Plague Hunters, an upcoming PS4 game, has passed Sony’s review process and will become the first blockchain-powered PlayStation game.

The game represents an important milestone in blockchain gaming. Plague Hunters, although not a big budget project, is positioned to become the first blockchain-powered game to be released on any gaming console.

How Will it Work?

Arcade Distillery, the company behind Plague Hunters, will be making use of the Ethereum blockchain and will issue a non-fungible crypto token. The token will be used to trade in-game items, such as weapons or units, on a marketplace. Thanks to blockchain, the marketplace will be transparent, all transactions can be verified, and peer-to-peer (P2P), meaning that the game’s economy will belong to its participants and not to Arcade Distillery.

Plague Hunters is a turn-based role playing game (RPG) that focuses on single player experience but features some online PvP elements. A spiritual successor to Plague Road, Plague Hunters will be free-to-play and is scheduled for release in Q1 2019. Arcade Distillery will later be releasing Plague Hunters on PC and Nintendo Switch and is also pondering creating Xbox One and mobile versions.

It seems that the gaming industry is coming round to the benefits of integrating blockchain technology in video games more generally. Last Sunday, Mythical Games gaming studio announced that it had received $16 million in funding to create an EOS blockchain-based game.