The blockchain job sector in Asia is flourishing despite the continuous decline cryptocurrency prices have been seeing so far this year. According to CNBC, both supply and demand for blockchain-related jobs have been on the rise in the continent.

Adoption Is Creating Demand

Blockchain, the technology behind most cryptocurrencies, has been embraced and applied in an increasing number of industries over the last couple of years.

The boom in cryptocurrency prices in 2017, coupled with the media hype that followed, saw many jump on the blockchain bandwagon to create innovative products and services in different industries. Traditional sectors like health, logistics, and finance are all seeing different applications of the technology.

The creation of blockchain-related projects has, in turn, created several vacancies for individuals with blockchain and cryptocurrency expertise.

Statistics made known by Robert Walters, a recruitment firm, show a 50% increase in the number of blockchain and cryptocurrency-related job positions in Asia since last year. According to the firm, developers with expertise in the Python programming language were in great demand.

One can confirm the information revealed by the firm by taking a look at crypto and blockchain-specific recruitment websites like, or other popular recruitment platforms like, LinkedIn, and Indeed, where programmers top the lists of sought-after professionals.

Interest in Blockchain and Crypto Jobs

Asian talent is seemingly looking to enter the cryptocurrency ecosystem, as applicants from coutnires in the continent have been showing high interest in blockchain and cryptocurrency-related positions.

The number of applications for these positions on recruitment websites serves as evidence. For instance, a lead engineer role advertised on received over 200 applications within 24 hours.

The high interest, however, does not necessarily make it easier for recruiters to find good talent. Julian Hosp, the co-founder of TenX, a cryptocurrency wallet and card startup, revealed it was difficult to find experienced individuals in the cryptocurrency community.

We hardly ever hire from inside of crypto because most people inside of crypto are very inexperienced. You have very, very few people who are experienced who get into the crypto industry.

Julian Hosp

John Mullally, a director at Robert Walters, shared a similar view on the lack of experience in the crypto space. He admitted there was an army of crypto enthusiasts ready to work, but noted few were experienced enough.

Due to the small pool of experienced applicants in the crypto space, recruiters have to rely on professionals from other sectors.