Domino’s France is celebrating its 30th birthday by pledging to give €100,000 away in either bitcoin or euros. In order to have a chance to win, customers must register every purchase they make online and are entered into the prize draw.

The competition, which opened on the 4th of September, will present the winner with the choice of which currency to receive their payment in, thus peaking the interest of both FX and crypto-watchers who have already been speculating and the anticipated price movements in both markets.

Although the announcement has made a predictable ‘splash’, and generated a great deal of public interest, some financial commentators have already questioned the business rationale of the move.

Domino’s Pizza, which currently has a market cap of just over $10 billion, has had some operational problems in the French market.  For example, last year the Wall Street Journal reported that their vitally important online delivery scheduling algorithm repeatedly misread French language addresses, and several European franchises were discovered to be grossly underpaying staff, leading to several months of bad press that reflected in share prices.

The bitcoin giveaway competition has certainly brought a welcome distraction from these issues, and given French pizza-loving crypto investors another reason to watch the BTC price over the coming weeks.

The competition’s winner will received the bitcoin prize in its wallet by December 16 of this year.