outing

Bitmain co-founder Micree Zhan has threatened legal action against his former company following his sudden outsing last week. Zhan intends to return to the firm, and said his removal was made without prior consent. 

Cardano and Algorand Receive High Praise from Weiss Crypto Ratings

Cardano and Algorand have received high praise from Weiss Crypto Ratings for already solving most of the issues addressed by the CBC Casper Protocol.

Chinese Central Bank Official Says National Digital Currency Holders Won't Receive Interest Payments

A Chinese central bank official says that the forthcoming digital currency will replace coins and paper money, thereby eliminating the need for interest payments and the potential for inflation. 

Coinbase Legal Chief Recommends Private Sector Create a Digital Dollar

Coinbase's legal chief Brian Brooks has called upon the private sector to develop a fully digital US dollar, saying that the government should not interfere with blockchain regulation. 

EU Mulling Digital Currency Following Pressure from Libra

A draft document has surfaced urging the European Central Bank to consider issuing a digital currency to keep pace with the pressure brought by Facebook's libra. 

Illinois Lottery Winner Invests Half of His $500,000 Payout Into Bitcoin

An Illinois state lottery winner claims to have put half of his payout into bitcoin in May, making for a substantial return on investment several months later. 

Joseph Lubin: China’s Digital Currency Will be Used for Control

Ethereum co-founder Joseph Lubin says that China's digital currency will not embrace the full freedom of decentralization and instead be used as a further means for control.

Major Windows Vulnerability Used to Install Cryptocurrency Miners

The first in-the-wild impact of Microsoft Windows' BlueKeep vulnerability has been found to install cryptocurrency mining software on affected computers. 

Craig Wright Back in Court After Failing to Pay $9.2 Billion Settlement

Australian computer scientist Craig Wright is back on trial after attesting that he cannot pay the original settlement to the estate of his late partner Dave Kleiman. 

German DJ Faces Backlash After Claiming to Be Satoshi Nakamoto

German DJ Jorg Molt, who claims to be bitcoin's inventor Satoshi Nakamoto, has been called out for his blatant scam. 

Max Keiser Predicts China Will Launch a Gold-Backed Digital Currency

Max Keiser says that China has amassed as much as 20,000 tons of gold and will announce the launch of a gold-backed digital currency to under the US dollar. Keiser also predicts that the price of bitcoin can reach $100,000 as the result of a weakening greenback. 

Argentina’s Central Bank Issues Ban on Bitcoin Purchases with Credit Cards

Argentina's central bank has announced a prohibition on the purchase of bitcoin and other crypto-assets with credit cards. The decision comes just a week after the central bank put a $200 limit on US dollar purchases. 

Altcoins Get the Axe as Binance Removes Low Volume Trading Pairs

Binance has announced the delisting of 5 altcoin trading pairs following an extended period of low volume. 

Bitcoin's Infamous 'Time-Traveler' Was a BTC Bear All Along

Bitcoin's infamous time traveler has resurfaced for the first time since posting in 2013 to warn of the dangers in the continued use of crypto. 

Kraken Launches Pro Crypto Trading App with Margin Support

Crypto exchange Kraken has officially launched its mobile trading app for iOS and Android, which includes support for margin trading.   

Kraken Launches Pro Crypto Trading App with Margin Support

Crypto exchange Kraken has released a new mobile application for iOS and Android which includes support for margin trading. 

BitMEX Accidentally Sends Out User Emails Raising Security Concerns

BitMEX accidentally sent out more than 3,000 unique email addresses belonging to clients, raising concerns over the security of the exchange. 

Over 200 Private German Banks Support the Issuance of a Digital Euro

The Association of German Banks, a lobbying group of more than 200 private banks, has called for the issuance of a digital euro to bring the financial system into the digital age. 

Crypto Derivatives Exchange BitMEX is Altering the Weight of its Indices

BitMEX has announced a re-configuration to the weight of its indices which is set to go live on Nov. 22. Huobi, which was not previously featured in the calculation, will now play a significant role. 

eToro Hires Alec Baldwin to Promote New CopyTrader Feature

eToro is using Alec Baldwin to promote its new CopyTrader feature, which allows clients the ability to automatically copy the trades of other successful investors. 

Deribit Refunding $1.3 Million to Clients Affected by Flash Crash

Crypto derivatives platform Deribit has announced a full reimbursement of $1.3 million to clients affected by the flash crash that occurred on Oct. 31. 

Bitcoin’s Five Biggest Price Jumps Over the Last Five Years

Bitcoin's price surged last week, with a 28 percent gain in less than 24 hours, is just one of many examples of the currency making massive gains in a short time-span. In this article we look at the top 5 bitcoin price rallies.

Passport Capital CIO Says Financial Systems are Blind to Crypto’s Impact

Passport Capital CIO William Peets says that financial institutions are blind to the potential impact of blockchain and deflationary currencies such as bitcoin, making them ripe for disruption. 

Crypto-Powered Brave Browser and Everipedia Partner to Increase Brand Awareness

Brave Browser and blockchain-based encyclopedia Everipedia have announced a partnership in an effort to promote both brands. 

China is Using Blockchain Technology to Record Community Party Members’ Loyalty

The People's Republic of China Communist Party has released a new blockchain-based application that encourages users to pledge their loyalty to the Party while tracking their input. 

Over 5% of UK Citizens Own Bitcoin, With More Planning to Invest

A new survey of 2500 UK citizens aged 18 to 65+ reveals that 5.3% have already invested in bitcoin with an additional 6.8 percent of those polled saying they intend to buy BTC in the future. 

XRP Responsible for 50% of Crypto Transaction Volume Over Last 24 Hours

XRP is responsible for more than 50 percent of total crypto transaction volume over the last 24 hours, as the currency's usage continues to rise. 

Russian Mining Company Looking to Mine 20% of Remaining Bitcoin

Russian Mining Company is planning to convert an old metal factory into a crypto mining farm, with the goal of cornering 20% of the market share. 

Bitfinex Adds Native SegWit Addresses for Bitcoin Withdrawals and New Charting Tools

Crypto exchange Bitfinex has added native SegWit address support for bitcoin withdrawals, which should reduce transaction fees. 

Peter Schiff: Bitcoin Rally a Result of Market Manipulation, Dumping Ahead

Gold bug Peter Schiff says that bitcoin's most recent price rally was the result of market manipulation by whale investors and predicts that the currency will be dumped at a higher price. 

Chinese Official Slams Libra, Says Central Bank will Issue Digital Currency First

Chinese Official Huang Qifan told audience members at the Bund Financial Summit that Facebook's libra was likely to fail, and that China's central bank would be the first to issue a digital currency.

Ethereum 2.0 Staking Expected to Double Economic Activity to $16 Billion

A new Binance Research report claims that Ethereum 2.0 staking will double the economic activity of the network to more than $16 billion. 

Samsung Adds TRON (TRX) Support for Keystore Wallet

Samsung has quietly added support for TRON's TRX cryptocurrency to their Keystore Wallet, following Justin Sun hinting at the partnership in a tweet last week. 

Litecoin’s Hashrate Continues to Plummet Following the Halving

Litecoin's hash rate has continued to plummet since block reward halving in August, with network difficulty falling more than 60 percent. 

Updated Chinese Blockchain Rankings: EOS First, TRON Second, Bitcoin Eleventh

The latest update in China's state-backed blockchain project rankings has moved tron into the second overall spot while bitcoin continues to hold at eleven.

Bakkt’s Bitcoin Futures Trading Volume Surged 257% in 24 Hours

Bakkt's trading volume for physically-settled bitcoin futures skyrocketed on Oct. 25, following the bullish rally for BTC. 

Crypto Capital Principal Indicted with Fraud Over Lost Bitfinex Funds

Crypto Capital principal Oz Yosef has been indicted on three counts in conjunction with the ongoing case involving Bitfinex's loss of more than $850 million. The news follows just days after Crypto Capital's president was extradited by Polish authorities. 

Bahamas Central Bank Launching Project Sand Dollar in Abaco

The central bank of the Bahamas has announced the launch of its digital currency pilot program Project Sand Dollar will take place in Abaco before the end of the year. 

KuCoin to Launch Margin Trading on Oct. 31

Crypto exchange KuCoin has announced the launch of margin trading services beginning Oct. 31.

Tether Gaining Popularity with Gambling Sites and Pot Shops

Tether adoption has skyrocketed over the last year, as merchants and customers shun the price volatility of traditional crypto-assets to transact with stablecoins. 

Cryptopia Liquidators Have Made Progress But Yet to Announce Reimbursement Date

Liquidators for hacked crypto exchange Cryptopia have announced progress in reconciling user funds, but have yet to announce a date for reimbursement. 

Justin Sun Hints $100 Billion TRON Partnership Coming Next Week

TRON founder Justin Sun has hinted at a new partnership to be announced next week with a $100 billion mega corporation. 

John McAfee Doubles His Bitcoin Price Prediction to $2 Million in 2020

John McAfee has upped his price prediction for bitcoin in 2020, saying that BTC will reach $2 million by the end of the year. 

XRP is Showing Bullish Indicators, says Renowned Trader Peter Brandt

Renowned crypto trader Peter Brandt says XRP is showing bullish indicators according to trading charts, forming a diamond pattern that could indicate a bottom. 

Former NBA Player Allegedly Made $825,000 in Ghanian Bitcoin Scam

Former NBA player Isaac Edward Austin has allegedly received $825K in a bitcoin exit scam after posing as a trustee for two crypto trading firms. 

Australian Police Generated a 2000% Return on Seized Bitcoin

Bitcoin seized by Australian Federal Police in an illegal firearms sale appreciated more than 2000 percent over two years, with the profits put back into local communities for crime prevention. 

Crypto Capital President Arrested in Money-Laundering Scandal Involving Bitfinex

The president of payment processing firm Crypto Capital has been arrested on accusations of money laundering. The firm was previously the payment processor for Bitfinex and QuadrigaCX and is being tied to the loss of $850 million. 

BitPay Investigating Unauthorized Charges to a ‘Handful’ of Customers

Multiple reports have surfaced in the crypto community claiming that unauthorized charges are being applied to their BitPay account. The payment service provider confirmed that it has received a "handful" of reports over the last week and is investigating the situation. 

President Xi: China Should Seize Opportunity for Blockchain Adoption

President Xi told said in a committee meeting on Oct. 24 that China should embrace the opportunity for innovation in blockchain technology, which could revolutionize the financial and mass transit industries. 

Johannesburg City Network Shutdown over Bitcoin Ransom Hack

The South African City of Johannesburg has been forced to shut down its official network following the hack of its system by a group demanding bitcoin for ransom. 

Only Two Altcoins Have Outperformed Bitcoin so Far This Year

Binance Coin and Chainlink are the only two major altcoins to outperform BTC on the year, as the crypto-markets undergo a resurgence in 2019.

U.S. Senator Mike Rounds Defends Cryptocurrency, Says It's Here to Stay

Republican Senator Mike Rounds has published a letter defending cryptocurrency and digital currencies like libra, while criticizing lawmakers for enacting regulation that will stifle blockchain innovation. 

ConsenSys Launches Sattelite to Track Space Debris Using Ethereum’s Blockchain

Blockchain technology solutions platform ConsenSys has unveiled the launch of a new satellite tracking application built on ethereum's blockchain. 

Big Tech and Central Banks Can Take Crypto Mainstream, Says Coinbase UK CEO

Coinbase UK CEO Zeeshan Feroz says that the impact of central banks and big tech issuing digital currencies will be enough to take crypto mainstream. 

Rich Dad Poor Dad Author: Bitcoin Is 'Taking on' the Federal Reserve

Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki says that bitcoin taking on the FED has created a David-versus-Goliath scenario and made for an exciting time in the financial markets. 

Time to Buy? Bitcoin Fear & Greed Index Shows ‘Extreme Fear’

The Fear & Greed Index, a historical marker of market sentiment, is pointing toward 'Extreme Fear' for the first time since September. According to their data, it may be an indication that investors are "too worried" about bitcoin's price and the crypto markets. 

Coinbase Has Netted Nearly $2 Billion in Trading Fees Since Launching in 2012, CEO Reveals

US-based crypto exchange Coinbase has generated nearly $2 billion in trading fees alone since launching in 2012. 

Celsius Partners with Tether to Offer up to 12% Interest on USDT Deposits

Celsius Network has announced a partnership with Tether to offer up to 12 percent interest on USDT deposits made to the platform. 

Libra Association's Members Haven't yet Contributed Their $10 Million: Report

A new BBC report says that none of the 20 partners of the libra association have yet to commit financially to the project, with one source saying there is no timeline on when the $10 million fee will be paid. 

Bitcoin Is More Than Digital Gold, Says Cameron Winklevoss

Cameron Winklevoss says bitcoin is more than digital gold, by offering users a 'source of truth.'

Zuckerberg: Facebook Won’t Be Launching Libra Without Regulatory Approval

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has submitted written testimony to the House Financial Services Committee ahead of his meeting with lawmakers, saying the Libra Association will not launch without regulatory approval. 

Former Federal Reserve Nominee Announces Launch of New Stablecoin

Former Federal Reserve nominee Stephen Moore has announced his intention to launch a stablecoin backed by a fractional reserve. Moore says that existing financial systems will be forced to compete with the rise of private currencies such as Frax. 

ING Head Warns Banks Could Drop Facebook Over Its Libra Cryptocurrency

ING Chief Executive Ralph Hamers has warned that it would be difficult for banks to continue their relationship with Facebook if the social media company continues with the launch of libra. 

Trade.io Halts Trading Amidst Market Slow Down

Crypto platform Trade.io has announced a temporary suspension in trading activity, citing low market volume and rising infrastructure costs. 

India’s Finance Minister Says Countries Are 'Rushing' Into Cryptocurrency

India's Finance Minister cautioned that countries may be rushing into digital currencies and crypto-assets, particularly in the regulatory aftermath of Facebook's libra. 

Bittrex International Closes Service for More than 30 Countries

Bittrex International is closing its service for clients in more than 30 different countries, including Venezuela. 

Craig Wright Accuses Satoshi Nakamoto of Plagiarism

Australian computer programmer and crypto entrepreneur Craig Wright says that either he is Satoshi Nakamoto or the latter plagiarized him in bitcoin's white paper. 

Ripple XRP Sales Fell 74% in Q3 Amidst Mounting 'FUD'

Ripple XRP sales fell 74 percent during Q3 2019 according to their most recent quarterly report. The company cites increased FUD and a shift in focus to strategic partners as contributing to the decline. 

Binance.US Adds FDIC Insurance on USD Deposits

Binance.US, the North American division of leading crypto exchange Binance, has announced FDIC insurance coverage for USD deposits on the exchange of up to $250,000.

Brazilian Congressman Asks for Official Inquiry Into Country’s Alarming Crypto Fraud

Brazilian Congressman Aureo Ribeiro has asked Parliament to open an official inquiry into the country's rampant crypto-based scams and frauds, including the "epidemic" of pyramid schemes. 

Email Spamming Botnet Made Over 14 BTC in Five Months With Sextortion Scam

Security firm Check Point reports that Phoripex scam botnet is responsible for the rise in sextortion phishing scams and has collected more than $115,000 from victims over the last five months. 

German Finance Minister Wants to Stop Libra From Launching

German Finance Minister Olaf Scholz told reporters at the IMF and World Bank meetings in Washington that Facebook's digital currency libra needs to be prevented. 

Digital Asset Data Provider CryptoCompare Launches Real-Time Order Book Feed

Digital asset data provider CryptoCompare has announced the launch of a real-time order book feed, which provides investors with up to date information on more than 3,000 crypto-asset trading pairs. 

Privacy-Focused Crypto-Browser Brave Logs More than 8 Million Users

Privacy-focused Brave browser boasts more than 8 million active monthly users, with 2.8 million daily users. In addition, the opt-in advertisements have generated a 14 percent click-through rate versus the industry average of 2 percent. 

JPMorgan and Goldman Sachs Reportedly Rejected Involvement in Facebook's Libra

A new report by the Wall Street Journal claims that JP Morgan Chase and Goldman Sachs declined to join Facebook's libra due to concerns over the digital currency's potential use in illegal activity. 

U.S. CFTC Charges Nevada Company and Owner in $11 Million Cryptocurrency Fraud

The US CFTC has charged a Nevada company and its owner in an $11 million cryptocurrency fraud and misappropriation scheme. 

Telegram Delaying TON Until April Following SEC Lawsuit

Messaging giant Telegram is delaying the launch of TON until April 2020, following an emergency restraining order issued by the US SEC halting their token sale.

Roubini: Bitcoin 'Maybe' Constitutes a 'Partial Store of Value'

Renowned economist and long-time bitcoin detractor Nouriel Roubini has conceded that bitcoin might constitute a "partial store of value" at a speaking event held in London Oct. 16.

You Can Now Pay Your Bills With Crypto Through Bitpanda

Retail crypto brokerage Bitpanda has announced the addition of a new feature which allows users to send money to any IBAN in the European Union, including for bill pay.

NBA-China Controversy Tanks the Price of Nike Sneaker-Backed Token

The NBA's ongoing controversy with mainland China has led to a crash in the price for one Nike sneaker-backed crypto token. 

Bermuda's Government Is the First to Officially Accept USDC for Taxes

Bermuda has become the first government to accept the dollar-backed USDC stablecoin for tax payments, according to press release issued by Circle. 

eToro Launches Crypto Portfolio That Gauges Market Sentiment

Global crypto investment platform eToro has announced the launch of a new portfolio in conjunction with analytics firm TheTie which will used market sentiment data to invest in crypto-assets.

N. Korean Hackers Are Posing as a Crypto Company to Infect Apple macOS Users

North Korean hackers of the Lazarus group have been connected to a recent Apple macOS malware by posing a legitimate cryptocurrency company. 

South Korean Social Media Platform's Sudden Shutdown Puts Its Crypto Investors in Limbo

South Korean social media platform Cyworld's sudden closure has put Clink investors in jeopardy of losing their funds. The company has yet to issue an official statement on the platform's shuttering and exchanges are considering de-listing Clink in lieu of more information. 

Only 8% of Chinese College Students Own Crypto, Survey Finds

A new survey shows that eight percent of Chinese college students have invested in crypto-assets and more than one-quarter would choose to work in the industry of blockchain after graduation. 

Dutch Bank ING Says Central Bank Digital Currencies are Inevitable

Dutch Bank ING's leading financial experts have predicted that central banks will issue digital currencies within the next five years, in light of Facebook's attempt at libra. 

Hurun Institute’s Wealthiest Chinese List Includes 12 Crypto Moguls

The Hurun Institute has published its annual edition of categorizing China's wealthiest individuals, which includes 12 figures from the industry of crypto. 

Zcash to Join Ethereum DeFi Ecosystem via a Wrapped Token

Zcash developer Electronic Coin Company (ECC) says they intend to create a ZEC token that can function on ethereum's blockchain, thereby opening up zcash for use in DeFi applications. 

Crypto Sextortionists Shifting From Bitcoin to Litecoin to Avoid Detection

Crypto phishing scammers are switching their operation away from accpeting bitcoin to litecoin and other alts in order to avoid detection by email filters. 

Bitcoin's Halving May Not Lead to a Bull Run, Says Bitmain's Co-Founder

Bitmain co-founder and former CEO Jihan Wu says that bitcoin's price will continue to rise, even if the crypto markets do not undergo a massive bull run during the next halving event. 

VanEck Director Says Firms Are Being Coerced to Abandon Libra Association

VanEck director Gabor Gurbacs says that companies abandoning Facebook's Libra Association are being "coerced" to do so due to mounting regulatory pressure around the globe. 

Coinbase Secures Rare E-Money License in Ireland

US-based crypto exchange Coinbase has obtained a rare e-money license from Irish authorities, allowing the company to expands it European operations. 

Brian Kelly Says Ethereum Being a Commodity Is 'Huge' for Crypto Markets

Brian Kelly told CNBC that he was unconcerned by the SEC's decision to deny bitcoin ETFs, particularly with the rise of traditional brokerages entering the crypto space. Instead, Kelly calls the CFTC's classification of ethereum as a commodity as a 'huge' development for the market that will pave the way for institutional investment. 

SEC Files Restraining Order Against Telegram Halting Its Token Sale

The US SEC has put a halt to Telegram's token sale, filing an emergency restraining order against the messaging company and its blockchain subsidiary TON.

Ethereum-Based Game Cheeze Wizards to Hold $100,000 Tournament

Dapper Labs, the development team behind CryptoKitties, has announced a tournament for the release of their new game Cheeze Wizards that will allow users to compete for a $100K reward. 

Coinbase Custody Adds Support for Maker Governance

Coinbase has added support for Maker Governance to its custodial service Coinbase Custody, allowing MKR holders to participate in contract voting. 

Bitcoin Is Now Being Sold at Over 5,000 French Tobacco Shops

Crypto startup Keplerk is re-launching its service allowing French customers to purchase bitcoin in more than 5200 tobacco shops. 

Bitcoin Mining Hardware Manufacturer Canaan to Be Publicly Listed in US: Report

Chinese bitcoin mining rig manufacturer Canaan will be listed in the US beginning in mid-November, according to an anonymous source. News of the company's listing follows on reports that the company has successfully completed its filing for an initial public offering.

CME Group Expects Bitcoin Options to Be Popular With Asian Investors

CME Group executive Tim McCourt said that he expects the forthcoming launch of bitcoin options trading to be a hit with Asian investors and cryptocurrency miners. 

Bitmain Announces Two New ASIC Antminer 17 Rigs

Bitmain has announced the production of two new ASIC bitcoin mining rigs as apart of their Antminer 17 series. The new rigs will feature improve power efficiency with increased hash rate capabilities. 

OpenLibra Project Lead Accused of Scamming in ICO Controversy

OpenLibra co-founder Lucas Geiger is being accused on Twitter for his role in the Wireline.io ICO held in 2018. Andrew Lee, who invested $1 million into Geiger's project, has not heard back from the co-founder and claims the ICO made numerous false promises. 

Research: TRON’s Network Flooded With DApp Bots

New research shows that TRON's network is flooded with blockchain bots using decentralized applications. According to the report by AnChain, 30 percent of the unique accounts on TRON's top 10 gambling dapps belong to bots, accounting for over 19 percent of transaction volume. 

Grayscale Senior Exec Says Institutional Investment Doubled in Q2 2019

A senior executive for Grayscale says that institutional investment doubled in Q2 2019, accounting for more than 80 percent of the capital raised during that quarter. 

Binance Launches P2P Trading in China With WeChat and AliPay On-Ramps

Binance has announced the launch of P2P trading for China, in addition to accepting Yuan through fiat on-ramps via WeChat and AliPay.

Facebook’s Libra Forked into Permissionless OpenLibra

Facebook's digital currency libra has been forked into a permissionless, decentralized project called OpenLibra. 

Bitcoin Ransomware Victim Gets Revenge on His Hackers

The victim of a bitcoin ransomware attack was able to hack his assailants and reveal their decryption database for other users impacted in the scheme. 

Bitfinex LEO Token Below $1 Amidst Crypto Market Recovery

Bitfinex's LEO token has dipped below its seed price of $1 for the first time since the private sale was held, as the crypto exchange becomes embroiled in lawsuits alleging market manipulation.

Crypto Tipping Platform TipJar Closing Shop Following Decline in Usage

Crypto tipping platform TipJar has announced it will be closing in six months, following a decline in volume. The Reddit tip bot service will cease to function immediately.

Tether and Bitfinex Push Back on Crypto Market Manipulation Lawsuit

Tether and Bitfinex have released similar statements pushing back against the accusations made in their lawsuit and condemning the use unpublished research implicating the companies in market manipulation.

Binance DEX Adds XRP-Pegged Token For Circulation and Trading Pairs

Binance's decentralized exchange Binance DEX has announced the launch of an XRP-pegged token, which will create more trading pairs for the coin. 

Dutch Journalist Jort Kelder Exposes Bitcoin Scammer in YouTube Video

Dutch journalist Jort Kelder called out a bitcoin scammer live over Skype in a video published to YouTube. Kelder discovered that the scam artist had been using his likeness to drive fraudulent investments into bitcoin.

Netflix is Dominating BitTorrent in Volume But Torrenting Could Make a Return: Report

Netflix is dominating filesharing services like BItTorrent in terms of user volume, leading some ISPs to conclude that the rise of streaming has all but killed the privacy movement prevalent in the earlier days of the internet. 

Dogecoin Price Predictions: Is the Meme Currency Still Worth Buying?

Dogecoin, which began as a joke coin before ballooning into a hundred-million-dollar enterprise, has been around since 2013. However, is the crypto-asset still worth investing in, or should traders be wary of the meme cryptocurrency?

Ledger CEO Says Security is Still a Primary Concern for Crypto

Ledger CEO Pascal Gauthier appeared on Yahoo Finance to discuss the development of client-focused products that address concerns related to crypto security.

Institutional and Retail Interest in Cryptoassets is Waning, New Report Shows

A new report shows that institutional interest in bitcoin and crypto-assets is on the decline, in addition to market sentiment from retail investors. 

This Bitcoin Stealing Malware Masquerades as Other Programs

A crypto and banking malware is pretending to be other programs while collecting sensitive financial information on victims to steal their funds. 

Coinbase Eyeing Acquisition of Rental Startup Omni to Bulk up Coinbase Earn

Coinbase is in talks to acquire the engineering staff from rental digital marketplace startup Omni in order to bulk up the team for Coinbase Earn.

German Police Raid Former NATO Military Bunker to Bust Dark Web Crime Ring

German authorities have announced the raid of a data processing center located in a former NATO military bunker. The suspects were accused of operating multiple dark web platforms that used cryptocurrency to fuel illicit transactions. 

Chainalysis Adds Support for 10 ERC-20 Tokens; XRP and DOGE Coming Soon

Blockchain and crypto analysis firm Chainalysis has announced support for ten new ERC-20 tokens, and will be adding coverage for XRP, DOGE and more in the coming months.

Financial Stability Board Chair Says Scale of Stablecoins Will Pose 'Regulatory Challenges'

Financial Stability Board chairman says that the potential scale for Facebook's libra and other stablecoins will pose regulatory challenges in the future. 

Brave Proposes Crypto-Fueled Fully Decentralized VPN

Brave Browser, the group behind the BAT token, has announced a proposal to create a fully decentralized virtual private network. However, some community members are concerned that too much anonymity may lead to illicit web hosting.

Coinbase Launching 1.25% APY Rewards Progam for USD Coins

Crypto exchange Coinbase has announced the launch of its USDC Rewards program, which will pay users a 1.25% APY for USD Coins held in their account. 

BitTorrent Launches Mainnet for Decentralized File Sharing Protocol

BitTorrent has announced the mainnet launch for its decentralized filesharing protocol BTFS which seeks to become the world's largest and first scalable decentralized file storage platform. 

LocalBitcoins Volume Hits Milestone As Hong Kong Protests Continue

LocalBitcoins volume has skyrocketed over the last several months, recording its third highest volume for BTC last week since the beginning of 2018. 

Coil Partners with GateHub to Pay Content Creators in Real-Time with XRP

Content monetization platform Coil has partnered with GateHub to provide users payments in XRP in real-time.

Global Currency Organization Launching Revenue-Sharing Stablecoin USDD

Global Currency Organization, comprised of former employees from JPMorgan, Intel and TrustToken, are launching new stabelcoin USDD, which offers users a revenue-sharing incentive. 

Leaked Zuckerberg Tapes Reveal Future Direction of Libra

Leaked audiotapes and transcripts from Facebook meetings with Mark Zuckerberg reveal the future of their digital currency libra, in addition to pulling back the curtain on how Facebook has viewed the project thus far. 

Ethereum Surpasses Bitcoin in Daily Network Transaction Fees

Ethereum has surpassed bitcoin in terms of USD-denominated daily transaction fees for the second time in two weeks. Despite bitcoin prices suffering during the month of September, ETH managed to just barely in the green.

State-Owned German Bank Bayern LB Thinks Bitcoin is Outshining Gold

The publicly-regulated German bank Bayern LB has published a new report examining the stock-to-flow ratio for bitcoin, concluding that the crypto-asset displays a significant amount of "hardness" which could challenge gold.

Binance Research Says Bakkt Contributed to Bitcoin’s Price in September

The research division of leading crypto exchange BInance published a new report attributing bitcoin's falling price in September to the lackluster start for futures contract trading platform Bakkt. 

Band Protocol Launches Mainnet for Bitcoin Binary Options DApp

Band Protocol has announced the launch of its mainnet for BitSwing, a new decentralized application that will allow users to bet on bitcoin binary options denominated in ETH.

Majority of Investors Think Bitcoin’s Price Will Keep Dropping, Twitter Poll Shows

A bitcoin Twitter poll with over 900 votes shows the cryptocurrency community believes that the price of bitcoin will continue to fall beyond its current price around $8000.

Binance Is Adding TRX Staking Support After Becoming TRON's Top Super Representative

Leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance has become the top Super Representative on tron's network, generating more than 12 billion votes. In addition, the exchange has announced support for TRX staking which is set to begin on Oct. 1

Fidelity Digital Assets Will Provide Custody for Wave BTC Derivatives Fund

Wave Financial has partnered with Fidelity Digital Assets to provide custody for its new fund, which constitutes the world's first crypto derivatives-based yield fund. 

Ripple Exec Calls Facebook’s Libra a 'Walled Garden'

Ripple executive Marcus Treacher says that Facebook's digital currency libra will be a "walled garden" in reference to the projects closed system network. 

Bitcoin Will Hit a New All-Time High Within Next 18 Months, Says Ikigai Fund Founder

Venture capital fund founder Travis Kling told Yahoo Finance that bitcoin's price is being impacted by the macroeconomic ripples of the eurodollar market. In addition, Kling predicted that bitcoin's price would achieve another all-time high within the next 18 months. 

LedgerX Executives Claim Unfair Treatment by US Commodity Futures Trading Commission

Letters obtained from LegerX reveal that the bitcoin derivatives exchange believes that it is being unfairly treated by the CFTC stemming from personal biases of a former chairman.

Ethereum Dev Reports “Critical Vulnerabilities” in Gambling App FairWin

Ethereum developer Philippe Castonguay claims to discovered multiple, critical vulnerabilities in the gambling game FairWin, in addition to calling the platform a pyramid scheme. 

Top 8 Dogecoin Faucets to Start Earning DOGE in 2019

Dogecoin faucets allow users a way to start earning DOGE fast and for minimal effort. While the payouts are small, the faucets often employ games and bonuses for rewarding users of the platform.

Ukraine Reportedly Looking to Legalize Bitcoin and Other Cryptos

The Ukrainian Ministry of Digital Transformation has confirmed that legalizing bitcoin and crypto-assets is a high priority for the agency in order to further modernize the country.

Venezuelan Central Bank Accused of Laundering Bitcoin Obtained with Seized Mining Rigs

Venezuela's central bank is being accused of laundering bitcoin and ethereum obtained by the illegal seizure of mining rigs. 

Lightning Network Developer Updates Community on Security Vulnerability

Lightning network developer Rusty Russell has released full details concerning the security vulnerability that was discovered at the end of August. 

Crypto-Friendly Medici Bank to Start Taking on Clients Next Month

Newly launched and crypto-friendly Medici Bank will be launching a private beta for select clients in October, including one cryptocurrency exchange. 

Binance Helped UK Authorities Investigate $51 Million Fraud

Leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance helped the UK's Cyber Crime Unit to investigate a widespread phishing scheme that defrauded half a million victims of more than $51 million. 

Total Ether Locked in DeFi Continues to Rise Despite Falling Valuation

The total amount of ether locked into DeFi projects has increased over the last week, despite the falling valuation for the crypto markets. 

The Pirate Bay Has Received More Than $1 Million in BTC Donations, Report Claims

The Pirate Bay has received more than $1 million in bitcoin donations since it began accepting BTC in 2013.

Fake Bakkt Giveaways Are Already Trying to Scam Cryptocurrency Users

Scammers are already leveraging the launch of Bakkt to target cryptocurrency users, posing as a fake promotional website.

Japanese Financial Giant Monex Group to Pay Dividends in Bitcoin

Japanese financial giant Monex Group, owners of the crypto exchange Coincheck, have announced they will be paying their 2019 mid-term benefit to shareholders in bitcoin. 

Crypto Users Contemplate Quantum Computing After Google’s Latest Breakthrough

Cryptocurrency users have long feared the impact of quantum computing on blockchain security. Following a recent breakthrough by Google, more members in the industry are searching for ways to create quantum-resistant cryptography.

Global Accounting Standards Body Classifies Crypto as ‘Intangible Asset’

A global accounting standards body has concluded that bitcoin and altcoins are neither cash nor a financial asset, but instead constitute an intangible asset.

25,000 French Retailers to Start Accepting Bitcoin Payments in 2020

More than 25,000 French retail outlets will provide bitcoin payment support starting in Q1 2020. Foot Locker, Decathlon and Sephora are among the thirty companies listed for launch.

CoinShares Asking Clients to Push Back on FCA Crypto Regulations

Cryptocurrency firm CoinShares is pushing back on controversial guidelines set forth by the UK's Financial Conduct Authority by asking users to respond. 

IEO Platform Tokinex Retools as Bitfinex Token Sales, Launches Kim Dotcom's K.IM Token

Bitfinex has announced a re-tooling of IEO platform Tokinex to Bitfinex Token Sales. In addition to providing more support for coin developers, the platform will also push the use of its native token LEO.

Germany's Second-Largest Stock Exchange Launches Bitcoin Trading Platform

Germany's second-largest stock exchange has announced the launch of a fully regulated bitcoin trading platform, allowing Germany investors access to direct BTC trading without a broker for the first time in the country.

Justin Sun Sheds Light on TRON’s Plan for New Staking Mechanism

TRON founder Justin Sun has outlined a proposal for a new staking mechanism for TRX which is designed to improve the network's efficiency while generating greater community engagement. 

Two Suspects Indicted Over 2017 EtherDelta Hack

Two suspects have been indicted in connection with the 2017 hack of cryptocurrency exchange EtherDelta. According to the filing, the defendants were able to manipulate the web domain system to direct users to a fraudulent website before stealing client funds. 

Crypto Is 'Going to Get Bigger' Says CFTC Commissioner

CFTC Commissioner Brian Quintenz says that the industry of cryptocurrency will continue to grow around the globe, creating new regulatory challenges that his organization is prepared to handle. 

Top 5 Monero Faucets to Start Earning XMR

Crypto faucets can be a fun and fast way to start earning coins without directly purchasing them via exchanges. Here are five websites to start earning monero (XMR) right now. 

Litecoin: SegWit Usage Hits New All-Time High of 75%

Litecoin segwit transactions have registered a new all-time high, peaking at 75 percent on Sept. 19. While adoption for the protocol has been slow since first being introduced two years ago, segwit has provided improved transactions and reduced fees. 

Bitwise’s New Bitcoin ETF Pitch Claims Market is More 'Efficient'

Bitwise has updated its pitch to the US SEC for a bitcoin exchange-traded fund, arguing that the spot market for crypto has become more efficient over the years with CME futures contracts being the gold standard for regulation. 

Fake Telegram TON Ads Appearing On Russian Facebook

Fake advertisements are appearing on Russian Facebooks pages promoting the fraudulent sale of Telegram's TON token, in addition to using CEO Pavel Durov's likeness to promote the scam. 

Number of Bitcoin ATMs Up 500% Since 2016

New bitcoin ATM installation is up 500 percent since September 2016, indicating a strong demand for the physical kiosks despite the price volatility of BTC. 

Top 5 Ethereum Faucets to Start Earning Ether in 2019

Ethereum, the second-largest crypto-asset by market capitalization, has been a mainstay in the faucet marketplace. Here are five of the best options for earning ether right now:

Albanian Gangs Are Reportedly Using Bitcoin to Fuel the Uk’s Cocaine Market

Albanian gangs are becoming increasingly more sophisticated in the drug trade, using bitcoin to provide an outlet for cash flow in the UK's cocaine market. 

Electronic Arts Trolls Cryptocurrency Users on Twitter With Game Promotion

The official Twitter account for video game-maker Electronic Arts trolled crypto users in a series of tweets promoting their new game. 

Facebook Will Launch Libra Next Year Despite Regulatory Pressure, Says David Marcus

David Marcus says that Facebook is still on track to launch its digital currency libra next year, despite mounting pressure from regulatory bodies. 

Bitcoin Mining Difficulty On Pace for 60% Growth in Q3 2019

Bitcoin mining difficulty is on pace for to experience 60 percent growth in Q3 2019, as analysts predict a bullish indicator for the price of BTC. 

Ripple Files Motion to Dismiss Lawsuit, Says XRP is Not a Security

Ripple has filed a motion to dismiss a pending lawsuit brought against the startup by a group of XRP investors, arguing that the crypto-asset is not a security.

Binance Planning OTC Trading Within the Next Month

Binance is planning to launch a fiat-to-crypto OTC trading desk within the next month, specifically targeting the Chinese marketplace. 

Ethereum Advisor Steven Nerayoff Arrested on Crypto Extortion Charges

Early ethereum advisor Steven Nerayoff has been arrested along with Michael Hlady in an alleged mutl-million dollar crypto extortion scheme that threatened to destroy a Seattle-based startup. 

Gold Industry Can Learn From Cryptocurrency, Says Barrick Gold's COO

Barrick Gold chief operating officer Catherine Raw compared the industry of gold to cryptocurrency in an interview with Fortune. While Raw believes that gold is a better store of value asset, she said that the industry for gold could learn from cryptocurrency in targeting younger and millennial investors. 

Ethereum Co-Founders: Ether Can Be a Better Form of Money Than Bitcoin

Ethereum co-founders Vitalik Buterin and Joseph Lubin argued on a recent panel that ether can be a form of money to rival bitcoin, if the community wants it to be.

LINE’s Crypto Exchange Bitmax Launches for 80 Million Users in Japan

Japanese messaging app LINE has announced the official launch of its crypto exchange Bitmax, which will support five crypto-assets for trading out of the gate. 

Binance.US Adds Binance Coin (BNB) to Exchange's Launch

Binance.US, the American division of popular crypto exchange Binance, has announced the addition of native token BNB ahead of its official launch.

Rippled-Backed Coil Joins Mozilla in $100 Million Grant for Web Monetization

Coil is partnering with Mozilla and Creative Commons to give away $100 million in grant money to developers and creators who can solver the solution of web browser monetization. 

New Public Blockchain Hedera Hashgraph Launches with 26 Dapps

Hedera Hashgraph has announced the open access launch of its public blockchain. According to the release, the launch includes 26 decentralized applications and will allow users access to smart contracts and file services. 

JPMorgan Chase Accused of Fixing Metal Prices Despite Talk of Bitcoin Market Manipulation

Wall Street giant JPMorgan Chase has been accused by US prosecutors of engaging in price-fixing trades dating back for the last decade. The movement comes at a time when bitcoin ETF's have been heavily criticized over market manipulation for crypto.

TRON’s Justin Sun Giving Away $1.2 Million for UBI, 50,000 TRX to Telegram Group

Tron founder Justin Sun has been inspired by Andrew Yang's universal basic income movement, and has pledged to give $1.2 million to 100 people in 2020. Sun called upon the US presidential candidate to assist in his selection process. 

Bitcoin Proponents Debate a Potential Hard Fork for Inflation

Bitcoin proponent and advisory firm founder Pierre Rochard has sparked a serious debate over whether BTC should institute a hard fork to introduce inflation. According to Rochard, diminishing block rewards and transaction fees alone may not be enough incentive for miners in the future. 

Facebook’s David Marcus says Libra Doesn't Threat Monetary Sovereignty of Nations

Former PayPal president and libra co-creator David Marcus took to twitter to defend the digital currency against regulators who regulators who are attacking the technology as disruption of monetary policy.

Kraken Exchange Test Bug Allowed Some Traders to Make an Easy 20% Profit

Kraken exchange disclosed that product testing a new order type resulted in several clients being able to buy and sell bitcoin at prices greatly off from the market value. 

Chinese Regulators Warn Inner Mongolia Crypto Miners

Chinese authorities have issued a warning to ministries in the autonomous province of Inner Mongolia, saying that a crackdown on crypto operations is coming. 

Dark Web Criminals Are Laundering Cash for Bitcoin at Pennies on the Dollar

Criminals are using dark web and hacker marketplaces to launder illicitly acquired cash. According to a new report by cloud security firm Armor, some criminals are willing to accept as low as twelve cents on the dollar for bitcoin in order to move the funds. 

EOS   Security   DeFi

Hacker Leverages EOS REX to Steal More than $110,000 in Crypto

A hacker has leveraged decentralized finance platform EOS REX to manipulate the outcome of gambling app EOSPlay, stealing more than $110K crypto in the process. 

P2P Token Trading Platform AirSwap Discloses ‘Critical Vulnerability’

Peer-to-peer token trading platform AirSwap has disclosed a critical vulnerability in one of its newly released smart contracts.

Ethereum Co-Founders Welcome Collaboration with Facebook’s Libra

Ethereum co-founders Vitalik Buterin and Joseph Lubin both extended a warm welcome to Facebook's libra in a potential collaboration, in addition to giving a few more details on ethereum's 2.0 update. 

PayPal is Cautiously Optimistic About Partnership with Libra Association

A PayPal executive has reiterated that the agreement with Facebook's libra is non-binding, despite the payment platform being one of the first companies to support the Libra Association. 

Decentralized Exchange Kyber Network Adds Fiat-to-Crypto Support

Decentralized cryptocurrency exchange Kyber Network has announced support for a fiat-to-crypto gateway, allowing users to directly purchase ether via debit and credit cards. 

You Can Soon Start Earning BTT and USDT for Seeing Ads on TRON TV

Tron founder Justin Sun announced that the new streaming platform TRON TV will pay users in BTT and USDT for watching advertisements. 

Bitcoin Scam Artists are Using Fake QR Code Generators: Report

Bitcoin wallet provider ZenGO published a report showing that scam artists are using fake QR generator websites to trick users into sending bitcoin to the wrong address. 

French Crypto Exchange Coinhouse Suffers Phishing Attack, User Names and Emails Accessed

French crypto exchange Coinhouse says they suffered a phishing attack, during which hackers were able to gain access to user names and email addresses. 

Dutch Billionaire Calls Agreement With Facebook 'Impossible' in Bitcoin Ad Lawsuit

Dutch billionaire and 'Big Brother' creator John de Mol has asked the Amsterdam District Court to make a ruling in his lawsuit against social media platform Facebook over fake bitcoin advertisements using his name and likeness.

200,000 Bitcoin Lost in Mt. Gox Hack Can be Recovered, Russian Law Firm Claims

Russian law firm ZP Legal claims that up to 200,000 of the 850,000 bitcoin lost in the Mt. Gox hack could be recovered, and is willing to work with creditors to help recover the last funds. 

PumaPay Adds Dash Support, Enabling Recurring Payments in 36 Adult Entertainment Giants

Cryptocurrency payment platform and mobile app wallet PumaPay has announced support for dash, opening the cryptocurrency to be accepted by a broad selection of new businesses and retailers. 

Spanish Banking Giant Santander Issues and Settles $20 Million Bond with Ethereum

Spanish banking giant Santander has announced the completion of the first bond issue and settlement done entirely on a public blockchain utilizing ethereum-based tokens. 

Ethereum Classic Executes ‘Atlantis’ Hard Fork to Improve Interoperability with ETH

Ethereum Classic (ETC) successfully underwent the Atlantis hard fork on Sept. 12, upgrading the network's performance and increasing interoperability with the original ethereum blockchain.

Bitwise Hires Service Providers for Bitcoin ETF Trust Including BNY Mellon

Crypto index and fund provider Bitwise has announced a list of hires to oversee its forthcoming bitcoin ETF Trust, assuming that the latter can gain regulatory approval from the SEC.

Bobby Lee’s New Venture Ballet is a Hardware Wallet for the Masses

Co-founder and former CEO of Bitcoin Chin (BTCC) Bobby Lee has announced his new venture Ballet, which is being billed as a hardware wallet for the masses and newcomers to crypto. 

Bitcoin Could Hit $31,000 By 2021, According to Mining Difficulty Metrics

A quantitative analyst has predicted the price of bitcoin reaching $31K in the next two years based upon the historical response of the price to mining difficulty. 

Rising Ethereum Fees See Community Members Call for Gas Limit Increase

Ethereum community members have begun to call for an increase in block size as transaction fees and network congestion continue to rise for ETH.

South African Crypto Exchange Luno Surpasses 3 Million Wallet Milestone

South African cryptocurrency exchange Luno has seen a surge in its user base, ballooning to more than 3 million wallet addresses and processing over $5.4 million in trades per day during the month of August. 

U.S. Treasury Official: Libra Must Achieve Highest Standard of Regulatory Compliance

A senior US Treasury official told reports in Geneva, Switzerland that Facebook's libra and other digital currencies will be held to the highest regulatory compliance in order to prevent terrorism funding and money laundering. 

Bitcoin's Dominance Could Be Returning to 90%, Blockstream CEO Says

Bitcoin's market dominance has been on the rise throughout 2019, with Blockstream CEO Adam Back predicting that BTC is reverting to a mean which will cover 90 percent of the total market capitalization for cryptocurrency.

SEC Chairman Says Bitcoin ETF’s Have 'Work Left to Be Done' Before Gaining Approval

SEC Chairman Jay Clayton said in an interview with CNBC that progress is being made on approving bitcoin exchange-traded funds, but that there is work left to be done before getting the green light.

MERJ Launches First Tokenized IPO Using Ethereum’s Blockchain

MERJ, the official securities exchange of the Republic of Seychelles, has launched the first token-based initial public offering on Sept. 10. The exchange will be issuing shares in the IPO as security tokens on ethereum's public blockchain. 

Tim Draper Joins Board of Directors of EOS-Based Decentralized Application

American venture capitalist and bitcoin supporter Tim Draper has joined the board for decentralized application creator MakeSense Labs. 

Anti-Money Laundering Provider Netki Upgrading Service to Comply With FATF's Crypto 'Travel Rule'

KYC anti-money laundering provider Netki has announced an update to its service that will be in compliance with the FATF's controversial "travel rule" guidelines for crypto exchanges, set to go into effect in June 2020.

LG Corporation Rumored to Be Developing Blockchain-Based Smartphone

South Korea-based electronics manufacturer LG Corporation is rumored to be developing a crypto-friendly, blockchain smartphone in order to keep pace with competitor Samsung. 

Ripple Reportedly Moves $26.3 Million of XRP to Co-Founder Jed McCaleb’s Wallet

Blockchain startup Ripple has moved 100 million XRP, worth more than $26 million, to the wallet of co-founder Jed McCaleb. McCaleb, who holds 9 billion XRP, has been seeling 500,000 XRP a day according to some reports. 

Bitcoin Hash Rates Eyes 100 Quintillion Milestone

Bitcoin's hash rate is nearing the 100 quintillion milestone for the first time. After setting a new record of 94 quintillion, the network's computing power continues to grow. 

Famed Investor Mark Mobius Says Bitcoin Should Be Backed by Gold

Famed investor Mark Mobius was hesitant to claim that bitcoin held intrinsic value. Speaking in an interview with CNBC's Squawk Box, the founder of Mobius Capital Partners said he would prefer bitcoin if it was backed by gold.

Paxos Launching Gold-Backed Cryptocurrency PAXG

Cryptocurrency exchange and stablecoin issuer Paxos has announced the launch of a gold-backed cryptocurrency that will represent a physical bar of gold stored in Brink's London vault. 

Bitcoin Wallets Holding 10 BTC Hits All-Time High

According to data compiled by Coin Metrics, the number of bitcoin wallet addresses holding at least 10 BTC has reached an all-time high as of September 1.

Samsung Launching New Crypto-Friendly Galaxy Note 10 in South Korea

Samsung has announced the release of a crypto-friendly edition of Galaxy Note 10 smartphone, which will only be sold in South Korea. The phone will support integration for messaging giant Kakao's blockchain network. 

‘Team Satoshi’ is Running to Support Bitcoin and the Late Hal Finney

Team Satoshi, a group of bitcoin supporters who are showing their love for the currency through athletics, has announced a worldwide run on Sept. 6 to commemorate the memory of the late bitcoin pioneer Hal Finney. 

Chinese Student Found Safe in Australia After Bitcoin Ransomed Kidnapping

A Chinese student studying abroad in Australia who went missing two weeks ago has been found safe, according to NSW Police. The student was being held as apart of a $1.27 million bitcoin ransom.

Travala Announces Move to Binance Chain and AVA Buyback Program

Blockchain-based booking platform Travala has announced the decision to migrate their operation onto Binance Chain. The platform also plans to implement a quarterly buyback and coin burn for their native token AVA.

Chinese Authorities Arrest 15 In Internet Cafe Crypto Mining Bust

Chinese authorities have announced the arrest of fifteen suspects tied to a cryptocurrency mining ring that hijacked the resources of more than 9000 computers across multiple internet cafes. 

OKCoin Donating Up to 1,000 BTC to Support Bitcoin Development

Cryptocurrency exchange OKCoin has pledged to donate up to 1000 BTC (worth more than $10.7 million) to support bitcoin developers. Users can vote on their favorite bitcoin-related projects and the exchange will donate BTC (or BCH and BSV) on their behalf. 

Have It Your Way With Bitcoin: German Burger Kings Accepting BTC

Germany-based Burger Kings have quietly added bitcoin payments to their delivery website and mobile application, leading to some community members to speculate the BTC will be applied for in-store payments. 

ZCash Foundation Responds to ECC Trademark Controversy

The non-profit Zcash Foundation has published a response to Electronic Coin Company's decision not to share the trademark for ZEC, despite the former arguing that its in the best interest of the community. 

Ethereum Co-Founder Anthony Di Iorio Stepping Down as Decentral CEO

Anthony Di Iorio, ethereum co-founder and founder of Jaxx wallet-maker Decentral, has announced he will stepping down as CEO with product manager Maggie Xu serving as his replacement.

Bitcoin Cash Developer Argues Against Increasing Blocks Over 2MB

Despite some community members calling for an increase in block size, a leading bitcoin cash developer has argued against increasing the network beyond 2MB, at least in its current iteration. 

Liquid Exchange Offers Wallet Addresses for Telegram’s GRAM Presale Ahead of Release

Japan-based Liquid Exchange has published the wallet address holding investor funds from their July GRAM pre-sale, ahead of the highly-anticipated official release by Telegram. 

Tether's Reportedly Looking Into Launching Cryptos Backed by Commodities Like Gold and Oil

Stablecoin issuer Tether is toying with the idea of creating tokens backed by bulk commodities, such as gold and crude oil, to pair with their popular USDT and soon to be launched yuan-pegged cryptocurrencies. 

Craig Wright Asks for Extension, Plans to Challenge Court Ruling

Craig Wright has sought a fourteen-day extension in his ongoing legal trial in order to issue a challenge. According to the most recent ruling, Wright would be required to surrender more than $4 billion in bitcoin to the estate of his former partner David Kleiman. 

Peter Schiff: Bitcoin Failed Safe Haven Test, Again

Gold bug and regular bitcoin detractor Peter Schiff took to Twitter to argue that BTC failed another safe have test, and that the crypto-asset does not constitute a hedge against economic turmoil.

Zcash Developer Publishes Transparency Report Showing Losses and Cutbacks

ZCash developer Electronic Coin Company (ECC) published its most recent transparency report showing revenue and earnings for Q1 2019. While the company did incur a monthly deficit, they were able to navigate the bear market without resorting to employee layoffs. 

Roger Ver Claims Old Owner of @Bitcoin Twitter Account “Distraught” Over Pro-BTC Tweeting

Roger Ver claims to know the old owner of the @Bitcoin Twitter handle and says that they are 'distraught' over the new pro-BTC approach to tweeting. 

Crypto Lending Platform Dharma Clarifies It Doesn't Use Xpring or Other XRP-Related Products

Crypto-lending platform Dharma Labs has clarified its relationship with XRP and Xpring, after a brewing controversy involving Ripple has shaken up the community.

Telegram’s TON to Begin Public Tests On Sept. 1

Telegram is planning to launch a series of public tests for its highly anticipated Telegram Open Network (TON) blockchain on Sept. 1. The report comes just days after it was revealed the messaging giant will be sending out the initial batch of GRAM tokens within the next two months. 

Blockchain Startup Bitwala Launches Bitcoin and Banking App for iOS and Android

German-based blockchain startup Bitwala has announced the launch of their all-in-one bitcoin and banking application, which allow for buying and selling BTC in addition to operating as a traditional account for euros. 

Ethereum’s Total Supply Has Added 35 Million ETH In Three Years

Ethereum's supply increase it outpacing original expectations, as the continued delay of the difficulty bomb ahead of the 2.0 launch has contributed to more ether in circulation. 

Audit Into DeFi Project Compound Finance Discoveres Multiple Vulnerabilities

Smart contract security firm Zeppelin's audit into Compound Finance discovered several vulnerabilities, mostly related to the degree of decentralization. The DeFi platform has responded to the audit by attempting to replace the existing system with a more open governance. 

Uphold Celebrates Trading Milestone by Paying Users to Guess New Coin Listings

Uphold is celebrating achieving $5 billion in trading with 15 new coin additions. Users who are able to correctly guess the new coin being listed each day are eligible for $50 in free crypto. 

French Authorities Take Down Monero Botnet That Infected 850,000 Devices

A special French cyber unit police force has announced the successful takedown of a Monero-drive botnet which had infected more than 850,000 computers across 100 countries. 

Chinese State Media Refutes Claims that Digital Currency WIll Launch in November

Chinese state media publication The Global Times refuted reports that the central bank's digital currency would be launching later this year, calling it "inaccurate speculation."

Bakkt Announces Warehouse Bitcoin Deposits Starting Next Week

Highly-anticipated bitcoin futures trading platform Bakkt has announced that clients will be able to deposit BTC in their storage holding Bakkt Warehouse beginning next week. Actual bitcoin futures trading is set to go live later in September. 

China’s Central Bank Digital Currency Could Launch By November

According to a new report, China's central bank is planning to issue its digital currency as early as November, by first distributing the coin to seven institutions including Alibaba and Tencent. 

Fortnite Players Targeted by New Cryptocurrency Ransomware

Fortnite users are being targeted in new crypto-based ransomware that threatens to delete user file unless the scam artists are paid. 

Facebook Hires Lobbying Firm to Support Its Cryptocurrency Libra

According to recently filed documents, Facebook has hired a lobbying firm with ties to Coinbase and previous crypto-related initiatives in an attempt to improve the regulatory atmosphere surrounding the digital currency libra. 

Houston Rockets General Manager Tweets His Support for Bitcoin

Houston Rockets General Manager Daryl Morey kicked off a Twitter storm after showing his support for BTC in response to a comment by bitcoin bull Anthony Pompliano. 

New Zealand TV Host Complains About Fraudulent Bitcoin Ads Using His Name on Facebook

New Zealand TV host Duncan Garner complained on The AM Show Aug. 26 that fraudulent advertisements are appearing on Facebook using his name to promote bitcoin and expensive cars, despite the host having never been involved in crypto. 

BitMEX's Insurance Fund Is up 50% Since the Start of the Year

The BitMEX Insurance Fund, which protects users in the event of leveraged trades gone bad, is up more than 50 percent since the start of the year. The fund now holds more than $300 million, with 0.15% of the total supply of bitcoin. 

Kraken OTC Head Says It’s Too Early to Call Bitcoin a 'Safe Haven' Asset

Kraken's head of over-the-counter trading Nelson Minier said that it's too early to call bitcoin a safe haven asset due to its high price volatility, but admitted "we're heading that way for sure."

Blockchain Wallet Integrates BitPay Support for User-Friendly Transactions

Blockchain Wallet has announced the integration BitPay into its existing service, allowing clients to initiate user-friendly transactions and payments from the application. 

Overstock Committed to Crypto Even After CEO Patrick Byrne’s Exit

Overstock remains committed to cryptocurrency and its blockchain projects after the sudden resignation of CEO Patrick Byrne, who has been a staunch supporter for bitcoin and crypto-assets over the years. 

Bank of England Governor Recommends Replacing Dollar With 'Libra-Like' Digital Currency

Bank of England Governor Mark Carney made a radical proposal at the Federal Reserve's annual policy retreat, calling for the replacement of the US dollar with a Libra-like alternative to be used as the global reserve. 

Bitmain Valuation Could Reach $12 Billion After Rumored Mining Chip Order

Crypto mining firm Bitmain has reportedly placed an order for 600,000 of the latest 7nm chips, which could increase the company's bitcoin computing power by 50 percent over six months, leading to a profit of $1.2 billion. 

Binance Lists Second BEP2 Community Project TomoChain (TOMO)

Leading crypto exchange Binance has announced the listing of TomoChain (TOMO) during their second month of the BEP2 Community Listing Program. 

Binance KYC Hack: Exchange Offers Lifetime VIP Compensation for Victims

Leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance has issued on update on the KYC hack that emerged earlier in the month, in addition to announcing lifetime VIP access for users affected by the breach in security. 

Winklevoss Twins: Wall Street Has Been “Asleep at the Wheel” Regarding Bitcoin

In their most recent interview, the Winklevoss twins said that Wall Street has been asleep at the wheel in its attitude towards bitcoin, allowing retail investors to flourish in the marketplace. 

Litecoin’s Mining Difficulty Is Down 28% Since Its Block Halving

The mining difficulty and hash rate for litecoin has gradually fallen since the coin's halving event at the beginning of August, as miners are forced to shut down their operation falling the drop in profitability. 

Rwanda’s Central Bank Reportedly Considering Launcing Its Own Cryptocurrency

According to a new report, Rwanda's central bank is considering the development and issuance of a digital currency in an effort to increase the efficiency of transactions and spur economic growth. 

Crypto Exchange Coinberry Say Bitcoin Is More Efficient Than Credit Cards for Paying Taxes

Canada-based crypto exchange Coinberry says that bitcoin is more efficient for paying taxes over traditional banking cards, which will save money for municipalities willing to accept crypto. 

MakerDAO's Decentralized Finance Dominance Keeps Sliding Towards 50%

MakerDAO's market dominance is trending towards 50 percent in the latest round-up of market data. Maker started the year with a 90 percent share of the decentralized finance marketplace, but has experienced a steady decline as interest rates and competition increases.  

Peter Schiff Tells Tom Lee Bitcoin Will 'Never Hit 50k'

Gold bug Peter Schiff engaged in a Twitter debate with Tom Lee and gave the prediction that bitcoin would never reach $50k, while touting his own more accurate predictions for the price of gold. 

U.S. Treasury Targets Bitcoin Addresses of Chinese "Drug Kingpins"

The US Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control has announced a crackdown on the bitcoin addresses related to a group of Chinese drug kingpins, in an effort to curb illegal opioid sales. 

Insider Says Tether Will Issue a Yuan-Backed Stablecoin

An insider familiar with both Tether and Bitfinex says that the stablecoin company will issue a new token backed by the Chinese yuan, with offshore reserves expected to be held in a bank in Belgium. 

India's Supreme Court Asks Central Bank to Justify Its Position on Cryptocurrency Businesses

The Supreme Court in India has given the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) just two weeks to better justify its ban against allowing banks to work with cryptocurrency businesses. 

Israeli Startup Beats Facebook in Launching First Incubator for Libra Developers

Libracamp, an Israeli startup, has pooled together the funds to create the first incubator program for libra developers. The virtual bootcamp is set to launch in November, with a second cohort being planned for 2020. 

Kraken OTC Head Claims Activity Has Increased 2,000% Since 2018

Kraken's head of over-the-counter trading (OTC) claimed that the desk had experienced a twenty-fold increase in activity since last year. 

Cryptocurrency ATM Operator Gives Hong Kong Protestors Water Paid With BCH Donations

Crypto ATM provider Genesis Block aided protestors in Hong Kong by distributing water bottles and umbrellas that were paid for in BCH donations. 

Max Keiser Predicts Bitcoin Price Rise as Hashrate Hits New All-Time High

Bitcoin's hash rate hit an all-time high on Aug. 19, leading some to predict that a price rally will follow. 

Vitalik Buterin Calls Ethereum’s Scalability a ‘Big Bottleneck’

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin spoke about the scalability issues facing his currency, including the "bottleneck" limitation it poses on companies trying to use the blockchain technology. 

Bitcoin Starts the Week Green as 'Fear & Greed Index' Turns Favorable

Market-leading cryptocurrency bitcoin started the week on a positive note, with the price of BTC climbing more than 5 percent on the day after trending downwards for nearly a week. 

U.S. Lawmakers to Focus on Discussing Facebook's Libra on Swiss Visit

A group of US lawmakers are traveling to Switzerland to meet with data agency that will be overseeing Facebook's forthcoming digital currency Libra. 

Colombians Are Overwhelmingly in Favor of Cryptocurrency, Study Shows

A new survey conducted in Colombia reveals that 80 percent of respondents were willing to invest in cryptocurrency and over 90 percent believe it to be the future of trade. 

Huobi Addresses User Phone Numbers Leaked in the Wake of Binance KYC Hack

Huobi addressed reports that user data and phone numbers were surfacing in dark-web markets by claiming that most of the information being sold was false. The exchange speculates that hackers are obtaining client info through third-party sources and it peddling it as coming from a big name like Huobi. 

"Real" Satoshi Nakamoto Reportedly Set to Reveal His/Her Identity on August 18

A new report alleges that the 'real' Satoshi Nakamoto will reveal himself on August 18, as a part of a series of promotions to finally show the true identity for bitcoin's creator and give his vision for the cryptocurrency moving forward. 

Morgan Creek Capital CEO Mark Yusko Calls Bitcoin 'Schmuck Insurance'

Mark Yusko told the CNBC Fast Money audience that bitcoin is a "chaos hedge" and "schmuck insurance," before cautioning investors to look at long-term trends over day to day price volatility.

Binance Jersey Rewards White Hat Hacker for Twitter Account Breach

Following the hack of their official Twitter account on August 16, cryptocurrency exchange Binance Jersey has offered the white hat in question a reward bounty. The exchange also encouraged other would-be hackers to alert the exchange to security concerns and receive bug bounties up to $100,000. 

Oracle Suing Blockchain Startup Over Similar Naming

Software giant Oracle is suing blockchain-based startup CryptoOracle for brand infringement and similarity in naming, according to a report published on Aug. 15.

Hacker Gains Control of Binance Jersey’s Twitter Account, Flaunts Security Concerns

A white-hat hacker gained control of the official Twitter account for crypto exchange Binance Jersey. According to a series of tweets, the hacker is a security researcher who wanted to expose how easy it was to manipulate the account and potentially create a phishing scheme. 

Dash Is Being Questioned as the Top Cryptocurrency in Venezuela

Despite arguing to have a strong presence in Venezuela, new reports are questioning whether DASH is the most used form of crypto payment in the country, particularly after Dash Core Group CEO Ryan Taylor made the claim at an event in May. 

Chinese Ponzi Scheme Worth Billions Could Be Causing Bitcoin Selloff

A $3 billion Chinese ponzi scheme appears to be the cause of the ongoing price fall for bitcoin and crypto-assets. According to reports from several industry analysts, the 70,000 BTC taken in the PlusToken scam is now being dumped on the market in regular sell-offs. 

Hong Kong Develops Bitcoin Premium as Protests Continue

Hong Kong traders are paying a $300 or more premium to invest in bitcoin as political unrest and protesting has driven an increased demand for crypto-assets. 

Report: Crypto Scams Have Already Netted $4.2 Billion in 2019

According to a report by CIpherTrace, cryptocurrency-related scams have already generated over $4.2 billion through the first half of 2019, with the majority of that amount being tied to a South Korean ponzi scheme. 

Binance Explains What a Dusting Attack Is and How to Protect Yourself Against It

Less than a week after the halving event for litecoin, LTC wallet users have been experiencing a large-scale dusting attack that may have implications for the currency. Binance looked into what it is, and how users can protect themselves.

China’s Central Bank Digital Currency Is Reportedly Ready for Launch

Following five years of development, China's central bank has announced it is ready to launch a digital currency. According to the report, the new currency will not rely upon a pure blockchain architecture and that the central bank will utilize a two-tier operating system for distribution. 

Billionaire Mark Cuban Compares Bitcoin to Gold

Billionaire and Shark Tank regular Mark Cuban compared bitcoin to gold in a recent interview. While he has an extreme dislike for gold and precious metals as an investment, he said that bitcoin at least had a predetermined and finite supply.

tZERO Open to Retail Investors Starting Next Week

Overstock-owned trading platform tZERO is opening to retail investors on Aug. 12, on the heels of the company's reported $10 million Q2 2019 net loss for the project. 

CME Crypto Indices is Adding Data from Gemini Exchange

The CME Group has announced the addition of the cryptocurrency exchange Gemini to their market data collection. The crypto indices provider CF Benchmarks, which supplies the data for CME Group's crypto-based products, will add Gemini to their growing list of market data inputs. 

Cryptojacking Is Declining as Ads Generate More Revenue, Research Shows

Cryptojacking, which involves websites running mining scripts in the background of page visitors, has proven to be an inefficient and less profitable model for revenue than traditional ads, according to academic research. 

Consultancy CEO: Bitcoin Will Become a Common Asset in Hedge Fund Portfolios

Don Steinbrugge, CEO of consultancy firm Agecroft Partners, appeared on CNBC and gave the prediction that many hedge funds would begin incorporating bitcoin, in addition to calling the technology impressive. 

Kik Accuses SEC of “Playing Dirty” in Lawsuit over $100 Million Token Sale

Messaging platform Kik claims that the SEC has been manipulating the facts of their ongoing lawsuit and taking comments out of context in order to enact a smear campaign against the company. Kik is apart of an ongoing lawsuit by the SEC that alleges the company's $100 million token sale in 2017 violated securities laws. 

Peter Schiff Unhappy With CNBC Promoting Bitcoin Over Gold

Gold bug and bitcoin critic Peter Schiff took to Twitter accusing CNBC of promoting bitcoin over gold. He called reports of the Chinese buying bitcoin in anticipation of economic upheaval false and disputed Brian Kelly's claim that institutional investors have turned to crypto. 

TRON's Sun Network Is Set to Lunch Later This Week

Tron founder Justin Sun has announced that the highly anticipated Sun Network will be launched on Aug. 10. The news follows a tumultuous month for tron, following Sun's sudden cancellation of a lunch with Warren Buffett. 

Max Keiser: Bitcoin Could Reach $15,000 This Week

Former Wall Street trader and Keiser Report host said that bitcoin could cross $15,000 this week, in the midst of falling confidence in fiat and centralized institutions. 

Get Ready for the Litecoin Halving: What You Need to Know

Litecoin's halving is expected to occur on Aug 5, with the block reward being reduced from 50 to 25 LTC. Investors have been anticipating the event for months, which in part explains why the price of litecoin has been steadily decreasing since reaching a relative high in June. 

Circle Research Examines the Debate Around Ethereum’s Funding Model

Circle Research published a report examining the funding models for ethereum development after a recent proposal to allocate ETH from the next 3.1 million blocks was struck down by devs and the broader community. 

Hilarious Collection of Crypto Twitter Predictions for the Year 2030

Crypto users took to Twitter to give their predictions for the next decade as a part of the growing #TheYearIs2030 movement. While most of the posts were light-hearted and satirizing, some made strong claims for the future of crypto-assets and blockchain technology. 

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong: Crypto Will Create Economic Freedom

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong published an open house video of his company's road map for the next five to ten years, which includes an emphasis on growing the availability of cryptocurrency and providing millions with economic freedom. 

Novogratz: Bitcoin Not Going Back Below $5000

Billionaire investor and Galaxy Digital CEO Mike Novogratz appeared on CNBC's Squak Box program Aug 1. The bitcoin bull recommended investors to allocate 2 - 3 percent in crypto, while also giving the prediction that bitcoin would not fall below $5000 again. 

BitPay Suspends Operations in Germany Over Regulatory Concerns

Bitcoin payment processing platform BitPay has been forced to halt operations in Germany in response to new crypto regulations coming next year that will require special licensing approval. 

Pompliano: Peter Schiff Will Regret Being Wrong About Bitcoin

Anthony 'Pomp' Pompliano took on bitcoin critic Peter Schiff in debate on CNBC published July 31. Pomp said that if bitcoin managed to be 1 percent successful, Schiff would spend the rest of his life regretting doubting the cryptocurrency. 

TRON’s Justin Sun Recommends non-SMS 2FA Security Following Jack Dorsey Hack

TRON founder Justin Sun took to Twitter to recommend users switch to a 2FA security protocol after the high profile hacking of Jack Dorsey's account. 

Payment Processor Cielo Launches Crypto Support for Its 1.4 Million Points of Sale Devices in Brazil

Payment processing provider Cielo, which operates more than 1.4 million point-of-sale devices across Brazil, has announced support for bitcoin and crypto payments. 

85% of Bitcoin's Total Supply Has Been Mined

On August 1, total bitcoin mined reached 17.85 million BTC, constituting over 85 percent of the total 21 million max coin supply. The final 3 million BTC will be mined over the next 120 years, with the last bitcoin expected to be produced in the year 2140.

Blockchain-Based Travel Platform Travala Adds Monero (XMR) Support

Blockchain-based booking platform Travala has announced the addition of Monero (XMR) to the collection of crypto-assets they accept for payment. 

U.S. Defense Dept. Wants a Blockchain Cybersecurity Shield

The US Department of Defense has outlined its intention to create a blockchain cybersecurity shield. The DoD believes that blockchain technology can be utilized to make existing systems more secure, in addition to discouraging potential hackers. 

GitHub Blocking Developers Presents a Need for Decentralization

Reports have emerged that popular collaboration platform GitHub has become banning developers in countries affected by US trade sanctions, including a widespread crackdown on users from Iran.

CNBC’s Joe Kernen Predicts Bitcoin to $55,000 By Next May's Halving

CNBC's Joe Kernen made the prediction that bitcoin's price could reach $55,000 by next May, as a result of investor anticipation over the coin's block reward being cut in half. 

Litecoin’s Charlie Lee Reignites Instamine Controversy Eight Years After LTC's Launch

Litecoin founder Charlie Lee has come under fire for renewing the controversy surrounding his currency's instamine phase, in addition to taking a shot at rival crypto Dash. 

Telecoms Giant Verizon Is Joining the Blockchain Revolution

Telecoms giant Verizon appears to be gearing up for the development of a blockchain product and distributed network, after a series of job postings surfaced last week. 

SFOX Report: Market Cares More About Bitcoin Than Altcoins

A new report by SFOX claims that data correlation through the most recent libra congressional hearings proves the market cares more about bitcoin than alts. In addition, ethereum may be in the process of distinguishing itself from the rest of the pack of alts. 

Bitcoin Searches Surge as Britain Prepares for Brexit

Bitcoin search volume has surged over the past several months, particularly in the UK, as most of Europe prepares for the fallout of Brexit. 

Weiss Ratings: Binance Coin (BNB) Is Successful 'Because It's Centralized'

Ratings firm Weiss Ratings published a tweet arguing that binance coin has been so successful because of its centralization. BNB is the native token to one of the world's leading cryptocurrency exchanges and has thus far broken the mold of decentralization inherent to most top cryptocurrencies. 

Privacy Flaw Exposed Financial Data for Thousands of Crypto Loan Users

The research team at vpnMentor reports discovering a security flaw in crypto-lending platform YouHodler that has exposed the financial data of thousands of users. According to the report, the security breach involves user names and addresses, in addition to their complete credit card and banking information. 

FBI Investigating Beverage-Turned-Blockchain Company Long Island Iced Tea for Insider Trading

Long Island Iced Tea, which became infamous for pivoting away from beverages to blockchain during bitcoin's last bull run, is now being investigated for possible insider trading by the FBI.

Bitcoin’s Untouched Supply Reaches All-Time High of 3.84 Million BTC

Bitcoin's untouched supply, defined as btc that has not been transferred from a wallet in more than five years, reached an all-time high last week. Over 21 percent of the total circulating supply for bitcoin is now classified as untouched, giving an indication that investors are using the technology as a store of value asset. 

Hedge Fund Legend Ray Dalio Calls Gold a Good Bet. Is Bitcoin Even Better?

Ray Dalio, who runs the world's largest hedge fund, says the markets are undergoing a "paradigm shift" and recommended investors look into gold to offset economic uncertainty ahead. However, bitcoin is a digital, more modern alternative to gold and could serve equally well as a store of value asset. 

Facebook’s Flawed Messaging App for Children Casts Shadow on Libra

A design flaw in Facebook's messaging app created for children is allowing users to interact with complete strangers--violating the fundamental purpose of the service. The most recent mess up, combined with a spotty track record of protecting consumer privacy, has led many to question whether the company is capable of launching a secure digital currency. 

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao: Trump Talking About Crypto Is 'a Good Thing'

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao said in a recent interview with CNBC that President Donald Trump talking about cryptocurrency is a "good thing" for the industry. Zhao explained that any efforts to ban bitcoin would have the opposite effect, and push more people towards an interest in crypto. 

Half of US & UK Consumers Would Not Trust a Facebook Cryptocurrency

According to a new poll, 49% of US and UK consumers said they would not trust using a digital currency by Facebook. After a week of political pressure before congress, libra is beginning to take a beating in the public eye as users question the responsibility and poor track record of Facebook. 

Billionaire Investor Tim Draper Calls Libra a Bridge to Bitcoin Adoption

Billionaire investor Tim Draper appeared on CNBC to discuss the impact of Facebook's libra on cryptocurrency. He said the social media coin would build a bridge to bitcoin and ultimately increase adoption, while cautioning government regulators against enacting stifling policy. 

Traders Prefer Bitcoin Despite Silver Having its Best Week Since 2016

Despite silver having its best week of trading since 2016, analysts told CNBC that they still prefer gold and bitcoin as a store of value asset. Precious metals experienced a boost last week as bitcoin underwent massive price volatility. However, the long-term outlook for crypto is more promising than silver's short term price movement. 

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong Wants to Expand Beyond Trading in Five Years

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong recently spoke in an AMA where he explained his desire to build the exchange beyond trading. Armstrong envisions Coinbase as a platform for cryptocurrency adoption and growth, in addition to being a model for other companies to exemplify. 

Fidelity’s Crypto Division Has Applied for New York Trust License

According to multiple sources, the digital assets arm of brokerage giant Fidelity has officially applied for a Trust License in the state of New York. Gaining approval would broaden the number of services available to its institutional client base. 

Samsung Denies Connection to Samsung Coin Despite Trademark Filing

Smartphone maker Samsung has denied any connection to Samsung Coin, despite a trademark filing emerging for the new technology. The South Korea-based company has supported cryptocurrency in the past with its Galaxy S10 built-in wallet, but has not announced plans to issue a native token. 

Report: Bitcoin Top Performing Crypto for Q2 2019

Bitcoin was the top-performing cryptocurrency for Q2 2019 and improved upon its market dominance over altcoins. In addition, the original cryptocurrency overtook "stocks" in total Google search volume, a bullish indicator that last occurred during the all-time price high. 

Japan Developing Cryptocurrency Network to Compete with SWIFT--Source

Japan is in the process of creating a global cryptocurrency network for payments that will compete with the industry leader SWIFT. According to an anonymous source, the network is set to go live in the next couple of years and will be used to combat global money laundering. 

Tim Draper Calls Indian Government “Pathetic and Corrupt” Over Bitcoin Ban

Billionaire investor and bitcoin bull Tim Draper took to Twitter to voice his displeasure with the Indian government considering a ban on cryptocurrency. The emergence of a recently drafted bill making the use of bitcoin punishable with a 10-year prison sentence led the American investor to call the Modi government "pathetic and corrupt."

Hedge Funds Are Using Social Media Algorithms to Crack Crypto Prices

Hedge funds are increasingly turning to social media to mine data and predict the price movements for cryptocurrency. These algorithms rely upon "sentiment analysis" to gauge investor confidence towards the crypto markets. However, the abundance of noise and fake news is making it difficult to produce reliable trends for trading. 

Swiss Data Agency Claims No Contact with Facebook Over Libra

Despite David Marcus telling members of US Congress that the Swiss Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner (FDPIC) would oversee libra's security, the agency claims to have had no contact with Facebook.

Could President Trump Ban Bitcoin? Experts Weigh In

Experts weigh in on the possibility of President Donald Trump or the US government banning bitcoin. While it remains a long-shot possibility, increasing concern over Facebook's libra and the rise of large platform digital currencies could push legislatures to consider radical proposals. 

BitMEX Research: Lightning Node “Justice Transactions” Deterring Bitcoin Thieves

BitMEX research has published a new report examining the functionality of lightning network justice transactions. These automated channel closures work to deter bitcoin thefts and have already prevented the loss of 2.22 btc since the platform's launch in 2017. 

Cryptocurrencies Are Now Exempt From Value-Added Tax in Country of Georgia

The country of Georgia has passed a new bill that will no longer require crypto-asset investors and traders to pay a value-added tax (VAT). The decision is viewed as the first step in legitimizing and recognizing bitcoin as a digital currency.

Canada: Crypto Exchanges Must Comply With Financial Watchdog By June 2020

Canada is requiring cryptocurrency exchanges to be in compliance with financial watchdog FinTRAC by June 2020, as apart of a set of sweeping laws that will crackdown on money laundering. 

Unofficial Drafted Bill Seeks to Keep “Big Tech” Out of Finance

An unofficial draft of a bill has surfaced, proposing that the US Congress bar large platform companies such as Facebook from entering finance and issuing a digital currency. 

Bitcoin ATMs Frustrate Spanish Authorities With Money Laundering Loop Hole

Bitcoin ATMs and the lack of regulation have created a loophole in EU money laundering rules which is now frustrating an attempt by Spanish authorities to prosecute a group of accused drug traffickers. 

Tom Lee Thanks Trump for Attacking Crypto, Predicts Bitcoin's Price Will Hit $40,000

Fundstrat analyst Tom Lee predicts that bitcoin will end 2019 trading between $20,000 and $40,000, thanks in part to the growing awareness of cryptocurrency after a series of tweets by US President Donald Trump. 

CNBC Analysts, Winklevoss Twins Discuss Facebook's Libra & Bitcoin

CNBC analysts weighed in on the impact of Facebook's libra coin, with the Winklevoss twins also giving their opinion that the digital currency would be good for the industry of cryptocurrency. 

$2.4 Billion: Binance Team Vows to Burn Entire 80 Million BNB Holding

Leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance has vowed to burn its entire holding of 80 million BNB (worth $2.4 billion) that was originally allocated to the team through the native token's white paper. The exchange is planning to continue burning BNB until the total circulating supply reaches 100 million. 

NASA’s Historic Apollo Program Computer is Mining Bitcoin

NASA's historic Apollo Guidance Computer (AGC), which helped propel mankind into space in the 1960's, has been reprogrammed by a computer historian to mine bitcoin. 

Turkey’s Central Bank Wants to Issue a Digital Currency by 2023

The government of Turkey has committed to issuing a central bank digital currency in the next five years, according to a provision made in their 2019 to 2023 economic roadmap published on July 9.

Coinbase Wants To Set Up Its Own Private Insurance Company--Report

Popular US-based cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase is looking to establish its own private insurance company with the help of brokerage giant Aon. According to industry sources, the exchange will use captive subsidiaries to offset the burden of purchasing insurance for crypto through traditional markets. 

Litecoin Founder Charlie Lee on Next Month’s Halving

Litecoin founder Charlie Lee spoke in a recent interview about the upcoming halving for ltc. He explained that litecoin and its miners would undergo a "shock" following the reward drop and that many would no longer find the process profitable. 

Fortress Investment Group Offers to Buy Mt. Gox Creditor Claims for $900 Per Bitcoin

Fortress Investment Group sent individualized letters to Mt. Gox creditors offering to buy their claim for $900 per bitcoin. While the value represents pennies on the dollar compared to today's btc price of over $12,000, it allows victims of the Mt. Gox fiasco a route of compensation in lieu of the delayed court action.

Former Bitmain CEO Jihan Wu Resurfaces With New Crypto Startup Matrixport

Former Bitmain CEO Jihan Wu has officially been tied to the crypto startup Matrixport. Wu is one of the primary investors in the exchange, which looks to compete on a global scale for the business of professional crypto traders and institutional investors. 

ShapeShift Challenging Coinbase With New Self-Custody Platform

Global cryptocurrency exchange ShapeShift is launching a new platform that seeks to compete with Coinbase in offering clients a user-friendly service. Founder & CEO Erik Vorhees says the platform will be non-custodial, allowing users full control over their crypto-assets. 

US Dominates Bitcoin Twitter Discussion, Sentiment Towards Facebook's Libra is Sinking: Report

A new study published by The Tie finds the US dominates global Twitter discussion about bitcoin, and that the majority of tweets are positive. While the United States contributes a larger proportion of tweets about Facebook's libra, the overall sentiment is negative. 

Nouriel Roubini Threatens To Sue BitMEX & Arthur Hayes Over Tangle in Taipei Fiasco

Nouriel Roubini has threatened a lawsuit against BitMex and CEO Arthur Hayes in the aftermath of their of 'Tangle in Taipei' debate. Roubini claims unfair treatment and that Hayes is doctoring the only footage available of the discussion to support a pro-bitcoin stance. 

CME Group Changes Ether Reference Rate & Index, Insiders Predict Futures Coming

CME Group has announced an update to its ether reference rate and real-time dollar index. itBit will be joining Kraken and Bitstamp to provide data on ether in a move that has insiders predicting ETH-based futures on the horizon.

Morgan Creek Digital Assets Co-Founder Holds Half His Wealth in Bitcoin, Doubles Down on $100K Prediction

Morgan Creek co-founder Anthony 'Pomp' Pompliano gave an interview with CoinTelegraph where he revealed he holds half his wealth in bitcoin. The American investors also doubled down on his $100K by 2021 prediction, claiming that rising demand for bitcoin in a fixed supply market would lead to the exponential leap in price.

Four Arrested in India Over $14 Million ‘KBC Coin’ Scam

Indian authorities report the arrest of four individuals in connection to a crypto-related scam that defrauded investors of more than $14 million. The individuals were responsible for the promotion of KBC Coin, a bogus cryptocurrency that was supposed to be backed by gold and operated as a pyramid scheme. 

Enjoy Beer? Love Bitcoin? Now You Can Have Both

Scotland-based brewery BrewDog announced an expansion of its Equity for Punks program that will allow clients the ability to purchase stock in the company for bitcoin. The brewery has previously experimented with accepting cryptocurrency for payment. 

Analysts Weigh in on Bitcoin’s Wild Weekend Price Changes

Bitcoin and cryptoassets have exhibited massive price volatility over weekends. Analysts speculate a combination of 24/7 trading, FOMO and a delayed news cycle has contributed. 

Top CNBC Analyst: Enjoy Bitcoin’s Ride to Another Breakout

Top technical analyst Carter Worth appeared on CNBC's Fast Money program to give his prediction for bitcoin's next price move. After correctly calling bitcoin's rise above $10K in June, the analyst said he expects a bounce for the cryptocurrency on its way to another breakout.

Telegram GRAM Tokens To Be Sold At Triple The Private Sale Price

Telegram's yet-to-be-released token GRAM is set to hit the public markets next week at three-times the price of the private sale. Gram Asia will be selling GRAM SAFTs at a price of $4 starting July 10 through the cryptocurrency exchange Liquid.

UK Regulators Approve Their First Crypto Hedge Fund

London-based Prime Factor Capital Ltd. has become the first crypto-based hedge fund to gain approval by UK market watchdog Financial Conduct Authority. The approval represents an important step in building institutional investment into crypto-assets. 

Block.One CTO Dan Larimer on Decentralizing Governance

Block.one CTO Dan Larimer published a Medium post outlining his ideas on decentralized governance and the impact on cryptocurrency. Larimer finds fault with blockchains that rely upon single proof mechanisms and advocates for broadly applied protocols. 

Gemini Applies For Broker-Dealer License To Offer Crypto Securities

Winklevoss-owned exchange Gemini has reportedly applied for a broker-dealer license to offer institutional clients the ability to trade crypto-securities. The move comes just days after the company announced its intention to open a new office in Chicago. 

New Feature Allows Metronome Users To Choose Their Blockchain

Metronome officially launched its blockchain swapping feature on June 26. MET users are now able to shift tokens between blockchains, depending upon their needs. 

Bitcoin Has Been Profitable 98 Percent Of Days Since Launch

Bitcoin has been a profitable investment for nearly 98 percent of the days since its creation in January 2009. According to the Bitcoin Hodl Calculator published by 99Bitcoins, the original cryptocurrency has been a steady investment, despite its high price volatility. 

Crypto App Growth Stalls As Bitcoin’s Price Skyrockets

Cryptocurrency app downloads are stalling in 2019 despite the price of bitcoin more than tripling in price. According to new data published by App Annie, crypto app downloads have flatlined over the past year. 

Iranian Authorities Seize 1,000 Bitcoin Mining Rigs As Electricity Consumption Surges

Iranian authorities have seized 1,000 bitcoin mining rigs in a government crackdown on crypto mining. Electricity consumption has spiked in the country, which became a 'hot spot' for bitcoin mining in 2018 due to low-cost, subsidized electricity. 

Central Banks Will Issue Digital Currencies, IMF Report Predicts

The IMF has released a new report with the shocking prediction that central banks will issue their own digital currencies in the future. The report found that 20 percent of financial institutions are working on digital currency projects, with four pilot programs having already launched. 

Bitcoin-Fueled Dark Web Drug Ring Brought Down Thanks to Stamps.com

A bitcoin-fueld dark web drug ring was busted by federal agents after one of the alleged perpetrators revealed his address through shipping agency Stamps.com. 

Two-Thirds of Failed Stablecoins Relied on Gold, Report Shows

Despite providing a more price-stable alternative to bitcoin and crypto-assets, stablecoins have failed en masse when using gold to back their valuation.

Crypto Exchange Outages And Over Leveraging Led To Wild Bitcoin Price Swings

A series of cryptocurrency exchange outages and the abundance of leverage in the crypto-assets marketplace led to a wild day of trading for bitcoin. The price of the number one cryptocurrency by market capitalization swung more than $3000 in twenty-four hours, leading some to condemn the price volatility of btc. 

Cardano Will Outcompete Facebook's Libra in Emerging Markets says Charles Hoskinson

Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson called Facebook an "economic monopoly" and believes that his cryptocurrency will be able to outcompete libra in digital markets. He also provided an update for Shelley, and claimed the new blockchain protocol would go live by the end of 2019. 

Square Rolls Out Bitcoin Deposits For Cash App Users

Payment platform Square is rolling out bitcoin deposits for its popular Cash app. The move makes Square and the Cash app a leading platform for mainstream audiences to access bitcoin. 

Bitfinex Wants to Offer 100x Leverage For Crypto Derivatives Trading

Bitfinex is ready to launch a 100x derivative trading product for select users, according to Chief Technology Officer Paolo Ardoino. The product is being designed as a hedging tool for clients, despite the massive leverage involved. 

Nexo Co-Founder: Bitcoin Doubters Are Running Out Of Reasons

Antoni Trenchev, the co-founder of crypto lending startup Nexo, appeared on CNBC to discuss the recent price increase for bitcoin. He explained that bitcoin detractors are running out of reasons to doubt the currency.

Hedge Fund Veteran Raises $500,000 For Bitcoin Development

Venture capitalist veteran Dovey Wan raised 50 BTC, worth more than $500,000, to support Bitcoin Core developers. The endowment called the "Hard Core Fund," seeks to create sustainable income streams for bitcoin development. 

Privacy Features Are Going To Change Ethereum For Good

Growing development and support for ethereum privacy features is set to change the face of the currency for good. The increased need for anonymity on the blockchain has led to the creation of new solutions. 

DAI, DAOs and DApps: Vitalik Buterin Asks Twitter Users Their Favorite Ethereum Applications

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin took to Twitter to ask users about their favorite ETH-based applications. Decentralized products emerged as the frontrunner, with DAI, DAOs and DApps being regularly mentioned. 

Report: Russian Finance Minister Hints At Allowing Cryptocurrency Trading

Russian Finance Minister Alexei Moiseyev told journalists that the government was discussing the use of cryptocurrency in the country, which could ultimately lead to the legalization of crypto-assets trading. 

Bitcoin Trader Pleads Guilty to Ponzi-Like Scheme, Faces 20 Years in Prison

Patrick McDonnell, who went by Jason Flack, has pled guilty to frauding investors out of nearly $200,000 in a ponzi-like scheme that involved bitcoin, litecoin and other crypto-asset trading. 

Australian Central Bank Governor Skeptical of Facebook’s Cryptocurrency Libra

Governor of Australia's Central Bank Philip Lowe remains skeptical on the future of Facebook's digital coin Libra. In a Q&A session held on Thursday, he explained "there's a lot of water under the bridge" before Facebook's new project can become a reality.

Breaking: FATF Rules Crypto Exchanges Must Share User Data

The FATF announced a landmark decision on June 21 that would require all cryptocurrency exchanges to share user data when transferring funds between platforms. The decision is being met with criticism from the cryptocurrency community.

Bank Of England Calls Facebook’s Libra ‘Important,’ Remains Cautious Over Crypto

Bank of England Governor Mark Carney advocated for an "open mind but not open door" policy towards Facebook's Libra, and believes the digital asset could be important in cross-border transactions.

US Seeking Extradition of Swede in $11 Million Bitcoin Fraud

The US is attempting to extradite a Swedish citizen over charges related to wire fraud, money laundering and running a securities scheme that involved duping victims into investing in bitcoin.