The Dogecoin community recently took to, the campaign-hosting website, to petition Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon, to allow his e-commerce platform to accept the cryptocurrency as a payment method.

The petition, started by Mark E., a user from the U.S, referred to Amazon as a leader in innovation and urged the company to accept Dogecoin for fast and cheap transactions

According to the request:

“ being a leader in innovation should accept Dogecoin, as a form of payment. Dogecoin is fast, cheap, and stable. It is stable in value, has the lowest transaction fee of other major coins, has a huge supply of coins and has a very large, active community with on-going development.”

Amazon was entreated to lead the way and become one of the top companies to experience the impact the adoption of Dogecoin would bring. The petition added that many small enterprises, charity organizations, and entrepreneurs worldwide have already adopted Dogecoin for the trading of goods and services.

At the time of writing, the petition to Amazon has collected 8,295 signatures. This gives it far more signatories than a previous one to Google Play and an ongoing one targeted at major cryptocurrency exchanges.

The petition to have Dogecoin accepted on Google Play had only 1,463 signatures, while the petition aimed at crypto exchanges is at 2,706 and counting. Dogecoin’s petition comes at a time in which the cryptocurrency saw its price rise well over 50%.

Amazon, one of the world’s largest retailers, ranked 83rd on Forbes’ list of the top 2,000 biggest and most powerful public companies, does not accept any cryptocurrency at the moment. It is, however, possible to use Amazon gift cards purchased on Bitrefill with cryptocurrencies for the same purpose.

Previous petitions to have Amazon accept other cryptocurrencies like bitcoin as payment has fallen on deaf ears. Rumors of the e-commerce giant creating their own cryptocurrency surfaced in November 2017 when the company purchased the following domain names;,, and

Nearly a year later, there hasn’t been any official announcement on Amazon’s behalf. Some analysts believe Amazon purchased the domains in an attempt to stop cyber criminals from using them to phish its users.