Cryptocurrency trading platform BTSE has donated $80,000 to BTCPay Server, an open-source cryptocurrency payment processor that doesn’t charge merchants fees.

According to a blog post from BTCPay, the cryptocurrency exchange’s contribution was made to support Andrew Camilleri, a developer known as “Kukks” who has been working part-time on BTCPay Server while performing side-jobs to support himself.

The post details Camilleri quit his full-time job a year and a half ago to dedicate as much time as possible to develop BTCPay Server. He was quoted as saying:

Even though it’s been rough financially, it was worth it. I’ve learned more in this past year and a half than I have in my entire career combined, all thanks to BTCPay Server and its community.

The donation will see Camilleri work full-time on the project, which allows merchants to process their own payments through a bitcoin full node via a BTCPay Server, a move that can cost them less than $6 a month. Merchants can use BTCPay to accept bitcoin payments without any interference from a third-party, which means they can save up on fees.

On social media BTSE’s CEO Johnathan Leong commented on the move that sees it join other companies supporting the open-source crypto payment processor:

Currently, the companies supporting BTCPay Server are the BTSE exchange LunaNode, Wallet of Satoshi, DG Labs, ACINQ, and Square Crypto. The latter, as CryptoGlobe reported, has been supporting Bitcoin’s developers, even funding pseudonymous Lightning Network developer ZmnSCPxj

The cryptocurrency trading platform’s donation came at about the same time the Human Rights Foundation revealed it started accepting bitcoin donations via BTCPay Server.

Featured image via Unsplash.