Square Crypto, the bitcoin development initiative of Jack Dorsey’s payments firm Square, has awarded new grants to two Bitcoin developers, and called on more to contact them about potential grants.

According to a Medium post, Square Crypto has awarded new grants to Jon Atack, a Bitcoin Core contributor and protocol researcher, and to Tankred Hase, a Bitcoin developer that focuses on user experience and plans on “simplifying self-custody of smaller amounts of bitcoin, creating a public key server that makes it possible to text sats [satoshis– Bitcoin’s smallest unit].”

The grants will allow the developers to work full time on the flagship cryptocurrency and its layer-two scaling solution, the Lightning Network. On its Medium post Square Crypto also called on other developers to reach out if they “don’t have the financial means to build financial freedom for others.”

It noted that grants can be issued to a team or individual working on Bitcoin-related projects, and that applicants can “work from anywhere.” Proposals they should work on include improving Bitcoin’s user experience, scaling, privacy, security, and more. The projects should, however, be “free and open-source without a business or profit motive.”

Listing examples of potential projects it could support, Square Crypto pointed to improvements on private key management, privacy implementations, strengthening peer-to-peer networking, layer-two scaling solutions, and decentralization improvements.

Square Crypto has in the past provided a $100,000 grant to the BTCPay Foundation, a non-profit organization running BTCPayServer, and a grant to the pseudonymous Lightning Network developer ZmnSCPxj, who had until then been working on the layer-two scaling solution part-time.

Square Crypto has earlier this year also revealed it’s working on a Lightning Development Kit (LDK) that will make it easier for developers of cryptocurrency wallets to integrate the layer-two scaling solution into them.

Featured image via Pixabay.