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Nuno Teodoro is a yogi and crypto enthusiast. He started working in the space in late 2016, fueled by the promise of a form of money not controlled by banks or governments. With over 100 published articles, Nuno Teodoro has deep knowledge over numerous matters related to technology, crypto and finance.

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Man Arrested after Attempting to Buy Firearm with Bitcoin

A Scottish citizen was arrested by police after attempting to buy a firearm on the deep web using Bitcoin. David Mitchell, a software engineer from Edinburgh, spent more than $2500 in Bitcoin to buy a Glock 9mm handgun from the United States.

Crypto Roundup – ETC Attackers Return $100,000 to & Bitmain Places Mining Operations In Texas On Hold

Eight coins from the top 10 coins by 24-hour volume posted negative changes, ranging from 2.15% to 6.46%. Ethereum Classic 51% Attackers Return $100,000 to Crypto Exchange Bitmain Places Mining Operations In Rockdale Texas On Hold.

10 Years Ago: Hal Finney Started ‘Running Bitcoin’ Increasing The Node Count to 2

An important date in Bitcoin history has recently been celebrated. About 10 years ago, Hal Finney became the second person to run a Bitcoin node, and tweeted about using two simple words most likely didn’t understand at the time.

Bitcoin Approaching a ‘Breakout or a Breakdown,’ Says Civic CEO Vinny Lingham

Vinny Lingham, Civic CEO and former Shark Tank investor, in a recent interview where discussed the price of Bitcoin. The video interview was published yesterday by 

Venezuela Fights US Sanctions Against Petro

The Venezuelan government has filed a complaint against the United States before the World Trade Organization (WTO). 

Substratum: Project Facing Allegations of Missing ICO Funds

Several users on Reddit and Twitter have raised some red flags regarding Substratum, an open-source project aimed at creating a foundation for the decentralized web. The more recent concerns about the project were raised by crypto enthusiast Brian Li over a series of tweets. 

Brave Announces Growth Stats: Surpasses 5.5 Million Monthly Active Users

According to an announcement made on the official Brave blog, the crypto-powered web browser has surpassed 5.5 million monthly active users. Published last Sunday, the blog post included several other growth statistics and highlights of 2018. The Brave team took the opportunity to thank users and partners for supporting the project in this “busy year”. With 1 million active users at the beginning of last year, Brave has seen phenomenal growth throughout 2018.

Fortnite Not Accepting Cryptocurrency Payments

The Fortnite store will not be accepting Monero payments in exchange for merchandise and virtual items. The CEO and founder of Epic Games, the gaming company that developed Fortnite, denied the involvement with cryptocurrencies over twitter. According to Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney, the whole incident was “accidental” as it was actually a payment partner that enabled the Monero payments.

MiningSky: The Future of Blockchain Infrastructure

Since the inception of bitcoin back in 2009, many changes have taken place in the cryptocurrency mining landscape. Mining hardware has evolved drastically, accompanied by exponential increases in mining difficulty. You could say that cryptocurrency mining isn’t what it used to be.

Moved by Censorship, Jordan Peterson Starts Accepting Bitcoin Donations

Controversial psychologist, writer, and public speaker Jordan Peterson is now accepting bitcoin donations on his official website. The decision to feature bitcoin donations came after a series of recent events regarding Patreon. After having banned several high-profile users, the crowdfunding membership platform is being accused of censorship and political bias. It seems that Patreon was influenced by other companies to prohibit certain users from receiving funding.

IOTA Foundation Announces New Lightweight Hash Function, Sets 200,000 Bounty for Cracking It

The IOTA foundation has developed a new lightweight cryptographic hash function in collaboration with CYBERCRYPT, a world-leading system provider in robust cryptography and cybersecurity. The announcement was made yesterday on IOTA’s official blog. The new hash function, entitled “Troika”, was developed by CYBERCRYPT’s expert cryptographers and will serve as a “strong cryptographic foundation for the final IOTA protocol”.

Atari Sells Rights to Make Blockchain Versions of Mobile Games

Yesterday, Atari Inc. announced a license agreement with Animoca Brands Limited. The agreement grants Animoca Brands the rights to create blockchain-based versions of popular mobile game titles RollerCoaster Tycoon and Goon Squad. The agreement is valid until April 2022 and allows the publishing of the games globally, with the exception of Greater China (Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, and Macau). The companies also developed a strategic partnership that will look to explore mutual opportunities in blockchain, gaming, and product development.

More Evidence Points to Tether’s (USDT) Dollar Backing

A new Bloomberg report suggest that Tether Ltd may really have $1 for every USDT in circulation. Published a few hours ago, the report indicates that Bloomberg has documents in their possession that “offer more detail than has ever been made public”. The documents were not shared and do not provide a complete overview of Tether’s finances. However, bank statements from four separate months reveal the amount of dollars held in Tether Ltd.’s accounts. 

$2.3 Billion: Nearly 32 Million BCH Were Moved in the Last 24 Hours, Presumably to Claim BSV

An astounding 32 million bitcoin cash (BCH), worth approximately $2,3 billion, have been moved in the last 24 hours. This equates to more than the total supply of bitcoin cash (128%). When it comes to transfered value, BCH’s network saw over 25 times more value move than that of ETH, but fell shy of the BTC network’s $3.1 billion.

NanoQuake: New Trailer Released

NanoQuake, the new project from the Nano Center, has released a new official trailer. NanoQuake is based on the popular Quake video game. More precisely on Yamagi Quake 2, an improved fan-made version of the original Quake 2. Using financial incentives to encourage people to play, the pioneer project is looking to showcase how in-game microtransactions are possible with Nano.

Venezuelan Government Paying Pensions in Petros: Price Rises Again

The Venezuelan government has converted old age pensions into Petro, the nation-backed cryptocurrency. The news was reported yesterday by Caracas Chronicles, a group blog focused on Venezuelan politics and economics. Elderly Venezuelans are accustomed to receiving a message every time a government pension arrives. However, on December 7, they received two messages.

AmbaCoin: New Cryptocurrency from Self-Declared African Nation

A group of anonymous scholars and developers from Southern Cameroon have created a new cryptocurrency, AmbaCoin. The group is part of the separatist movement that is fighting for the independence of Southern Cameroon, a region that was formerly under the United Kingdom administration. They are seeking recognition for their new country, the Federal Republic of Ambazonia. 

Dash Adoption on the Rise: Dash-enabled Smartphone Booming in Venezuela

After being announced in late August, more than 7000 units of the new Dash-enabled phone have already been sold in Venezuela. The Dash-enabled phone, KRIP, is the result of a partnership between Dash and Kripto Mobile Corporation. Having five different models, the KRIP phone comes with a built-in Dash wallet and ecosystem, including several crypto apps such as Uphold (crypto exchange) and Bitrefill (gift card). 

Facebook Recruiting Blockchain Experts, Looking to Expand Team

Facebook has recently opened several blockchain positions on facebook careers. The social media titan is looking to hire a marketing specialist, three blockchain engineers, and a blockchain data scientist.

Coinbase Pro’s ETH Flash Crash Reminds Us How Dangerous the Crypto Space Can Be

The price of Ethereum has suffered a flash crash, falling from $100 to $13 in a matter of seconds. The flash crash happened earlier today on Coinbase Pro (formerly known as the GDAX). The price returned to normal shortly after it fell, as arbitrage makers lifted the price back to $100. It appears that the anomaly only affected the ETH/USDC trading pair.

Binance Launching Sub-Accounts in Preparation for Institutional Money

Binance is launching the long-awaited Sub-Account feature, which is designed to provide a better service to institutional clients. The announcement was made a few hours ago on the official Binance website.

SingularityNET CEO Discusses Blockchain on the Joe Rogan Podcast

Dr. Ben Goertzel, a renowned AI scientist and entrepreneur, discussed blockchain technology on the popular Joe Rogan podcast. Dr. Goertzel is the CEO of SingularityNET a blockchain-based AI marketplace, which raised $36 million in just one minute in an ICO last year.

Leading Ethereum Classic Dev Team Shuts Down Over Lack of Funds

ETCDEV, a leading Ethereum Classic (ETC) development company, is shutting down activities due to a lack of funding.

Venezuelan Government Artificially Raises Its Petros Price to $150

The Venezuelan Government has repriced its national cryptocurrency, the Petro, from 3600 to 9000 sovereign bolívars ($150).

EOS Dan Larimer Is Eyeing Another Cryptocurrency Project

Daniel Larimer, the creator of EOS, has shared plans for the development of yet another cryptocurrency project.  The plans were announced via Telegram on November 28.

Sponsored Facebook Ad Tricks Users into Investing in Fake Cryptocurrency

A new Facebook crypto scam, in the form of a sponsored ad has been stealing sensitive data from users. The alert was first published on Medium by the ORCA Alliance on Nov 22.

BlockTower: Bitcoin is at the End of a Distress Cycle

Michael Bucella, a partner at BlockTower Capital leading crypto investment fund, says that bitcoin is at the end of a distress cycle. The statements were made today (Nov 29th) during an interview for CNBC’s Fast Money. Bitcoin broke the $10,000 barrier exactly one year ago and many investors were expecting a similar bull run at the end of this year.

Blockchain Voting System Being Developed by South Korea

The South Korean Ministry of Science and ICT has announced plans for developing a blockchain-based voting system.  

Bitmain Facing $5 Million Class Action Suit

Mining giant Bitmain is accused by a North American citizen of a “sneaky trick” that is affecting thousands of customers. The case was filed on Nov 19 in the federal court of the Northern District of California.  

Wikipedia Founder Larry Sanger Talks About Blockchaining Wikipedia

One of the co-founders of Wikipedia, Larry Sanger, has shared his plans and insights on blockchain-based encyclopedias. He shared his thoughts during an exclusive interview for, that took place yesterday (Nov 26) at the Delta Summit.

IOTA Foundation Announces Plans to Remove Centralized Coordinator

Last Tuesday (Nov 20th), the IOTA foundation published the first of a series of articles explaining the plans in motion for gradually remove the Coordinator from the IOTA network. The IOTA research team also scheduled an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit. They will be answering pre-submitted questions on the comments today (Nov 26th), from 5pm to 6pm CET.

Bitcoin Black Friday: “Deals and Giveaways You Cannot Miss!”

Black Friday is upon us, the best time of the year to spend your hard earned money. While some of us will take advantage of the declining market to add some more coins to our portfolios, many will want to actually spend crypto. And what better time to do it than today? The Bitcoin Black Friday website is listing and publishing the best bitcoin deals out there. If you are a merchant you can submit your deal and have a chance to sell your products for cryptocurrencies.

Two South Korean Exchanges Go Offline after Amazon Web Services (AWS) Network Failure

Two prominent South Korean cryptocurrency exchanges went offline after Amazon Web Services (AWS) servers suffered a nationwide failure. AWS, one of the world’s leading companies in cloud computing services, suffered from an hour-long network failure in South Korea. The event  was responsible for the shutting down of Coinone and Upbit crypto exchanges.

KodakOne Allegedly Owes $125,000 to Former Development Team

KodakOne, the recent cryptocurrency project from Kodak, allegedly owes over $125,000 to developers contracted to work on the project. The news was reported yesterday (Nov 20th) by Hard Fork, TNW’s blockchain and crypto wing. In a series of emails reviewed by Hard Fork, European recruitment agency iFindTech accuses KodakOne of not honoring the payments in the scheduled time frame. 

ICORating Publishes ICO Market Research for Q3 2018

ICORating, one of the leading authorities in ICO research and listing, has published a paper analyzing the performance of the ICO Market in the third quarter of this calendar year. The ICORating analysts concluded that Q3 2018 was not as successful as Q2 and Q1, as only $1.8 billion were raised this quarter.

Blockchain-Powered Game Coming to the Playstation 4

Plague Hunters, an upcoming PS4 game, has passed Sony’s review process and will become the first blockchain-powered PlayStation game. This represents an important milestone in blockchain gaming. Plague Hunters, although not having a big budget, is positioned to become the first blockchain-powered game to be released on any gaming console.

CDC Token Killed By Malicious Members of its Own Team; CEO Loses $2 Million

The Commerce Data Connection (CDC) project has apparently been “killed” by malicious members of its own team. The team has been disbanded and retail investors have been left empty-handed.  

1% of Ethereums Total Supply Locked in MakerDAO Smart Contract

Mike McDonald, creator of MKR Tools, revealed that 1,000,000 ETH – roughly 1% of the total supply of Ether – are locked in a MakerDAO smart contract.

NEO Founder: Blockchain Over-Regulated, Promotes the Emergence of a New Regulatory System

Da Hongfei, the founder of NEO, has voiced his concerns of Blockchains being over-regulated and that the emergence of a new regulatory system is needed. The statements were made on Oct 30th during an interview for 8btc. 

Reddit Co-founder: Bear Market is Good for the Blockchain Industry

Alexis Ohanian, one of the co-founders of Reddit, believes that the declining prices experienced in the crypto market throughout 2018 are good for the blockchain industry.

Government Authorities Seized a Total of 453,000 since 2013

According to a new analysis, roughly 453,000 bitcoins have been seized by world governments authorities. This equates to 2.6% of the current circulating supply. Released this week, the report also states that 85.6% of the confiscated bitcoins came from just two incidents: the shut down of online black market Silk Road by the FBI (174,000 bitcoins), and a cybercrime shut down by the joint operation between SELEC (Southeast European Law Enforcement Center) and the Bulgarian government (213,519 bitcoins).

Overstock CEO: Modern Financial System is a Ponzi Scheme, Collapse Will Bring Global Crypto Adoption

Patrick Byrne, the CEO of Overstock, said in a recent interview that the entire modern financial system is a “big Keynesian magic money tree ponzi scheme”. The statements were made during an interview with crypto YouTuber Naomi Brockwell on Monday, October 7.

Bank of America Holds More Than 50 Blockchain Patents; But Are There Any Plans for Actual Development?

Bank of America has filed another blockchain patent last Tuesday, October 30th. This new patent is related to systems and devices for hard storage of private keys. The current second largest bank in the U.S. now holds more than 50 Blockchain patents, more than any other company. But are there any development plans behind those patents? What benefits will the Bank of America reap from them?

Oyster Pearls Founder Steals $300,000: Responds, Calls Crypto a ‘Ponzi’

The original founder and lead developer of Oyster Pearl (PRL), Bruno Block, has taken advantage of a breach in the token smart contract, allowing him to reopen the ICO and sell approximately $300,000 worth of PRL on the KuCoin exchange. Bruno Block then released a statement a few hours ago over Telegram. He justified his actions by accusing the CFO Bill Cordes of insider trading and of ignoring his numerous requests to hire more developers. Bruno then went on to warn everyone that there is an eminent global financial collapse while calling cryptocurrencies a ponzi scheme.

Bitcoin Dusting Attacks Threaten Anonymity of Several Wallets

Samourai Wallet, a modern bitcoin wallet service, has recently warned its users that they may be targets of a dusting attack.The announcement was made on the company’s Twitter earlier today.

UK Government Suspends Plans for Digital Gold Token

Britain’s Royal Mint, the world’s leading export mint, has suspended plans to launch its own digital gold token. According to Reuters, the plans fell through after a partnership with North American CME Group failed and the British government refused the proposal to have the tokens trade on a cryptocurrency exchange.

IDEX Exchange Blocking Users From New York State

Aurora (IDEX), the largest decentralized exchange according to DappRadar, will begin blocking users from New York State. The announcement was made yesterday on Twitter, around 19:00 UTC. Users will still be able to withdraw their funds but deposits and trades will be halted tomorrow, October 25th, at 18:00 UTC.

Elon Musk Tweets About Bitcoin, Gets Account Locked

Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla and SpaceX, posted a tongue-in-cheek tweet about crypto. After expressing his love for anime at around 22:30 UTC yesterday, Elon Musk posted another tweet shortly after. The tweet featured a picture of the bitcoin logo with a female anime character and read: “Wanna buy some bitcoin?”.

After a Troubling Month, Tether (USDT) Sees its Market Cap Fall by $250 Million

Tether (USDT), has seen its market cap fall to $2.11 billion, as roughly $250 million USDT left circulation.

Canaan Announces New Mining Rig AvalonMiner A911

Canaan Creative, known simply as Canaan, has unveiled AvalonMiner A911, its new state-of-the-art mining rig. 

Crypto Billionaires Abound in List of Chinas Wealthiest Individuals

Chinese research group the Hurun Research Institute has released its annual list of the richest Chinese citizens and, for the first time, individuals from the blockchain industry made the list. 

Hacker Livestreams 51% Attack On Bitcoin Private

“Geocold”, an “ethical hacker”, announced on Reddit that he would be choosing a coin on which to perform a 51% attack for “educational purposes”. After a failed attempt with Einsteinium (EMC2), the hacker eventually settled for Bitcoin Private (BTCP) and executed the attack live on twitch for everyone to see. 

Chinese Government Should Launch its own Stablecoin Says Peoples Bank of China

According to researchers from the People’s Bank of China (PBoC), the Chinese government should consider creating its own yuan-backed stablecoin.

The Dark Side of Blockchain: Creepy Wagers on Augur

Augur, one of the first blockchain-based prediction marketplaces, features some of the weirdest and most outrageous betting events in the world. Celebrity and presidential deaths, mass shootings, terrorism, and viral outbreaks are just some of the examples of the kind of topics being wagered on Augur.

Recap of Ripples (XRP) Impressive 60% Rally Last Month

Ripple (XRP) has enjoyed a record-breaking month, rising in value by over 60% in the last 30 days. What makes the price hike even more impressive is the fact that it happened in a bearish market, where most other cryptocurrencies suffered losses. Analysts are still trying to pin down what could have caused the impressive rally, with many pointing towards the launch of xRapid. 

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