Where’s my Money?

Ripple and Its CEO Sue YouTube over Failure to Stop XRP Giveaway Scammers

Ripple’s Brad Garlinghouse is suing YouTube over an alleged failure to crack down on scammers. Garlinghouse claims ‘irreparable’ damage to this company’s reputation as a result.

Israeli Hacker Indicted For $1.75 Million Cryptocurrency Theft

A hacker from Tel Aviv was indicted for his alleged involvement in the theft of $1.75 million in cryptocurrency. The hacker is facing charges of theft, fraud, aggravated counterfeiting, use of a forged document, perjury, money laundering, as well as other computer law and tax code violations.

Venezuelans File $30M Lawsuit Against “Diamond Backed” Crypto Ponzi Scheme

A $30 million lawsuit has been filed against a troubled cryptocurrency that claimed to be backed by diamonds. Over 300 amateur investors were defrauded by the owners of two diamond companies, who attempted to create a cryptocurrency to keep a failed Ponzi scheme running. 

Gang of Masked Men Raid Bitcoin Embassy in Birmingham

A gang of masked men were seen raiding a Bitcoin (BTC) exchange in Birmingham. Luckily, nothing of value was taken during the odd encounter, but an investigation is underway to get to the bottom of the mystery.

U.K.’s Authorities to Launch Crackdown on Illicit Activities Involving Cryptoassets

U.K.’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and other law enforcement agencies to tackle financial crimes involving cryptocurrencies. A comprehensive action plan has been drafted to combat illegal financial activity.

Bitrue Hacked: $4.5 Million in XRP and ADA Stolen, User Funds Will Be Replaced

At around 17:00 UTC on June 26 or 01:00 on June 27 in Singapore, where digital asset exchange Bitrue is based, a security breach occurred, which resulted in a loss of $4.5 million in crypto from the exchange’s hot wallets.

QuadrigaCX Co-Founder Traded Away Users Funds as Sole Operational Director: Report

Further details emerge on the QuadrigaCX case, with Ernst and Young claiming that co-founder Gerald Cotton absconded with hundreds of millions of dollars worth of users’ funds over the course of three years – and lost much of it trading poorly on competing exchanges.

UK’s Regulator Warns Against Fraudulent Firm Cloning Financial Giant TP ICAP

UK’s financial regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), has uncovered another allegedly fraudulent crypto-related scheme.

$200 Million Stolen By Crypto Scammers in Brazil in Fraudulent Investment Scheme

A gang of criminals in Brazil have reportedly stolen more than $200 million from around 55,000 local residents.

Japan’s Financial Regulator to Increase Oversight of Local Crypto Exchanges

Japan’s financial regulator, the Financial Services Agency (FSA), is reportedly planning to closely monitor cryptocurrency transactions due to heightened concerns regarding their use in financing illicit activities.

Investors Lose $293 Million to Fraudulent Crypto Mining Scheme

Authorities in China have reportedly uncovered a fraudulent cryptocurrency mining scheme, through which 2 billion Renminbi (appr. $293 million) was stolen from the victims.  

SIM Swappers Indicted for Stealing $2.4 Million in Cryptoassets

US courts have reportedly charged six individuals for their alleged involvement in a “SIM swapping” attack, through which they stole approximately $2.4 million in cryptoassets from several investors.

Multi-Million Dollar Cryptocurrency Laundering as A Service Uncovered By Europol

The European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Cooperation, or Europol, has reportedly supported Spain in uncovering a recent financial crime involving “large-scale” cryptocurrency money laundering “services.”

Binance Hacker Consolidates Stolen Bitcoin to Seven Addresses

The hacker(s) who performed a large-scale security breach on Binance have now transferred the 7,070 Bitcoin (BTC) they stole to only seven addresses. Security analysts are tracking the stolen bitcoin.

Jersey Resident Loses Over $1.5 Million in Bitcoin Scam

A cryptocurrency investor has reportedly lost his life-savings after falling for a scam involving Bitcoin (BTC), the world’s most dominant cryptocurrency.  

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