Ripple’s Senior Director of Global Operations Emi Yoshikawa says that XRP is not competing with other digital assets, including stablecoins and soon to be launched central bank digital currencies (CBDCs). 

Speaking in a recent interview with Japanese cryptocurrency exchange FXcoin, Yoshikawa was asked whether XRP and other crypto-assets would remain relevant following the increase in stablecoins and future launch of CBDCs.

The Ripple exec claimed the role of XRP was as a “bridge asset in international settlement” rather than being a direct competitor to stablecoins. She called XRP complementary to central bank currencies and believed the two would create synergy in response to liquidity issues. 

Yoshikawa was also asked to comment on the increased popularity of XRP in Japan, which she attributed to Ripple’s clear vision in the country and the crypto-asset’s impressive technology.

She said, 

Many people who have sent XRP are very impressed with the instant and elegant money transfer experience (I am one of them), but XRP is fundamentally easy to use and has excellent crypto assets. I think that is a big reason to attract people. If you haven’t sent XRP money yet, give it a try!

Yoshikawa asked Japanese XRP fans to continue supporting local community efforts and to collaborate on interesting ways for the technology to be implemented. 

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