Chinese authorities uncovered an illegal bitcoin mining operation that was buried beneath a local cemetery.

According to a report by Beijing News, Daqing police in the Heilongjiang Province discovered a bitcoin mining operation in a village’s nearby cemetery. Authorities initially suspected that electricity was being stolen in the village to mine bitcoin, and traced the operation using data provided from an oil field. 

The report claims authorities uncovered a suspicious “cemetery” in the woodland outside the village and were able to locate a secrete entrance. After drilling through the entrance, police confirmed that it was a den for illegal bitcoin mining. 

According to the report, authorities found lightning equipment and sources for power transmission, in addition to seizing eight bitcoin mining rigs. 

The report follows on a similar discovery in April, when Daqing police uncovered 54 illegally powered bitcoin mining rigs beneath a dog kennel. 

China has continued its crackdown on cryptocurrency mining. In May, the Sichuan Province government announced a suspension of all crypto mining operations, despite the region accounting for roughly 10 percent of bitcoin’s hash rate. 

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