Lido DAO ($LDO)

Ethereum-based Liquid Staking Token Could Surge Over 90% After Surpassing Key Level, Analyst Says

A popular cryptocurrency analyst has recently suggested that the native token of liquid staking protocol Lido ($LDO) could soon surge as much as 90% from its current levels after breaking through a key price point. In a post shared on the microblogging platform X (formerly known as Twitter), analyst Ali Martinez noted \that Lido’s LDO […]

$ETH: Crypto Influencer Heidi Chakos on ‘New Threat to Ethereum That No One is Talking About’

In a recent video on her highly popular YouTube channel “Crypto Tips,” Heidi Chakos, a well-known crypto educator and influencer, discussed the increasing influence of Lido, a liquid staking platform, on the Ethereum network. According to Heidi, Lido currently controls 29% of the staking power on the Ethereum network. She pointed out that Ethereum has […]

Liquid Staking Token $LDO Bucks Bearish Trend After Rising 45% This Month, Over 200% YTD

The native token of liquid staking protocol Lido Finance, $LDO, has been bucking the recent bearish trend seen in the cryptocurrency space, with a 45% rise over the past 30 days and an over 200% rise since the beginning of the year. According to market data, $LDO is currently changing hands for around $3.06 per […]

Cardano ($ADA) and Lido DAO ($LDO) Could Soon Rally, Crypto Analyst Predicts

A popular cryptocurrency analyst has predicted that the prices of both Cardano ($ADA) and Lido DAO’s governance token $LDO could soon rally based on two upcoming hard forks, including Ethereum’s Merge upgrade. The host of Coin Bureau, as Daily Hodl reports, has shared a new video with his 2.1 million YouTube subscribers detailing that he […]

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