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AurumCoin Claims Crypto Exchange Cryptopia Was Hacked

A notice was released on the AurumCoin (AU) website yesterday (Nov 11) stating that the Cryptopia exchange was attacked and all AU coins are missing from the Cryptopia wallet.

South Korean Crypto Exchange Zeniex Closes Amidst Crackdowns

There seems to be no letup in the ongoing crackdowns of unauthorized South Korean crypto exchanges as Zeniex becomes the latest casualty of war.

Crypto Education Initiative Binance Research Division Announced

Exchange giant Binance have announced a new research division with the aim of bringing greater transparency to the industry.

Swiss Report Shows Trojan Malware Attacking Crypto Exchanges

 A Swiss report has unearthed that a virus that mines Monero is responsible for one of the largest attacks on the Swiss crypto industry this year.  

French Finance Commission Plans to Lower Bitcoin Capital Gains Tax

The unusually high Bitcoin gains tax has been an issue for French crypto users for a while now. But the good news for french investors is that the French Finance Commission is backing a plan to bring the prices back in-line.

Blockchain Friendly Governor Jared Polis Wants Colorado to Embrace Crypto

As the American mid-term elections finally come to an end, Colorado’s new blockchain-friendly governor Jarad Polis wants the state to embrace crypto and its technological innovations.

Coinbase Plans to Keep Talent by Offering Fertility Health Treatments

In a very unique yet thoughtful move that aims to retain talented and diverse staff, the crypto exchange giants Coinbase have been offering their employees fertility treatments such as egg freezing worth $5,000.

Texas Regulator Issues Cease and Desist Order to Cloud Mining Company

The Australian-based cloud mining company AWS Mining PTY LTD is in hot water with the Texas State Securities Board for selling unregistered securities.

Alleged Crypto Wallet Hackers Arrested by Turkish Police

Turkish authorities have arrested 11 suspects in connection with an alleged crypto wallet hack that resulted in more than $80,000 losses for victims.

Azerbaijan to Adopt Blockchain-Based Solutions for Its Justice System

Azerbaijan is the next nation in a growing list of those looking to adopt blockchain solutions. The Azerbaijani government has recently shown a keen interest in promoting distributed ledger technology.

Binance Uganda Gains a Massive 40,000 Sign Ups in Opening Week

When Binance first announced they would be setting up operations in Uganda it was seen as an interesting and a much-needed move for the development of the African crypto sector.  Binance Uganda has gained a massive 40,000 new sign ups in the first week alone.

John McAfees 2020 Presidential Bid to Champion Crypto Industry

When crypto enthusiast and anti-virus programmer John McAfee announced he would be running for the Oval Office in the 2020 elections, his political motives remained unknown. McAfee has now made his motives clear in an interview at the Malta Blockchain Summit.

Russian Arbitration Center to Create Crypto Dispute Chamber

A new chamber for Crypto disputes is being launched by the Arbitration Center at the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP).

South Korean Intelligence Blame North Korea for Alleged Crypto Thefts

Intelligence officials in South Korea are blaming their neighbors for a string of crypto thefts in the wake of an international inspection across suspected nuclear testing sites in North Korea.

Microsoft Partnering with Nasdaq to Implement Blockchain Technology

Global software giant Microsoft have announced they are teaming up with Nasdaq Inc. to offer blockchain software solutions to traders and exchanges.

New Report Says a Quarter of American Millennials Are Crypto Users

A new report called “Millennials with Money” has stated that a quarter of American millennials in their findings are now crypto users in some way/ The report also showed that 31% of American millennials are interested in using cryptocurrency.

Zcash Sapling Hard Fork Update to Improve Network Speed and Security

Zerocoin announced on Sunday Oct 28th that their new Zcash ‘Sapling’ hard fork update is now officially implemented and hopes to improve not only network speed but also stability and security.

All Funds Are Gone as Allegedly Hacked Canadian Crypto Exchange Shuts Down

A Canadian crypto exchange has claimed it has been hacked and all of its funds are not just missing, but are gone for good.

Polish Police Recover $11.6 Million from Alleged DasCoin Crypto Scam

Polish police have recovered $11.6 million from the controversial DasCoin, which is allegedly a Ponzi scheme that has defrauded investors. The news is being reported locally with confirmation coming from the spokesperson of the National Public Prosecutor’s Office, Ewa Bialik.

EOS Sees Unique Active Accounts Surge 500% to 60,000

The EOS network has seen its amount of unique daily users surge by 500% recently, helping it reach a 60,000 unique daily user milestone.

Crypto Exchange Coinbase Cuts Backs on Staff, Lets Go About 15 Workers

Leading crypto exchange Coinbase has culled a handful of staff members this week. Reports are emerging that the cutbacks have been made across its customer support team, and other sectors dealing with compliance and fraud.

Nasdaq Secures Newswire Services Blockchain Patent

Nasdaq secured a patent on Tuesday that will allow them to use a blockchain-based wire service to release time-sensitive information from the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Call of Duty Players Accused of $3 Million Cryptocurrency Theft in FBI Affidavit

From playing Call of Duty (COD) to committing cryptocurrency theft might seem like quite a leap, but not for a group of gamers who are suspected of stealing up to $3 million in crypto.

Circle CEO Stresses That Global Crypto Regulatory Steps Are Essential

The CEO of the Goldman Sachs-backed Circle startup is adamant that major economies should put their heads together in a combined effort to implement global crypto regulations to “normalize” the industry.

TMZ Claims Floyd Mayweather and DJ Khaled Embroiled in $25 Million Crypto Scam Lawsuit

Boxing royalty Floyd Mayweather and hefty music producer DJ Khaled are allegedly embroiled in a $25 million crypto scam and are supposedly being sued for their involvement.

Buy the New HTC Exodus 1 Blockchain Phone with Cryptocurrency Only

If you are a crypto enthusiast currently looking for a new phone, the brand new HTC Exodus 1 blockchain phone will soon be available to buy, but only in BTC or ether.

First Ever Metal Crypto-Linked MCO Visa Card Available to Singapore Customers

If you are based in Singapore, you can now get the world’s first ever metal crypto-linked MCO Visa Card shipped directly to you.

National Bank of Canada and CGI Collaborate on Blockchain Credit Standby Letters

CGI and the National Bank of Canada are collaborating on a blockchain project to streamline the process of negotiating financial standby letters that are used by banks for credit and guarantees.

Money Laundering Watchdog to Issue Crypto-Focused Guidelines Next Year

The anti-money laundering watchdog Financial Action Task Force (FATF) have announced they plan to implement new regulatory measures on crypto exchanges by the summer of 2019.

North Korean Hacking Group Lazarus Stole $571 Million in Crypto, Report Claims

The infamous North Korean hacker crew dubbed “Lazarus Group” has reportedly stolen $882 million in cryptoassets since 2017, and is allegedly the most ‘successful’ crypto hacker organization ever.

SEC Launches New ‘Finhub’ Division to Engage With ICO Startups

ICO startups might well find life simpler as the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is launching a new division to make it easier to navigate the legal ramifications that are affecting their products.

Cryptocurrency Fever Is Waning, Claims Russian Central Bank Head

Is interest in the crypto industry waning? The Russian Central Bank thinks it as it made its opinions public at a recent finance innovation forum held in Sochi.

Maldives Monetary Authority Speaks out on Fake Crypto News Reports

The Maldives Monetary Authority (MMA) has come out to deny fake crypto news reports in regards to crypto trade licensing.

First TRON (TRX) Gaming DApp Played Over 10,000 Times on Release Day

The first ever gaming DApp to be released on Tron (TRX) blockchain has been a massive hit, reportedly marking up over 10,000 plays on its first day.

Blockchain Journalism Startup Civil Refunds ICO Buyers Amidst Failed Funding

The blockchain journalism startup firm, the Civil Media Company, is refunding investors as it fails to meet the projected $8 million in sales for its CVL token. However, the CEO is adamant this is not the end of Civil and says there is exciting work in the pipeline.

Europe Overtakes Asia and US for Crypto-Asset Token Sales in 2018

A new report has shown that Europe is rapidly becoming the leading crypto hub in the world with ICO token sales that almost double those in Asia and the US in 2018.

Crypto Exchange Coinbase Sets Up Irish Branch Amidst Brexit Concerns

US crypto exchange Coinbase is seemingly concerned about the ramifications of the UK leaving Europe in the next year as part of Brexit as it looks towards setting up shop in Dublin, Ireland.

Manny Pacquiaos Cryptocurrency Could Finally Launch by the End of 2018

Manny Pacquiao’s eagerly-awaited cryptocurrency may finally be launched by the end of 2018 after many months of talk and speculation in the crypto-sphere.

Hong Kong SFC Considering New Crypto Exchange Regulations

The chairman of the Hong Kong SFC Carlson Tong Ka-Shing is considering new crypto exchange regulations to tighten the protection for investors and to keep a lid on the crypto industry in the city.

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