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After finishing undergraduate and master’s studies in Politics and Economics at the University of Leeds, Oli moved to the University of Sussex to complete his doctoral research in the field of International Political Economy in 2015.  Today he lives in London, where he splits his time between teaching economics and researching the micro and macro consequences of disruptive tech.

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Is Blockchain Too Bleeding Edge for ETFs?

Earlier in September both traditional and alternative investors reacted positively to the news that Nasdaq will launch a new index tracking a select group of DeFi crypto innovators.

Bitcoin as a Safe Haven? A Critical Look at Some of the Recent Evidence

Prominent gold investor, Peter Schiff, recently rebuffed claims that his favored asset faced competition from Bitcoin, arguing that Bitcoin’s price instability essentially meant it could never claim the mantle of being a ‘safe haven’ investment.

Dominos Pizza to Give Away 100,000 in Bitcoin in France

Domino’s France is celebrating its 30th birthday by pledging to give €100,000 away in either bitcoin or euros. In order to have a chance to win, customers must register every purchase they make online and are entered into the prize draw.

97% of South Korean Crypto Exchanges Reportedly Threatened by Bankruptcy

A recent survey carried out by Business Korea has discovered that South Korea’s once thriving crypto economy has taken a dramatic down-turn, with up to 97% of South Korean crypto exchanges threatened by bankruptcy.   

Can Cryptocurrencies Help the Nearly 2 Billion People Worldwide Without a Bank Account?

When introducing Libra to the global audience, Facebook was clear that part of their motivation in designing, building and launching the new coin was to spread access to finance to some of the world’s poorest communities.

Central Banks and Cryptocurrencies: Natural Born Enemies, or Soon-to-Be Friends?

The frosty and (some have speculated) internationally coordinated response from central bankers to Facebook’s Libra was received with little surprise by crypto entrepreneurs and investors.

Forget the Tether Controversy Focus on the Rapid Progress in Blockchain Applications

Following the much anticipated ‘Tangle in Taipei’, in which renowned economist and long-time opponent of cryptoassets Nouriel Roubini faced-off against crypto entrepreneur Arthur Hayes, fresh attention has come to the arguments for and against cryptocurrencies and their applications.

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