The cryptocurrency exchange space is now crowded, filled with less-than-stellar exchanges that could be a mistake for traders because of their high trading fees, low trading volumes, Poor security, and other downfalls.

New cryptocurrency exchanges have to step up to compete with industry leaders, and XBTPro has seemingly done just that giving both professional and retail traders quite a few good reasons to move to their platform.

XBTPro stands out because it charges low trading fees, has a professionally built platform, and undergoes regular security audits and penetration tests conducted by BlueSwarm to ensure the cryptocurrency exchange is offering its users the highest level of security.

Pay Less to Trade Crypto

Trading fees can significantly reduce a trader’s profits. Being charged as much as 0.5% per trade – or in the case of most industry leaders 0.25% – consumes most traders’ profits so searching for low trading fees is a must.

On XBTPro the trading fees are as low as 0.05%, which means traders’ profits can increase significantly simply because they aren’t giving the trading platform as much. On top of that, users who pay for their trading fees using the platform’s native NEXBT token can enjoy a 10% discount on their trading fees.

From 13th of July to 23rd July XBTPro will open trading season and will introduce negative Maker Fees – meaning you can get 0.5% maker fee as a profit immediately after filling in a buy or sell order! This means that if you open an order for $100 worth you will receive $0.5 worth of crypto upon completion of the order.

To make things more attractive to users there are no fees charged when depositing or withdrawing tokens. The platform will soon launch demo and margin trading modes which will allow traders to either gain experience practicing with virtual balances, or maximize their profits by leveraging their positions.

XBTPro’s $250 Welcome Bonus

XBTPro is offering its new users a $250 welcome bonus on deposits of at least $100 worth of BTC. The bonus will be equivalent to 25% of the total amount of funds deposited and will be paid on the platform’s native NEXBT token – which can be either converted to other assets or used to pay trading fees at a discount.

To receive the bonus users will have to unlock it by trading on the cryptocurrency exchange. Once users meet a minimum trading volume requirement the bonus is completely unlocked, and they can withdraw, trade, or spend their NEXBT tokens.

It’s worth noting that to withdraw the funds, users’ balances must be higher than the bonus they received, as if it isn’t the bonus will automatically be canceled.

Make a Profit on Referral Fees

XBTPro has launched a 10-level affiliate program that will allow popular traders to build a network of individuals trading under them, and earn a total of 34.5% of their trading fees and an additional 5 NEXBT tokens per direct referral.

Moreover, they can earn from indirect referrals – traders referred by their referrals – for an additional cumulative commission of up to 15.5%. This means that in total, traders can earn up to 50% of the trading fees paid by their referrals.

Signing up to trade on XBTPro is pretty straightforward so it only takes a few moments. Going through a know-your-customer (KYC) check is not necessary unless your trading volume exceeds $10,000.