On Sunday (December 16th), there had been reports and a video shared on social media which appeared to show Chinese resident, Wong Ching Kit, throwing money off the roof of a building located in Sham Shui Po, an area of Kowtoon, Hong Kong.

An update on the incident has now revealed that Kit was arrested after local authorities saw him throwing money. Asian news outlets have confirmed that Kit was taken into police custody shortly after handing out meal coupons to local community members.

Driving Around In Lamborghini, Handing Out Stacks Of $500 HKD Bills

The video footage released on Sunday of the 24-year-old had shown him driving around a luxurious Lamborghini sports car while holding a large stack of $500 HKD bills. Kit was also shown handing out cash to random people in Sham Shui Po. However, police officials have now detained him, as he has been charged for creating “public disorder.”

Kit, who is reportedly well-known for other publicity stunts, live-streamed his arrest on Facebook. The live footage showed him sitting in the back of a police van between two security officers. Kit also remarked: “I am now under arrest by police.” Despite repeated warnings from police officials to not film the incident, Kit continued to do so.

Publicity Stunt To Promote FCC (FileCash Coin) Project

As reported by Crypto Asia Today, Kit has become a crypto millionaire but also has somewhat of a questionable reputation for his crypto promotions. According to local residents familiar with the crypto industry, the recent stunt by Kit may have been an effort to indirectly promote an FCC (FileCash Coin) project that he has been involved with.

A local resident commented:

This guy is trying to go full on for one last scam. If crypto market is healthy, no need to pull a stunt like this.

Notably, Kit’s Facebook group, called Epoch Cryptocurrency, is also reportedly used to promote various crypto investment schemes that have been called into question.

Selling Expensive Mining Computers 

Recently, he had been trying to sell expensive crypto mining computers, with each unit priced at HKD $27,500 (appr. $3,500). According to reports from local sources, the PCs did not appear to be as powerful or effective for crypto mining as Kit had claimed.

As a warning to investors, Asia Crypto Today wrote:

If something is too good to be true, like money falling from the sky, one should stay far far away.

The Asian news outlet also compared Kit to Carlos Matos, the infamous BitConnect promoter who is now ridiculed as he had made over dramatic and outrageous claims about BitConnect – which turned out to be very misleading as the crypto firm was busted for fraud and its operations were shut down by authorities earlier this year.