On Tuesday (January 21), Square Crypto, the crypto-focused division of payment solutions provider Square, announced that, in order to accelerate bitcoin adoption, it is working on a Lightning Development Kit (LDK) that will make it easier for developers of wallets (and other applications) to “create custom experiences.”

Square Crypto, which was launched in March 2019, was “designed to strengthen the bitcoin ecosystem”, as product manager Steve Lee explained via the following tweets in July 2019:

According to the Medium blog post published earlier today, the Square Crypto Team is working on an LDK that will include “an API, language bindings, demo apps, and anything else that makes integrating Lightning easy, safe, and configurable.” This API is “based on the Rust-Lightning project, which offers clean interfaces and minimal system dependencies.” 

This LDK will make it easier to add “Lightning capabilities to existing bitcoin wallets”, to support “multi-device, multi-application access to a single wallet”, and to enable “wallets to make UX/security/privacy tradeoffs.”

Featured Image Credit: Photo via Pixabay.com