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Elikem is a cryptocurrency content writer who doubles as a chess professional (Player, arbiter, and trainer). He holds a B.A Political Science and Linguistics Certificate from the University of Ghana and an MBA from Nanchang University in China. Coming from a Political science and Finance background, his interests, both inside and outside the cryptocurrency space, fall within the same areas.

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Blockchain for Environmental Protection: World Economic Forum Lists More Than 65 Use Cases

The World Economic Forum (WEF) went beyond the finance sector to investigate possible applications of blockchain technology in the protection of the environment. The research discovered over 65 ways in which the use of blockchain technology might improve the environment.  

82% of Digital Currencies Use Plagiarised Code According to New Research

According to new research carried out by Netta Lab, a Chinese company, in collaboration with experts from China’s Xi’an Jiaotong University, 80% of cryptocurrency projects have copied their code from existing projects.

New Rules Require Mexican Banks and Crypto Exchanges to Obtain Permit

According to a circular published in the official newspaper of the Mexican government on 10th September, banks delivering crypto-related services and crypto exchanges are now required to obtain permits from the Bank of Mexico (Banxico).

Japan’s FSA Set to Increase the Size of its Crypto-Focused Team

The Financial Services Agency (FSA), the Japanese organization mandated to oversee its financial sector, has indicated that it intends to increase the size of its team in charge of cryptocurrency affairs.  

85% Decline in Altcoins in 2018 Matches That of 2014

In stark contrast to most of 2017, cryptocurrency prices have been plummeting since reaching an all-time high in January. The altcoin market in particular, has seen an 85% drop since its previous peak.

Akon Thinks it’s Foolish Not to Invest in Crypto

Akon, the famous singer, songwriter, and producer has been spreading the word about cryptocurrencies since June when he announced plans to launch Akoin, his own cryptocurrency. The multi-millionaire recently discussed cryptocurrencies and the crypto world in an interview on Revolt TV’s Drink Champs podcast.

Global Blockchain Technologies Teases World’s First State-backed Crypto Custody and DEX

Global Blockchain Technologies, a Canadian public company has revealed its plans to launch a DEX and statebacked crypto custody solutions. The CEO, Shidan Gouran, believes that their Laser Network-powered state-backed crypto exchange with custodial services, if it becomes a reality, will be bigger news compared to the approval of bitcoin ETFs.

South Korea Seeks Global Crypto Regulations With Help From Other Nations

South Korea has asked for more cooperation between countries worldwide in the regulation of cryptocurrencies and Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), according to reports coming from Asian Economic TV. The head of the country’s Financial Supervisory Service (FSS), has made known his country’s bid for more international cooperation in dealing with cryptocurrency related issues.

Coinbase CEO: One Billion People Could Be in the Crypto Ecosystem in Five Years

Brian Armstrong revealed Coinbase could be adding support for ‘hundreds’ of tokens in the future. This, he said, could help it rival traditional exchanges like the NYSE  

Leader in $1.8 million Cryptocurrency Armed Robbery and Kidnapping Pleads Guilty

Cyrus R. Vance, Manhattan District Attorney, on Wednesday September 5th, notified the public concerning the guilty plea of Louis Meza, following his trial fororganizing the kidnapping and theft of Ether (ETH) valued at over $1.8 million.  

New Survey Shows 79% of Americans Are Aware of Crypto

A recent survey by YouGov, an online research and analytics firm, revealed that the majority of adults in the U.S have heard of at least one cryptocurrency. The survey, which focused on awareness and interest in cryptocurrencies, questioned 1202 U.S citizens about their attitudes to the crypto-economy.

States Competing to Create the Most Crypto Friendly Environment

Most early cryptocurrency adopters were drawn to itcoin because it served as a means of opting out of the existing financial system they considered unfair and bound to fail. Today, the reality is that the majority of cryptocurrency owners are seeking more validation of the industry from governments in the form of friendly and unambiguous regulations.

PwC Survey Shows 84% of Organizations Have Adopted Blockchain

A new survey conducted by leading professional services company PwC has shown that companies are increasingly looking to blockchain tech. PwC’s 2018 Global Blockchain Survey recorded responses from 600 executives across 15 territories – with 84% of those participating saying that their organizations were involved with the blockchain technology in some way According to the report:

Bitcoin Markets Unfazed by Transfer of $100m of Bitcoin to Binance, Bitfinex and Bitmex

New information about  the movement of large amounts of bitcoin originally from a well-known bitcoin address (15ihHoGs3onQBNnEH8afDFGvou9nD62Hm7) has been unearthed by Redditor u/sick_silk. The Reddit user, who has been following funds from the bitcoin address, discovered that some bitcoin had been sent to addresses belonging to Binance, Bitfinex and Bitmex exchanges.

GPU Sales Figures Drop in Second Quarter According to Jon Peddie Research

A report from John Peddie Research (JPR), a computer graphics and gaming industry research firm, has revealed that the sale of GPUs in the second quarter of 2018 has dropped substantially due to a decrease in cryptocurrency-mining euphoria.  

Thai Authorities Expect Growing Wave of Crypto-Related Crimes: Report

Cryptocurrency-related crimes in Thailand are likely to continue to rise due to a serious lack of professionals with in-depth knowledge on the sector and the technology needed to effectively tackle cybercrime.

Petition for Amazon to Accept Dogecoin Gathers Over 8,000 Signatures

The Dogecoin community recently took to Change.org, the campaign-hosting website, to petition Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon, to allow his e-commerce platform to accept the cryptocurrency as a payment method.

Blockchain-Related Jobs Are Booming in Asia, Despite Crypto Market Slump

The blockchain job sector in Asia is flourishing despite the continuous decline cryptocurrency prices have been seeing so far this year. According to CNBC, both supply and demand for blockchain-related jobs have been on the rise in the continent.

Russia Should Consider Gold-backed Crypto for Weapons Export – Says Lawmaker Vladimir Gutenev

Russian Lawmaker Vladimir Gutenev in an interview with Russian news agency TASS has proposed that his country should take more drastic measures to counteract the pressure being put on them by U.S foreign policy.

Cryptocurrency Mining Attacks More Than Doubled in the First Half of 2018

Trend Micro, a security software company, carried out a 2018 mid-year security roundup to review the different types of existing and emerging cybersecurity threats.

Coinbase Survey: 42% of Top Universities Offering Crypto or Blockchain Courses

Coinbase has partnered with research firm Qriously, to investigate student perception of the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. Yesterday, August 28th, the leading cryptocurrency exchange published a report on its blog which includes findings on the rising number of blockchain and crypto related courses as well as student’s interest in cryptocurrencies.

Japanese Crypto Mining Company GMO Halts Bitcoin Cash Mining

Bitcoin Cash has lost some of its hashpower as GMO Internet, the top Japanese cryptocurrency mining firm, recently decided to stop mining the bitcoin fork.

Baroness Michelle Mone’s Equi Token Fails to Take Off

Equi Coin, a new cryptocurrency from Scottish entrepreneur Baroness Michelle Mone, has failed to attract investors to reach its founders’ starting targets. Mone, who gained her wealth and popularity from Ultimo, the highly successful lingerie company she founded, has so far been unable to replicate the company’s success in the crypto world.

Thai Police to Expand $25 Million Bitcoin Theft Case Investigation

On August 10, CryptoGlobe reported on the alleged theft of $25 million worth of bitcoin belonging to a Finnish investor. Two weeks after the arrest of Jiratpisit Jaravijit, the main suspect in the case, the National Post reports the Thai police are about to take their investigations to the next level.

Issuance of $500 million USDT Didnt Influence Bitcoins Price: Report

The cryptocurrency market cap, despite dropping from a high of about $800 billion to $215 billion is harder to artificially prop up now, as according to a recent report the issuance of $500 million Tethers, often believe to be used to pump BTC, didn’t affect the market.

The Financial Commission Creates Dispute Resolution Service for Crypto Traders

The Financial Commission, an independent self-regulatory organization, and external dispute resolution (EDR) body has made known its plans to inaugurate a dispute resolution service specifically for crypto traders.

Congresswoman Bought Crypto at the Top, Probably Stomaching Losses

Financial filings show that Tulsi Gabbard, U.S congresswoman representing Hawaii, invested in ether (ETH)and litecoin (LTC) in December last year when cryptocurrency prices were at their highest.

Bitmain May be Losing its Dominance, According to Asset Management Firm Bernstein and Co.

According to asset management firm. Sanford C. Bernstein and Co.,the cryptocurrency mining chip-making giant, Bitmain Technologies Ltd., could be unable to retain its technological advantage in the industry.  

Buying Players With Bitcoin? Seven English Premier League Clubs Trial Cryptocurrency System

Buying football players with bitcoin could soon be on the horizon as seven English Premier League clubs began participating in cryptocurrency trials on Monday.  

Swiss Stock Exchange Group Exec: Bitcoin is Hope and Hype but “Digital Assets Here to Stay

SIX Group, owner of the Swiss stock exchange, is set to release a fully regulated digital assets platform known as the Swiss Digital Asset Exchange.

Cryptocurrency Surety Bonds Are Now Required in Four US States

Some states in the US are beginning to make surety bonds a requirement for businesses dealing in cryptocurrency trading. The purpose of these surety bonds is to protect investors and clients, to some extent, from the loss of funds.

California Federal Court Tells Hacker to Pay $750,000 Bail in Crypto

A 25-year-old accusedo f hacking into EA’s computer system has recently been told to pay his $750,000 bail in “bitcoin or any cryptocurrency.

Blogger Who Wrote Why Bitcoin Is Stupid Gets Bank Account Frozen in Ironic Twist

Peter Adeney, a blogger who writes under the pseudonym Mr. Money Mustache, recently say Capital One freeze his bank account. Adeney has notably written a popular article that advised his readers to stay away from Bitcoin, the flagship cryptocurrency

59% of Businesses in the UK Suffered Cryptojacking Attacks at Some Point, Survey Shows

According to research commissioned by Citrix and executed by OnePoll, 59% percent of large enterprises in the United Kingdom have been targeted with cryptojacking attacks.

Bitcoin Could Go As Low as $800, Says CNBCs Jim Cramer

On Tuesday, Bitcoin’s price dropped and approached the $6000 mark for the umpteenth time this year. In a discussion on CNBC’s “Squawk on the Street” show, Jim Cramer of CNBC shared some of his bearish sentiments, interpreting the recent drop in the price of the cryptocurrency as a turning of the tides against it.

Leave Crypto to the Private Sector, Focus on Gold, Argues Economist

With respect to the possibility of a Federal Reserve Coin (Fedcoin), Jeffrey Tucker of the American Institute for Economic Research (AIER), shares similar views to Jerome Powell, chairman of the U.S Federal Reserve.

400 BTC: Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao Denies Exorbitant Listing Fees

Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of popular cryptocurrency exchange Binance, recently took to Twitter to respond to claims that his company was charging 400 BTC ($2.5 million) as listing fees. 

Overstocks Shares Surge After Chinese Firm Announces $270 Million Investment in Its tZERO Subsidiary

Overstock (OSTK), a popular online retailer, saw its stock price rise over 20% on August 9. This upward price action was the result of an announcement from Hong Kong-based GSR Capital’s plans to invest about $270 million in tZERO, a subsidiary of Overstock.

Thai Actor Allegedly Swindles Finnish Investor Out of $24 Million Worth of Bitcoin

In yet another apparent crypto scam, a charge of money laundering was levelled against Jiratpisit A.K.A Boom after he was accused of defrauding a Finn by convincing him to invest 797 million baht ($23.9 million) in a cryptocurrency investing company. The arrest took place on 8th August in the Chatuchak district.

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