When it comes to crypto-asset token sales, one would naturally assume that Asia and the US clearly lead the charge. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. A new report has shown that Europe is rapidly becoming the leading crypto hub in the world with ICO token sales that almost double those in Asia and the US in 2018.

A significant amount of funding has been directed into crypto-asset projects across Europe this year that has catapulted the continent into the top spot for crypto-asset token sales. Europe seems to be leading the way as the ever-evolving crypto-sphere moves closer to mainstream adoption.

New Investment Report on Crypto-Asset Sales

The venture capital fund and blockchain investment firm, Fabric Ventures, has released a report called “The State of the Token Market” that looks into the rise and surge in ICO funding across Europe in the first 9-months of 2018.

The report discussed the positive regulatory changes currently being implemented across the European ICO industry and the separation of economies across the vastness of the sprawling European Union (EU).

The report has brought up some interesting figures and stats regarding crypto-asset token sales across Europe. ICO fundraising in 2018 across the continent is currently at $4.1 billion. Putting that into perspective, ICO funds raised in the first 9-months in Asia totaled $2.6 billion and $2.3 billion in the USA.

The report believes that investor-friendly regulatory measures across the ICO sector in Europe have given investors more confidence, which is a major factor why the figures are so high when compared to other continents.

It also touches on the fact that ICO funding across Asia is struggling due to regulatory bodies in places such as Hong Kong and Singapore who are labeling crypto-asset products as securities. This approach bogs the industry down with stricter scrutiny.

European ICO Project Locations

The report also shows that European nations such as Malta and Gibraltar have made massive moves this year with a combined total of $300 million from ICO funding in 2018.

Some of the larger European nations, in terms of size and economies, have some impressive crypto-asset token funding figures. UK-based ICOs raised $490 million this year, coming in slightly behind Switzerland with a total of $556 million. Lithuania also came in with a respectable $271 million.

The winds of change are here as Europe poises itself to become the world’s most popular crypto hub with these impressive crypto-asset token sales in the first 9-months of the year.