On Friday (May 15), when a slightly drunk J.K. Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter series of fantasy novels, asked (on Twitter) for an explanation of Bitcoin, she probably did not expect the huge number of replies she got bombarded with.

It all started when Rowling asked Coindesk reporter Leigh Cuen to explain Bitcoin to her:

The Explanations of Bitcoin

The Offers of Free Bitcoin

Rowling Still Confused and Convinced She Will Never Understand Bitcoin

Tesla CEO Elon Musk agrees that an explanation of the technology behind Bitcoin can sound like Greek to most people, but points out that it still looks more “solid” than fiat currency, especially in the current “money printing gone crazy” climate:

By the way, Musk also casually mentioned the fact that he still owns only a tiny amount of Bitcoin:

Rowling’s Admission That Her Initial Inquiry Was a Joke

What Does This Whole Episode Tell Us About Mainstream Adoption of Crypto?

In the aftermath of Crypto Twitter’s overwhelming response to Rowling’s apparent interest in learning about Bitcoin and Rowling’s subsequent admission that her initial inquiry did indeed start as a joke after she had had four “Old Fashioned” cocktails in her UK home, there was some small amount of anger/disappointment in the crypto community over being trolled by Rowling (a few people event went as far as calling her “J.K. Trolling”).

However, there were also those who found Rowling spending a good portion of her weekend engaging with the crypto community and reading their explanations of Bitcoin as a bullish sign that eventual mainstream adoption of Bitcoin is inevitable:


Featured Image by “geralt” via Pixabay.com