The EOS network has seen its amount of unique daily users surge by 500% recently, helping it reach a 60,000 unique daily user milestone.

The much-publicized blockchain platform that has a decentralized application (DApp) ecosystem now reportedly has a total of 430,000 accounts as it keeps rising in popularity, despite having seen various governance issues.

Sharp Spike in EOS Network Users

The figures that show the sharp spike in growth for the EOS network were posted on Twitter by the blockchain tool expert Ben Sigman who has claimed to be keeping a careful eye on the network for a while.

Here is Ben Sigman’s tweet in regards to the spike in unique EOS daily users:

When looking at the statistics, the sharp rise in active users has dramatically grown over the past two weeks. The peak was on October 24 when the level hit the 60,000 mark. The current total of 430,000 EOS users is expected to rise in the coming weeks and months.

EOS’ Growth

Sigman’s data caused quite a few responses on the microblogging platform. Most of the commenters were praising EOS on its achievements and talking about the network in glowing terms. One user, BrendanBlumer, stated:

“Eos is fundamentally Sybil resistant because it requires tokens to guarantee transactions; that’s what makes these metrics so impressive. Thanks for sharing!”

As CryptoGlobe covered the EOS network has been seeing new DApps enter it on a regular basis. Leading cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex has recently unveiled an EOS-based decentralized exchange called EOSfinex.

Despite its apparent success, there are still a few factors that could hold it back. A user attempting to reach Everipedia, the “largest blockchain-based online encyclopedia,” has reported technical entry barriers to the network.

Moreover, last month it was reported EOS block producers were allegedly “colluding” by receiving payoffs and engaging in “mutual voting.”